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The Goal Contract: Three Steps to Future Success

The Goal Contract: Three Steps to Future Success In Part I of this series on finding your future success, we talked about how to write six-month plan for your dream career, creating columns for visions, goals, and actions. We also covered some ways you can substitute having a “vision” for other senses, feelings, or experiences, because you don’t have

Dream Career: Three Steps to Success

Find Your Dream Career: Three Steps to Spiritual Success Have you been wondering what it’s going to take to make your dreams happen? Maybe you’ve made a lot of effort already, but haven’t seen any results. It might help to know that if you have any idea about what makes you happy, you’re already one step in

Psychic Guide to Time Management

How would you like to buy yourself more time without spending a cent? An attitude about the world may be free, but are you willing to change your attitude in order to save yourself some time? You can start to save time today by using a psychic guide to time management, which includes techniques for being at peace

Career Coaching

Do it Yourself Career Coaching Once you’ve accomplished your goal of no longer accumulating unsecured debt** as we talked about in Part I of this series, you may can devote more time to your dreams–starting with some career coaching. In Part I we also worked on Action Exercises, Self Hypnosis Exercises, and Seeking Support. In this update, we’ll

Self Hypnosis for Credit Debt Relief

Hypnotherapy for career success can help you expand your options and bring you closer to the life you’ve dreamed of. But if you’re struggling with debt that’s affecting your mental, emotional, or physical well-being, self hypnosis for credit debt relief can help you before you start investing in hypnotherapy. Once you’ve achieved your goals toward debt relief and are

One Second Gratitude Quotes

A one second gratitude quote is like taking a med for instant peace*. It’s more meditation than medication, but the idea is the same-gratitude diminishes pain and gives us a chance to live the best life possible. Before we get to our quotes (and your meds!), let’s talk a little bit about what gratitude can

Forgive Your Soul Mate

When you feel that someone is your soul mate and they’ve done something you disagree with, it’s hard not to blame them for disappointing you. For instance, you’ve agreed to be in a committed relationship, but 6 months later he accepts a job offer in another city. Your relationship is suddenly up in the air.

Past Lives

Here is the English translation of Kyra’s interview in the May, 2015 Edition of Priekavos Magazine in Lithuania: What is past life regression in simple words?  All of us have lived before we were born, but as other people. Think of the birthday candle that you try to blow out, but the flame just keeps

How Can I Find the Best Psychic?

If you’re looking for the best psychic, the answer can vary from person to person. Sometimes it depends on the connection you feel when you’re talking to someone. You may find that there is more than one effective psychic out there for you. Perhaps one psychic serves you well for a certain period of your

Pet Psychics: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Help for Your Pet

Pet Psychics: How to Find the Best One for You Pet Psychics are an intuitive who reads pets and animals, both living and those on the Other Side. The best pet psychic for you will be someone who can tune into your loved one and accurately describe something about them, whether it’s something in the present


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