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You’re lying down during a past life regression session, and all of a sudden you hear your Past Life Regressionist say, “Step out of the tunnel, into the light, into a lifetime in which you lived previous to this one.” You look around you, it’s the year 1914, and you’re trying to catch a train to escape Paris during World War I as you see your new husband marching off to battle in the distance…

Life and Afterlife Coaching: “The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’, Part III: Finding Love & Fame With Past Life Regression”

…You discover that you lost your husband to the war and never were able to return to your home. In your present lifetime, you’ve mainly come to a Past Life Regression expert to find out why you can’t seem to find the right relationship. You get anxious that you’ll be abandoned when you’re dating someone, checking your texts throughout the day to see if he’s called and sometimes calling him to see if he’s okay, even though you just saw him. Your fears of being abandoned are driving away nearly every man you’re interested in, but you just don’t know how to have faith that everything will be okay. What can you do to find the love you seek?

The Past Life Regression specialist then takes you back in time to another life you lived. You look down and are wearing nothing but thin rags, some of which have holes. You’ve been born into a lower caste in India, and even though you have a tremendous talent for singing, no one will recognise your abilities, no matter how hard you try. Another reason you came to past life regression therapy was to find out why you can’t seem to find the motivation to go on auditions as an actor, even though you’ve been told by many professionals that your talent is greater than most they’ve seen. Why do you feel so stuck and unable to move forward in your acting career?

In both cases, these past lives would give us an insight into our behaviour. If you’ve been abandoned in a prior life, even if it was unintentional, you may have a lot of anxiety when you’re starting out in a romantic relationship. If you tried all your life to be seen for your abilities but were ignored and never were given the chance to get ahead in a previous life, it might be difficult to get motivated to move forward in your career in this lifetime because your prior experiences have trained you to think that success may never happen, so why bother?

Fortunately, there are solutions to these issues. Past life regression therapy, which is a combination of a past life regression and hypnotherapy, and performed by a Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht), can change these patterns and bring you closer to the life you want: one filled with love, prosperity, and acknowledgement. The Secret is a book that shows you how to temporarily change the way you think and feel on a conscious level to get more of what you want out of life:

Hypnotherapy takes The Secret several steps further by making changes on an unconscious level with various techniques, so that positive thoughts and feelings become effortless, automatic, and frequently lasting. Past life regression therapy adds an additional element to hypnotherapy and The Secret by giving us an understanding, acceptance, and release of the past so that we can be free to fully create the changes we seek without having any baggage to hold us back.

Clearing Past Life Habits With Self-Hypnosis

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re ready for a past life regression, you can try some of the self-hypnosis tips mentioned in this article first. The first self-hypnosis technique you can use involves the discovery of our deepest fears. No matter what their origin, finding out what makes you afraid to move forward in your life today can help you to move beyond that fear. Whether it originates in this lifetime or another, unacknowledged fears can impede our progress to getting what we want in our lives. Some of the deepest fears that can get in the way of positive thinking and manifestation include “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a loser”, “I’m scared”, “I don’t deserve what everyone else does”, or “I’m invisible”. The fears are irrational, and if anyone else told us their deepest fear, we would most likely disagree with them. But that doesn’t matter to the past life tapes in our unconscious mind that are replaying these thoughts and hindering our progress.

Let’s take the last example, “I’m invisible”. Say you’ve had many past lives as a servant or a farmer. A high percentage of people throughout history lived in what we would now consider poverty and many lacked a basic survival need such as sufficient food, shelter or clothing. Maybe you’ve been imprisoned or mistreated in a previous lifetime, or even physically or sexually abused in this one and yet many people you told didn’t believe you. If any of these are the case, your unconscious mind might have been been programmed to believe that you are not always visible and may translate that perceived “evidence” into “not worthy of being seen”. The programming can get compounded over hundreds or even thousands of years, but there is hope to reverse these old (and sometimes ancient) ways of thinking.

First, try to ascertain whether or not your ‘Fear Phrase’, as we’ll refer to it, is adversely affecting you. This could manifest in your physical life now in several ways. Let’s take the same example of your repetitive thought being “I’m invisible”. Perhaps you have a goal to achieve for something you are quite passionate about and talented at, yet you are baffled as to why you have procrastinated for many years. Or you are obsessed with being famous and wanting recognition. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be recognised for your achievements, but if the desire to be seen is so intense that you feel like it is a necessary criteria for attaining completion or happiness, your emotional attachment to the goal of fame could be preventing it from happening. The same can be true in romantic relationships.

Part I  of this article series was an exercise in recognising and accepting your deepest fear. Part II integrated self-hypnosis reprogramming techniques such as the Antidote Phrase, using monetary fears as an example (and many of us have financial issues stemming from past lives).

Part III, as I will describe below, gives you an exercise for reversing your fear-based belief system with concrete actions in the physical world, so that you can have a loving relationship and be seen and appreciated in the world. The example we are using today is helpful in redirecting fears about being unseen and seeking recognition for your achievements. Again, it’s harmless to want prosperity and acknowledgement, as long as you are well-intentioned and no one is getting hurt in the process.

Nevertheless, it’s more likely that your goal can be achieved if you have a plan for how it will help others by reaching out to your community. The more people you pray for, the more likely it is that your prayers will be heard. You will also probably garner the additional support of those you are benefiting, and their belief in you will help you to believe in yourself.


Past Life Regression Therapy

Evening Prayer by Jean Francois-Millet (1857-1859) Prayer is a form of self-hypnosis and can be used in addition to past life regressions: “Universe, please help me clear anything I am holding onto from past lives that no longer serves me or others.”


