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News From the Future Q&A: US Healthcare Predictions, War of the Walls, & Westworld

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

7:15 am PST: In today’s Psychic News Network Report, we’ll be covering News from the Future in US Healthcare Predictions. We’ll also be discussing the wall in more than one way, an upcoming war, and how some parts of the TV series Westworld will soon become similar to our own world.

Check out upcoming posts for updates on Economy and Stock Market Predictions.

US Healthcare Predictions

Q. I am concerned with the ACA and the status of healthcare in the US…Will the Republicans pass their plan or does single payer have a chance?


US Healthcare Predictions

US Healthcare Predictions

Happy Birthday to all Virgos!

US Healthcare Predictions

Libra Sun conjuncts Venus in Libra this October, which can be positive for business partnerships and romance.

We are still in the shadow of Sun in health-oriented Virgo, but communications planet Mercury stays in Virgo until September 29th, continuing to make health a featured topic of debates and discussions throughout this week. Combative Mars remains in Virgo until October 22nd, so expect healthcare conflicts, debates, rallies, and protests to continue at least through October. Mercury enters Scorpio October 17th and Sun moves into Scorpio October 21st, generating lively TV debates and protests on the topics of reproductive healthcare, Planned Parenthood, abortion rights, and surgical procedures. I see the ACA being gradually transformed rather than repealed.

US Healthcare Predictions

Venus enters Libra conjunct Sun October 14th. Expect stories, commercials, and short TV documentaries and news stories about couples in the US who were either torn apart or brought closer together because of healthcare issues in October and November. On November 5th, Mercury enters Sagittarius, followed by Sun in Sagittarius November 21st, which also conjuncts Venus in Sagittarius December 1st. All this Sagittarius energy means a more open, honest debate about healthcare will be able to take place in the face of so much Jupiterian energy, including televised speeches from professors who also practise as physicians.

Deception does not last long in the midst of multiple Sagittarian and Scorpion placements. The Scorpio/Sagittarius duo amidst a Libran Venus placement can function in partnership like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters, detective Sherlock Holmes and research assistant Dr. Watson, who continue to seek the truth behind every mystery until it’s found. Additionally, Dr. Watson is a Virgoan-type character in that he demonstrates being service-oriented in three ways: being a doctor, having served in the military, and helping Sherlock as his biographer and assistant.

As a side note to my side note about Sherlock Holmes, an astrological alliance of Mars (Scorpio) and Jupiter (Sagittarius) means any duplicitousness of the Trump regime and those who brought it to power will be more than revealed by October and November, as additional facts about criminal activities will be revealed. This includes bribery, extortion, and thinly veiled death threats made to Republican Senators who wavered or refused to vote along party lines. The truth will come out in the end.

When Mars enters Scorpio on December 9th during Sun in Sagittarius, expect a time of amplified international conflict amidst an uncovering of humanitarian crises of far-reaching proportions in North Korea, Syria, China, and the US. More on war predictions below.

The Archer aims her arrow as October brings a romantic month, especially for air signs, Librans,  water signs, Scorpios, those who have strong 7th house aspects in their chart, and those who love those who have these signs and houses.

I also foresee a multi-pronged legal enquiry questioning the legitimacy of this Presidency-not just from the FBI, but from multiple states suing the President, then corporations, then individuals. Each lawsuit claims Trump is not the legitimate holder of office and challenges his position. His administration will eventually face unrelenting pressure to either step down or face the consequences. Once it has been proven by Senate hearings, a court of law, and unrelenting investigative reporting that the person impersonating the President is not actually the President, this complicated conflict throws all of 2017’s US executive orders into question.

The good news for those of you who support single payer healthcare in the US is that it’s moving in that direction, the momentum is unstoppable, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens. The difficult news is that it will happen incrementally, it could take 3-4 years to go into effect, and it’s not happening quickly enough for many who need unlimited access right away. But it will happen, state by state.

Overall, a global movement is transforming much of our world from a longstanding tradition of exclusivity into an era of Aquarian and Piscean inclusivity, and the expansion of social programmes fits into this astrological trend.

Corine, thank you for asking about History’s Mysteries Solved! We’ve discussed it a little on the radio, but soon there will be upcoming blog posts dedicated to solving mysteries with psychic channeling. Stay tuned for more details!

War of the Walls Predictions

Q. Will the wall be built?…Will the Republican Party do away with Social Security and Medicare?


US Healthcare Predictions

Image result for the wall game of thrones

Game of Thrones Predictions Coming Soon! *Spoilers*

When you saw the heading “War of the Walls”, perhaps you thought I was going to make Game of Thrones predictions for the next season. Well, of course I am! But not today. I’ll be publishing GOT predictions in future posts.

