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Oscar Predictions 2018

News of the Future: Oscar Predictions 2018 7:24 pm PST: Thanks for your patience and for checking in while I was recovering from a fourth foot surgery I had in December. I am mostly healed now, and ready to run…with a marathon of blog posts. Because I would never run in real life, unless I

News of the Future: 2018 Predictions

News of the Future: 2018 Predictions 1:53 am PST: In today’s News of the Future, I’ve included Part I of 2018 Predictions. This is just the first installation in a series of predictions for next year, which will include US, Global, Economic, Entertainment, and Astrology Predictions. But first, a couple of quick announcements… Appointments Now Available

Season’s Greetings! Now Taking 2018 Predictions Questions

  Dear Readers, Thanks for your patience as I work on predictions for 2018, which will be published sometime close to New Year’s. I am also finishing up a “Year in Review” post, which will be a look back on 2017 news predictions. Meanwhile, please submit your questions for 2018 below or on Twitter @kyraoser.

News from the Future Q&A: Impeachment Predictions & Predictive Dreams

News from the Future Q&A: Trump Impeachment Predictions & Predictive Dreams 11:01 am PST: In today’s News of the Future Q & A, I’ll be making Trump Impeachment Predictions, sharing Predictive Dreams about Climate Change, and offering clues about how to interpret your own precognitive dreams. Also, check out what will be trending on Twitter of

Q&A: US Healthcare Predictions & War of the Walls

News From the Future Q&A: US Healthcare Predictions, War of the Walls, & Westworld 7:15 am PST: In today’s Psychic News Network Report, we’ll be covering News from the Future in US Healthcare Predictions. We’ll also be discussing the wall in more than one way, an upcoming war, and how some parts of the TV series Westworld

Q&A: The Madness of King Trump Predictions

News of the Future Q&A: The Madness of King Trump Predictions & The Fate of the Republican Party 3:55 am PST In today’s News of the Future, I’ll be making short-term and long-term Trump Predictions and answering some of your questions about what’s to become of the Republican Party and the future of the United States. Your

Q&A: US Elections Tampering & North Korea Predictions

Mailbag Q & A: North Korea Predictions, Trump Cabinet Erosion, Republican & Democratic Party Rebranding In today’s news of the future, I’ll be making North Korea Predictions, giving details on the future erosion of the Trump cabinet, and mentioning some stories you can expect to hear about in the next week and month in US & World News.

Finding Love Anytime, Anywhere, for Anyone

Finding Love Anytime, Anywhere, for Anyone: Three Meditations This post focuses on finding love with the help of a simple meditation that nearly anyone can do. But before we begin, I’d like to thank you for your recent enquiries and concerns. I enjoy having the opportunity to read your comments and questions. I’ve been publishing

August Horoscope 2017: Career, Love & Politics

August Horoscope: 2017 Monthly Forecast This month’s August Horoscope is written in brief summary form to include both personal and universal themes. You can find your August Horoscope for 2017 by looking for mentions of your Sun sign, Rising sign, or predominant natal chart element (fire, earth, air, or water) below. For instance, most of my

Psychic Experiences: Interview

Psychic Experiences: Interview Q & A If you’re interested in reading about psychic experiences, you’ve probably had some of your own. I shared about some of my psychic experiences in a recent interview with Voyage LA Magazine, and posted the Q & A below. If you have some of your own telepathic adventures you’d like to

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