If you feel uncomfortable about accepting money or recognition into your life because you think it’s selfish or superficial, there is one way to feel better about it. Integrate a service-oriented aspect into your goal and this will help you realise that your achievements are needed to better society. Feeling increasingly comfortable about becoming wealthy and recognised will make it more likely that you can achieve your objective. Esteemable acts build self-esteem. Believing that you deserve to have positive rewards (such as abundance, recognition or love) makes you more likely to receive the opportunities when they arise. According to Brené Brown, author of The Gifts of Imperfection, the people who feel most loved are those who believe they deserve it.

If you want to release your Fear Phrase, simply take contrary action. Doing it once may not be enough. It could take as much as a lifetime of maintenance, even if sometimes several years go by without you ever thinking of your Fear Phrase. Nonetheless, the more aware you are, the less you will need to do the self-hypnosis and physical exercises in Part I and Part II of this “Secret Behind The Secret” programme.

Are your deeper fears about intimacy and romantic relationships? What if your repetitive Fear Phrase is “I’ll always be alone” or “Everyone will end up with a partner except me”? Maybe you had a past life as a monk or a nun. Perhaps you were made to feel ashamed about your sexuality in the Middle Ages or Victorian England. You might have had a loving relationship with a husband or wife in a previous lifetime, but they unexpectedly died young and you were left alone for many years. It is also possible that in this lifetime (and this is the case for many of us in contemporary society) you formed an early childhood belief that relationships can’t work out because of the tension you witnessed between your parents or due to the physical or emotional absence of one or both parents.

Finding Love

By the way, if you are doing the work required for growth, the longer it takes for you to find a romantic partner, the better that relationship is going to be. There may be a higher purpose as to why it is taking longer than you anticipated. The reason isn’t the same for everyone, and it could be a combination of explanations. Perhaps you are being guided to a much better relationship and the Universe is discouraging you from getting stuck with someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. It’s also possible that if you met your future partner too soon, he or she would be too immature to nurture the connection and it would end abruptly, leaving you without one another for the rest of your lives. Conversely, if you find someone before you are mature enough, you might outgrow the relationship once you make additional progress in your personal learning process. That doesn’t mean you can’t find someone until you have become “whole”.

For instance, a possible scenario is that you will meet the love of your life before you reach emotional maturity, but it works out anyway because you grow together due to a common commitment to personal evolution which allows the relationship to endure both of your inner changes. Perhaps it is even a part of your calling to somehow comfort and guide others in relationships, and if it had happened too easily for you, you would not have developed the ability to help others on their own challenging journeys. These are just a few of the explanations as to why things happen in Nature’s time, and not always on our own schedules. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a lifetime partnership, it will be worth waiting another year or two to find a good one, especially if you are hoping to spend something like the next fifty years with this person. Taking the pressure off of yourself to find someone “right away” can also alleviate moments when you may be subconsciously smothering your potential suitors, which could in itself remove a block to manifesting the relationship of your dreams. Sometimes if we need someone too much and are desperate to make it work out because we are operating on a self-imposed deadline, we drive away our partner with “psychic suffocation”.

In Search of Fame

Similarly, the longer it takes for you to achieve professional recognition, the more accomplishments you will have to be recognised for and the greater appreciation you can enjoy when it arrives. But in order to make it happen, you will have to try something different than you ever have before, possibly even by integrating opposite behaviours into your approach. It’s important to know that this only works if you act with karma in mind, treating others as you would like to be treated. Otherwise, the success will be short-lived and feel spiritually devoid of meaning. This third part of the “Secret Behind The Secret” programme is uncomplicated: do the opposite of what you have done before. If the method you’ve been trying hasn’t worked, what makes you think that’s going to change? One thing you can try that you may not have tried before is past life regression therapy, or any form of therapy that you think will be most helpful in improving your situation. 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” -Author Unknown

Past Life Regression Therapy

If you are an aspiring novelist but were unable to pursue an education in previous lifetimes, past life regression therapy can help you to release doubts from other lives and move forward to pursuing what you want in this one.


For example, if you are an aspiring novelist who has been submitting queries to potential agents for several years with little response and overwhelming rejections, consider self-publishing with a tool like Amazon’s CreateSpace, start working collaboratively with other authors on a book of short stories, arrange public readings of excerpts from your work at conventions or recorded on YouTube, or try a combination of all of these avenues. Perhaps you can email published novelists who have written in your specific genre, commenting on their work and letting them know you are seeking a mentor in your field for advice on how to make your novels more public. In other words, if your tendency is to ask one person at a time to promote your work for you and that isn’t getting you where you want to be, try self-promotion or group promotion this time. Sometimes the greatest risks yield the most astonishing results.

Your Next Step to Finding Love and Fame

One thing is for certain: if you try a new approach, inner adjustments will eventually trigger external change and develop different patterns from the ones you may have experienced in previous lifetimes. If you don’t like the changes you see, or if you’re eventually ready for an upgrade, do some research on additional methods until you find what you’re seeking. If you continue to encounter setbacks and resistance on your way to success and are subsequently losing momentum for your original goal, you might want to ask yourself if you are truly exploring your most passionate calling with the type of fame that you seek.

If the answer is “yes”, your love of the work could be enough to sustain you through the more discouraging moments on your passage to progress, and persistence does pay off in the end. If the answer is “no”, perhaps your destiny is elsewhere and the blocks are simply a sign that’s leading you onto an auspicious path, one which can heal the karma of past lives and afford you a more satisfying future than anything you could have ever planned for yourself. You can also call in the assistance of a Certified Hypnotherapist such as myself (I am available to call, Skype, or FaceTime clients) or whomever you feel comfortable with. Consider this work to be a grand experiment on your psyche, knowing that the time spent on retraining your thinking with hypnosis and self-hypnosis will be a worthwhile investment in fulfilling your future purpose while improving your life and the lives of those you love.

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