As for the proposed wall on the US/México border that you’re asking about, I see small sections being built as a symbolic gesture so Trump has evidence it’s being worked on. But I do not see the plan being completed, and I do not see a full wall. In fact, it falls quite short of what was promised. After Trump leaves office, I see the project being abandoned and a partial fence he’s left behind being torn down and vandalised. Rotting areas will someday be replaced with gardens surrounding pathways that feature memorial stones commemorating children who died attempting to cross the border. History will look back on this “wall” project as an enormous waste of money spent in an effort to score political points during a time when multiple cities were recovering from natural disasters but weren’t given sufficient aid to recover in a safe or timely manner.

Image result for trump invisible wall cartoonMaria, I believe that many members of the Republican Party will repeatedly attempt to do away with Social Security and Medicare. I see some chipping away at these programmes, and the more politicians can get away with reducing one programme, the more leverage they will have to reduce another programme by claiming previous cutbacks were “successful”, with questionable evidence. I don’t see Medicare being eliminated, but I do have visions of reductions, renaming, and rebranding prior to a period of expansion. Social Security looks like it will have an attached programme, like a subsidiary, which could be implemented in about 3-5 years’ time. I see this programme in the image of a copper box shaped like a book that looks like it’s locked onto the current Social Security system. At some point, Medicare will be expanded, but not before it endures some temporary setbacks and cuts.

As for your question about recession, I’ve mentioned an October stock market crash in previous predictions and publications, but I will add more details in a future post about Economy Predictions.

War Predictions

Q. You mentioned World War III in other posts. Is this still going to happen?


Should billions of years of history & billions of lives be hinged on the whims of an unhinged madman? It’s a surreal experience to encounter the two greatest threats to our long legacy of mankind in the same year, especially if, like me, you finally got your spice rack alphabetised and wanted some time to enjoy it. But here we are, with an increase in climate change and the possibility of nuclear war. What will happen?

Long-term priorities and goals will become trendy again, not only as a reaction against the mindfulness movement, but also as a means of sustaining our existence. There’s a time to be mindful and a time for survival. Eventually, we will find some time in each day for both, and hopefully more of the former than the latter.

Ironic that I have a typo in this tweet.

In 1999, I was on a lunch break between psychic readings at a tiny metaphysical bookstore that would later be torn down and eventually replaced with a pot shoppe. Another psychic approached me in the Money Meditation and Manifestation section while Enya’s Orinoco Flow played for the third time that shift. She asked what I saw far into the future, a Top 10 question for the turn of the millennia. “What happens 20 years from now?” she asked excitedly. “No, you’re not going to like what I see.” “Tell me!” she insisted. “Okay.” I didn’t want to say it, but it’s exactly what I saw. “World War III and mass suicides.” After that, she just stuck to questions about her love life.

I forgot about that conversation for a while, at least until recently when it made more sense. I had told her and another psychic at the shoppe not to be worry or be frightened 20 years from 1999, because many of us would make it through the war. That despite the conflict, it would be followed by a long age of peace, environmental improvements, and humanitarianism like we’d never seen before.

I don’t know what I meant by mass suicide, although I suspect it at least partly has something to do with climate change. As for war, I mentioned a global war involving Korea, Japan and the US in this year’s annual predictions post and on our show, and I think that’s what’s happening now. The prediction we talked about a couple of times in 2016 was a missile hitting Japan. It looked somewhere central, as if it aimed for Tokyo but missed. I still see what I’ve shared about previous dreams I had the morning after the 2016 elections, which included military planes flying over the West coast and war heads in a cabinet. It was gruesome and disturbing. What happens next will change the world, but it won’t be the end of the world. It won’t be like anything we’ve seen before, either. 

Trump will do anything it takes to save himself, no matter how many people’s lives are at risk. He will continue to antagonise Kim Jong-Un and other dictators with bellicose rhetoric, as long as it takes attention away from his current and previous crimes. The situation will escalate and global relations will deteriorate until it is demanded that Trump be removed from office. We are in the midst of his downfall and it’s about to get worse for him. Trump can be destructive and he can distract, but there will be no going back in time so he can reverse his eventual demise. He will, however, hold onto office for as long as he can, despite an impeachment, private investigations, and public demand. It will take all three to remove him.

Environmental Predictions

Related image

Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy

In about 8-10 years from now, I see graffiti on walls around the world with murals of nature in place of the nature that once was. And more quickly than we’d expect, new places of greenery grow in areas that become desolate and desert-like for a short period of time. Great beauty in art like we’ve never seen before will cover vast expanses in ways we’ve not yet witnessed. If you’ve seen photos of the art in Rome and how it covers even the ceilings and sometimes floors throughout museums and galleries, this is the kind of decoration and art I picture placed on many places in future times.

