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Life and Afterlife Coaching: “The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’, Part II: Removing Obstacles to Prosperity”

In the first part of this exercise, we discussed how to discover your deepest fear in order to become aware of it, acknowledge and accept its presence, and hopefully diminish it. Fears can motivate us to work harder, treat one another better, and often serve as useful survival mechanisms. However, the possible side effect is that some fears can intensify over time, creating blocks and perpetuating patterns long after they have outlived their initial purpose.


The Secret offers a helpful solution for creating more of the life you want, but a missing component in the equation is that blocks need to be removed in order to fully believe that you can receive something different than what you have become accustomed to.The most important aspect of The Secret is practising happiness and contentment in order to attract more of the things that make you happy and content through a system of belief, much like Shakti Gawain’s earlier book, Creative Visualisation, which encourages readers to “desire, ask, believe, and receive”. It’s easy enough to manufacture a temporary state of serenity by acting as if your life is in its ideal state, which in itself is a useful and effective exercise, but maintaining that peacefulness is a challenge for all of us. Realisation of blocks can support an increase in emotional stability, which in turn allows room for more consistent manifestation. How can you remove a block to Manifestation? Here’s Step 1 of an exercise to begin with:

Write your deepest fear
Write the fear that causes that fear
Write the fear that causes that fear

…and so on, until you discover the core fear you are dealing with now.

An example could be:

“I’m afraid I’ll never get my career going
(because) I’m afraid it’s too late,
(because) I’m afraid of getting old,
(because) I’m afraid of dying,
(because) I’m afraid of being destroyed.”

Now, once you’ve discovered your deepest fear behind the superficial fear, become aware of when you feel that way throughout the week. What triggers you to feel like you’re going to “be destroyed” (or whatever else you are ultimately afraid of: failure, being exposed as a fraud, ending up alone, etc.)? How does that affect your decisions? Is your fear making choices for you?

                                                                    THE ANTIDOTE PHRASE

The second part of the exercise is to replace the Fear Phrase with an Antidote Phrase. Here’s an example: You’ve recognised from Part I of the exercise that your secret fear is “There’s never enough money“. The next time you have that thought, tell yourself, “Oh, there it is. That’s the phrase that comes to my mind sometimes. I remember how my father used to say something like that. I choose to think another way now.  The truth is that there’s always enough money.” The antidote phrase is “There’s always enough money”.

If you find that reprogramming your thoughts like this on a conscious level is not making all the changes you want to see in your life, you may benefit from hypnotherapy so that the old thoughts can be even more deeply reprogrammed on a subconscious level. Then the antidote phrase could become more automatic. In this example, prosperity and abundance hypnosis could be helpful for combatting scarcity consciousness. If hypnosis is not affordable (especially if your deepest fear is financial), please know that the conscious programming will most likely become embedded in your subconscious mind with time and patience.

An additional technique to integrate into the second part of this exercise is the Prosperity Anchor Technique, a physical exercise used to invoke positive feelings that replace negative thought patterns. In the following example, wealth is the focus if your fears are financial. However, the words “money” and “finance” can be replaced with anything: love, confidence, spirituality, fulfilment at work, health, happiness, serenity, understanding, compassion, or anything else you are seeking to increase in your life as the antidote to your Fear Phrase.

                                            PROSPERITY ANCHOR TECHNIQUE 

*Remember a time when you felt prosperous, confident and in control of your finances. See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt.
*When that feeling of being calm and secure are very strong, squeeze your right thumb and middle finger together. This is called creating an anchor. You are associating the squeeze of your fingers in this particular way with a feeling of prosperity and financial confidence.
*Relax your fingers and then do it again. Vividly remember a time when you felt confident in the abundance of the universe, certain of your financial prosperity and in control of your financial world. Then squeeze your thumb and finger together again in exactly the same way. Repeat this process 5 times.

*The next time you are triggered by an event and think your Fear Phrase,”There’s never enough money“, or anything similar, simply squeeze your thumb and middle finger together in exactly the same way, think to yourself “there’s always enough money“, and remember that powerful feeling of knowing you have access to both necessary and desirable resources.

Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Wealth
                                   ABUNDANCE PROGRAMMING: POSTURE AND VOICE

Try to create the physical posture of how you perceive a wealthy person would stand or sit right now as you are reading this. If it feels uncomfortable at first, observe someone who you think of as successful and financially secure, then mimic their stance until you have developed your own version of a posture that exudes financial confidence. Play this part like an actor, acting “as if” you have access to all the advantages you want in life until circumstances are closer to matching your expectations. You will send a psychic signal to others to respect you more, and belief in your personal wealth will increase the likelihood of attracting abundance. Additionally, faith in the future can make you more relaxed, happy, and engaged in the present moment, which will improve relationships and eventually increase the opportunities that come your way. That’s not magic, by the way; it’s the effect of feeling well about yourself and subsequently improving your attitude toward others.

Hotei (or Budai), Buddhist God of Luck and Prosperity
Read this paragraph out loud now. How does your voice sound to you? What would the voice of the new, wealthy you sound like? Harder or softer? Would it be any clearer? Faster or slower? Now read this paragraph again in your new, wealthy voice. Use this voice whenever possible to acknowledge your faith and confidence in good fortune. In fact, there is already a plethora of affluence in your life that you can be grateful for.


Making a daily or weekly gratitude list allows you to have a more realistic perspective on how much abundance already exists in your life. When you decrease the power of fears and surrender to acceptance of present circumstances, you allow space to exist within your consciousness for additional prosperity. If you were a landlord with a home to let, you would have to wait for the present tenants to move out before allowing new residents to move in.

Gratitude lists seem to work most effectively in written or spoken form. Writing what you are grateful for, from major to minor things, can rewire your brain for positive thinking and *WARNING* you may find your thoughts become increasingly happy! The more you find to be grateful for, the more you will have to be grateful for. 

            When you say thank you to gratitude itself, the thank you thanks you back.

Try these exercises as often as you feel would be helpful, including the Fear Phrase from Part I. To review, the 5 self-hypnosis techniques from Part II are: The Antidote Phrase, Prosperity Anchor Technique, Posture Reprogramming, Voice Reprogramming, and Gratitude List. Notice if you observe any mental or emotional modifications as a result. External circumstances may be affected due to your change in attitudes and behaviours. Enjoy! Please keep me updated by sending your feedback to kyralinoser@gmail.com.

A recommended book on the topic of facing your fears and embracing the shadow side of yourself isDark Side of the Light Chasers, by Debbie Ford.

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