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Your April Horoscope: April 2017 Monthly Forecast

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Find your April Horoscope for 2017 by looking up your Sun sign below. Click here for general and global March Astrology Predictions if you’d like to find out what has come true from the previous month.

While the readings in this post are intended for your Sun sign, you can also check out your Rising (“Ascendant”) sign, if you happen to know your birth time. For instance, I am a Sagittarius with Leo Rising, so I can read my Sun sign horoscope for Sagittarius, but I can also look at Leo for more insight into other aspects of my life. In a general sense, my Rising sign, Leo, reflects how I appear to the world, and my Sun sign contains the traits I most identify with. Friends who know you well will see you as the traits of not only your Rising but also your Sun sign. I may see myself as a perpetual student who aims to speak the truth no matter what (Sagittarius), but those who don’t know me as well will likely see me as a high-maintenance theatre lover with a loud laugh who can’t pile on enough jewellery (Leo**). Both are true. My internal life can be described by my Sun sign, and my external life, including the way I am perceived by the world, are reflected in my Rising sign. If you’d like to know more about your own Rising sign, please comment below or write me on Twitter @kyraoser and I’ll work on a blog post about your Rising signs.

Astrological signs, as told through hats

You can also read the Sun signs below to find out what might be going on with your loved ones (if you love them well enough to know their

Please keep in mind that a more specific reading would also reflect the signs and houses in other planets from your natal chart. If you want your overall chart to be looked at (especially if you have a question about love!), you can call our show, America’s Love Channel, on Free Reading Fridays (please scroll to the bottom of the post for more details).

Happy April!

Aries (MAR 21-APR 19): With the Sun in Aries through April 19th, you may be focused on taking action more than making plans during the first few weeks of this month. Mercury moves into Aries in retrograde April 20th, so if you need to make any electronic purchases or back up your computer by the end of this month, try to get it done by April 19th. When Venus enters Aries April 28th, you’ll probably notice yourself attracting more romantic attention. If you are looking to start a new relationship, expect some unrequited love for the first half of the month, as Venus retrograde in Pisces indicates a period of romantic fantasy that is unable to manifest in reality until Venus turns direct after April 15th. Venus retrograde is almost never recommended for makeovers or cosmetic procedures, so if you are scheduled for a haircut, facial piercing, eyebrow tattoo, microdermabrasion, or any kind of facial procedure (and this goes for all genders), try to wait until April 15th. Or, even better, wait until April 28th, when Venus (a planet representing beauty) moves into your home sign of Aries (the sign which rules the head and face). Overall, one of your major themes this month will be the benefits that can come about when you are open to adapting to change and embracing of acceptance.

Taurus (APR 20-MAY 20): Mars is still in in Taurus until April 21st, which means your patience could be required when it comes to being recognised by someone you are passionate about. However, the foundations you lay this month for the things you care about most will tend to foster long-term results. April will also be a good time to focus on things that don’t require an outcome for you to enjoy them…like reading, making a list of financial goals for the rest of the year, gardening some of your favourite spring flowers, or taking a hike in an area surrounded by greenery. If you live in a city and are missing the countryside, consider visiting a park, joining a local environmental organisation, or posting a nature photo on your wall or screensaver, any of which could help you make an emotional, and therefore healing, connection to the natural world. Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus April 9th, so it is particularly advised for someone born under the sign of Taurus to avoid signing contracts or making electronic or automobile purchases until Mercury goes direct May 3rd. If you absolutely must sign or purchase, you may want to wait until at least April 20th, when Mercury retrograde enters Aries. There still may be problems as a result of the contract or purchase, but at least if the retrograde isn’t under your Sun sign those issues could be less intense. One exception to this would be if you have Mercury in Aries in your natal chart, in which case it would be better to wait until Mercury goes direct on May 3rd. Sometime between April 19th (when the Sun enters Taurus) and May 21st, you will likely be recognised for a work-related achievement.

Gemini (MAY 21-JUN 20): Mars enters Gemini April 21st, so you may feel a surge of additional, almost electrical, energy around that time and throughout the rest of the month. Ceres enters Gemini April 29th, so you will likely feel an amplification of whatever motivation you already have by that time. If you can recognise what your top priorities are right now, focus most of your energy toward one particular goal, and take it one day at a time without getting attached to a particular outcome, the latter part of April could be a professionally beneficial time for you. If you find your life path starts to clash with a partner’s long-term goals, just walk that path one day at a time for now (or one hour at a time, if that’s easier), and be present with the one you love (or work with, ,if this is a business partner) until you can communicate your thoughts more clearly. Lucid thinking is important to Geminis, who tend to have a lot of pride in their mental abilities, so if you feel a little foggy or uncertain right now, you don’t have to pressure yourself to make any life-changing decisions. When in doubt, don’t. That clarity of thought will return around the time that Mercury goes direct on May 3rd. Acceptance is the key to a peaceful heart, and if you can accept where things are at for today even if it feels a little uncomfortable at first, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of a more serene and saner life during the most uncertain of times. There will be many positive developments in your Sun sign this May, so stay tuned for more.

