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US President Predictions: Return of the Matriarchy

9:05 am PST- When can we expect to have the first First Nations US President? Will Hillary Clinton take office once the 2016 elections are officially declared invalid? Who will be arrested next in the Presidential Elections FBI Investigations?   News from the Future Q & A Book a psychic reading today to find out

Will Trump Be Impeached?: When You’re a Czar, They Let You Do It

3:31 pm PST- Will Trump be impeached? Find out the answer to this and more of your questions about the future of US and world news… News from the Future Q & A: Will Trump Be Impeached? Book a psychic reading today to find out your future career and love life, work on making your

Psychic Predictions: US News Part II

7:27 am PST-We’ve recently discussed Tarot Cards for Predictions and Part I of Psychic Reading for Predictions of US News. Today I’m going to continue with Part II of the Psychic Predictions for US News series. Psychic Predictions: US News Part II News from the Future Q & A Book a psychic reading today to find out

Psychic Reading: How to Predict US News

8:57 am PST-Now that we’ve gone through a couple of posts about using tarot cards to make predictions, how can you use a psychic reading with channeling to predict the future? Today I’ll be using examples below as I answer your questions, then I’ll describe the first steps in making your own predictions about US news…

Psychic Experiences: Interview

Psychic Experiences: Interview Q & A If you’re interested in reading about psychic experiences, you’ve probably had some of your own. I shared about some of my psychic experiences in a recent interview with Voyage LA Magazine, and posted the Q & A below. If you have some of your own telepathic adventures you’d like to

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