Session Recordings

Have your session audio recorded and emailed to you for an additional charge.

Note: Phone sessions will record the voice of Kyra only. Not available as a CD. This price does not include or cover the cost of the actual session.

What is a session recording?

An audio recording is a file that will be sent to your email address. If you are ordering a recording of a phone session, you will only hear my voice. If you are coming in for an in person session or if your session is by Skype, you will hear your voice as well as my own. 

Audio recordings of your session can be provided at an additional cost. It’s beneficial to make the most of your appointment by keeping documentation of the session.It’s beneficial to make the most of your appointment by keeping documentation of the session. To purchase a recording, please click the “Buy Now” button below.

What are some of the benefits of having a psychic session recorded?

Recordings are a way of keeping records of predictions that you can check back on months or even years later. Additionally, a lot of information can come through with channeling and sometimes it can be overwhelming to hear so many details in the duration of a one or two hour session. Recordings are a convenient way to revisit the session on your own time.

As an added benefit, if you ask about loved ones (living or deceased), you can share that part of the session with friends or family members. Some of these messages can be comforting, others are informative, and some are both.

What are some of the benefits of having a hypnotherapy session recorded?

It is strongly recommended to record a hypnotherapy session or past life regression. You can use a hypnotherapy session again for relaxation and to reinforce suggestions.* 

If you are interested in historical research, recordings of past life regressions can help you to investigate records of people, places, and events that you experience during your session. 

* Please note that a recording is not a substitute for an actual session with a hypnotherapist.


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