Cancer (JUN 21-JUL 22): When Saturn (the planet which rules your opposite sign of Capricorn) squares Chiron later this month, you might feel vulnerable in the workplace when meeting a person who seems like they could become a potential business (and, in some cases, romantic) partner. Take your time in getting to know this person, as their presence in your life is meant more as a catalyst to direct you onto a better path than as a fully manifested relationship…at least for now. Having a sense of family, even if it is family you’ve built through friendships, will likely feel important to you this month. April presents an excellent opportunity to get attuned to the calling you feel is most time-sensitive. Once you’ve identified what you most love to do (and how you would spend your time if money was not a concern), start to take small actions, one at a time, and check each one off your list as you build toward your higher goals. Maybe set a goal for one month, six months, and a year from now. If those goals change along the way, that’s okay…and may be just the way things are meant to go. Give yourself the gift of being flexible and open to the signs the Universe is showing you along the path of your destiny. If something causes you struggle again and again, try a different approach if you’d like to get a different result. Often we have more choices than we think we do, especially when we reach out and ask for suggestions from those who have been through a similar experience and gone beyond the frontier we are currently exploring. Seek out your elders or a mentor for guidance in the field you most want to pursue this month.

Leo (JUL 23-AUG 22): You may be feeling somewhat of an increased energy through April 19th, while the Sun continues to be ruled by your commonly fiery sign of Aries. When Venus moves into Aries April 28th, your energy for love will be renewed. Financial and work details may seem tedious right now, but either money or professional matters should become less tiring once we have a New Moon in Taurus April 26th. If work is piling up this month, try making a list of your priorities in order of importance. If you find it helpful, try living for now by the principle of “first things first”, doing tasks that have a sooner deadline before you get to the less time-sensitive projects. You may be looking for ways to integrate more creativity into your work this month, or to start a creative business or hobby. If your efforts to bring more creativity into your life don’t yield quick results, try another method and don’t give up. Sometimes the technique we first try isn’t effective because another technique would lead us to the right person or people we’re meant to work with. Know that any delays this month will prove beneficial in the future, especially when it comes to your social life, love life, and the arts.

Virgo (AUG 23-SEP 22): Mercury retrograde can be especially noticeable when your ruling planet is Mercury. When Mercury goes retrograde starting April 9th, pay special attention to your health, particularly in matters involving the neck and throat (areas which are ruled by Taurus, a sign which is retrograde in Mercury April 9th-20th), and head (which rules Aries, and is in Mercury retrograde from April 20th-May 3rd). When the Sun goes into mutual Earth sign Taurus April 19th, that week may bring you a bit of luck in financial or domestic matters, although you will still need to be aware of your budget due to an April 11th Full Moon in Libra that shines a light on finances related to a business partnership or relationship. Overall, this month would be an excellent time to do some spring cleaning, letting go of the old and making space for the new. Relationship challenges should improve after April 15th, when Venus goes direct. Once Mars enters Gemini (also ruled by your home planet of Mercury) April 21st, expect to reconnect with something (or someone) you’re passionate about. Your energy and enthusiasm for life should increase beginning April 21st and throughout the rest of the month.

Libra (SEP 23-OCT 22): April 15th and, to a greater extent, April 19th, are potentially lucky days for you when it comes to romance. Venus (your home planet) goes direct April 15th, which will be especially fortunate for you, and the Sun moves out of your opposing sign, Aries, into a sister sign of Taurus (as you are both ruled by Venus) April 19th. A Full Moon in Libra on April 11th could be an auspicious day for romance, and also a day when you will find yourself noticing the beauty in others, maybe even one beautiful trait you can perceive about everyone you encounter. If you’ve been feeling an increase in domestic responsibilities, know that it is temporary. You may be called to help your family out this month, but if your own long-standing health issues require more attention, find a balance where you can be of service once you are feeling better, without making sacrifices to your own health or work. Help if it feels good to you and if you have the extra time. Volunteering in your spare time while still focusing on self-care and not getting drained isn’t an easy balance to achieve, but Libra is all about balance, so if anyone can do it, you’re up to the task!

Scorpio (OCT 23-NOV 21): With Mars and Mercury in Taurus, you may find there are those around you who don’t want to listen when you’re announcing that the “Emperor has no clothes!” You want to get to the bottom of the truth, particularly in situations involving power or communication, but you may be feeling blocked in those areas during much of April. Not to worry, though, when Mercury enters Aries (albeit retrograde) April 20th and Mars moves into Gemini April 21st, you’ll have an opportunity to speak your mind and truly feel heard. Speaking of communication, when Mercury retrogrades April 9th, you might find yourself tempted to disagree with a partner. If you’re upset about something your partner did or didn’t do, or if you are being provoked to argue, ask yourself, “Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?” Also, keep in mind the acronym “THINK”: “Is what I’m about to say Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary, and Kind?” The Golden Rule can be a helpful guide when Mercury is in retrograde, so try speaking to your partner as you would want them to talk to you. Enlightened Scorpios have the insight and perception to know what other people are going through emotionally. The challenge in a less aware person born under this sign (and this probably isn’t you because you have some self-awareness if you are reading your horoscope) is to detach from the intense feelings that Scorpio can sometimes experience and to be open to seeing from your partner’s perspective. If you have some air signs in your chart (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius), it might be easier to detach from your feelings when you need to. Any Pisces in your natal chart will also likely intensify a tendency toward empathy. If you are looking for new love, your sister sign Pisces (also a water sign) is in its natural home of Neptune for the April Fool’s Day of 2025, which means that your love life adventures for many years to come (including 2017) will be spiritual, emotional, and, at times, transcendent nature where you feel deeply connected to the partners of your choice.

Sagittarius (NOV 22-DEC 21): This month could be a time of amplified harmony in friendships and love relationships for you. Opportunities for relationship improvement arise after April 21st. As Saturn transits through your Sun sign, try to avoid feeling regret over the past, but instead think of a way to do things differently today. Seek out opportunities to do the opposite of the thing you did that you wish you hadn’t. Make amends to yourself for those feelings of regret by mentally praising little accomplishments throughout the day (i.e. I smiled at someone, I spoke to someone kindly even though I was tired, I made a coffee for a friend, etc.) By gently taking note of all the lovely little things you do throughout the day, you’ll feel that self-blame beginning to subside. When it comes to a work-life balance, you’ll be gradually making more space for leisure time and possibly to create an unorthodox work schedule that’s more suitable to your long-term goals. This is a good month for redecorating your home and redefining a vision of how you want your work life to look.

Capricorn (DEC 22-JAN 19): You may want to put aside a little savings for when your home planet of Saturn goes retrograde April 6th. There may be some changes at work after that date, but know that any shifts in the way you do your work or possibly your job description will be beneficial in the long run. Sometimes the Universe does for us what we aren’t willing to do for ourselves, and that’s part of what’s happening when something surprising occurs in your work that helps you to update your goals. This is not a good month for you to purchase luxury or larger business-related items.** If you are at the beginning of a relationship, there will be some uncertainty as to where you stand romantically this month, but you can expect more clarity in May. Meanwhile, this month is a wonderful time for you to organise your home and finances, so that when your social life picks up in April, you are relaxed enough to experience a great deal of enjoyment. As long as you stay on task for most of this month, you will soon feel a sense of satisfaction at having completed so many practical projects. The fun awaits!

Aquarius (JAN 20-FEB 18): With your home planet of Uranus conjunct Aries this month, the word that will define you is “pioneer”. Brilliant, surprising, and sometimes inspiring revelations about the future will come to you when you’re least expecting it…and sometimes in the middle of the night, so this would be a good time to keep a dream journal by your bedside. Mid-to-late April looks positive for you romantically, but keep in mind that what we get isn’t always what we sought…it’s often better! If you are looking to meet a new love interest, someone you feel mentally and physically attracted to is more likely to notice you after April 20th, when Mars enters the mutually airy sign of intellectual Gemini. When Saturn went into a trine with Uranus May 19th, you may have noticed you were having a difficult time due to an unwelcome surprise. That challenge should be turning around for you within a few days of April 6th, when Saturn focuses more of its attention on a Sagittarius retrograde. Until then, meditating on a connection to your Source, higher self, or the presence of an unseen universal energy will help you find a silver lining in any challenges you’ve been facing since March. Hang in there, it gets better! More on May is coming soon, and changes (good ones!) are inevitable.

Pisces (FEB 19-MAR 20): With so many planets in Aries, the sign of beginnings,  you, as a completion sign of Pisces, may be feeling vulnerable to procrastination this month. That’s okay, with Neptune in its exalted sign of Pisces, and Chiron in Pisces, you will still have many moments of good fortune when it comes to being recognised for your imagination, compassion, and open-mindedness. If your career is in music, dance, or spirituality, now and even in the next decade will be a time for you to shine with much success and additional recognition for your many talents, as long as you take a few new steps to make your work known in the world. Venus is retrograde in Pisces beginning April 2nd, so you’ll probably find the first half of the month to be focused on areas other than romance. However, April will be a spiritually uplifting time for you, and a wonderful opportunity to deepen your meditation practise and integrate those meditative moments with any creative work that you may do. Moon is in Pisces April 21st and conjunct Venus in Pisces April 23rd, so it will appear to be a romantic time, but with Venus still in retrograde, things are not as they seem. The good news for you when it comes to love is that Venus leaves its retrograde in Pisces and moves into Aries April 28th, so opportunities for romance are more likely next month. April is more about putting the focus back on creativity and doing the things you love, so that when romantic love comes back into your life, you have it all.

“April showers bring May flowers”. Many good changes will be coming your way in May…which is just a matter of days away! This goes for every sign, in one way or another…

Coming Soon!

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*…although this is not all Leos!

**Please consult with your stockbroker or financial advisor regarding financial choices and investments.


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