Another positive development in the next 5-10 years is that scientific technology will bring some solutions that successfully slow the inevitability of environmental change. I foresee an invention that will have the ability to expedite a dissolution of waste in ocean and landfills. This substance appears to be a concentrated, acidic solvent that’s injected into waste with a syringe, leaving surrounding, healthier spaces virtually unaffected by the acrid liquid. The planet is sick, and we’ll all need to be its doctors and healers as we heal ourselves as well. We’ll still need to recycle and reduce waste in creative new ways, but many useful, effective, and unexpected solutions will continue to present themselves along the way.

US Trump Predictions

Q. What do you see for Trump and his cabinet in the next week or month?

Previous News from the Future: June 21, 2017 Post about Trump being caught on a recording. I predict that the recording has already been discovered, but the majority of the audio will not be released to the public until possibly mid-late October.

As I’ve mentioned before, there will be parallels drawn between Al Gore’s Presidential loss in 2000 due to suspiciously defective ballots in Florida when Jeb Bush was Governor  and upcoming evidence about elections tampering during the 2016 US Presidential elections. That evidence is about to be made public, and while some will claim it’s “fake evidence”, it will be provided by reliable sources from within the FBI and further investigated by multiple independent investigative reporters. I’ve mentioned a recording about Trump making a confession on a hot mic will be made public, and I believe this will be an admission of knowledge about his campaign colluding with the Russian government to cheat and steal the Presidential elections.

Unfortunately, Trump’s doing what we thought he would do-instigating a global conflict to try and save himself from indictment. Will he be successful? He can only slightly delay the inevitable, but he won’t escape his fate forever.

I envision Trump firing his staff en masse in a panic soon. As to those who don’t get fired, many will resign. As his behaviour continues to escalate and he gets to the point of feeling comfortable enough in his abusive “relationship” with the US, he will outright shout and curse at crowds, causing more serious media speculation as to the likelihood of his cocaine and other drug abuses. Drug abuse and mental illness tend to worsen if untreated, and Trump has no interest in improving his. Unfortunately his illness is worsening just as investigators are closing in on his Russian collusion case, and he is reacting by stirring up trouble as only a Game Show Host with Histrionic Personality Disorder knows how to do.

In the end, he will have betrayed everyone in his life, and everyone he used to trust will have betrayed him, too. Ivanka will stay US healthcare predictionsclose to him for as long as she can, but even she will distance herself, increase travel dates and commitments to avoid prosecution. I see Melania leaving him, Eric and Don Jr. betraying their father, and one person remaining by his side: his youngest son, Barron. Barron is closer to Melania, but he will visit his father out of obligation, duty, and pity. I believe this innocent child endures emotional abuse that no amount of money or privilege can rectify. He has to witness his mother being criticised and verbally abused in public, while his father wears a masque for the media. Barron is growing up at a time when his father is even more well-known and mentally ill than when Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, or Tiffany were children. Yet it is Barron who will feel responsible to help his father as the disease progresses and addictions intensify. He is sensitive to his father’s criticisms but he will also become sensitive enough in general to genuinely care about his dad, despot Trump’s flaws. If you’ve ever seen Shakespeare’s King Lear, Barron is Cordelia, the one who loves her father the most yet is never recognised or appreciated as the others (Eric and Trump Jr. might be cast as Goneril and Regan). Perhaps Tiffany, too, could play Cordelia in this family psychodrama, but I think it is Barron who will feel more compassion and connection as his father becomes increasingly sick, isolated, and reviled. The next act in the Play of Trump becomes tragic for many in his family, not just for Delirium Tremens himself.

Back to predictions for the next month, the words “level playing field” will come up  repeatedly in near-future media publications. After the NFL protest this week, many  more celebrities and athletes around the world will stand arm in arm, bending the knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and also as a sign of support for those who protest social injustice. In about 1-2 weeks from now, there will be discussions of signing up Colin Kaepernick for another team. I see him waiting a couple of months and weighing the offers as they come in, possibly choosing a team by as early as December. I also see Kaepernick becoming an announcer and commentator in the future, with his own talk show about bringing together people from entertainment and sports to increase social justice in the US and abroad. He will be regarded as a hero by more in time, and honoured with what looks like a Medal of Freedom by a future President.  I see Joe Biden there that day Kaepernick receives his Presidential award, perhaps because Biden was a previous recipient of the Medal of Freedom himself.

Science and Technology Predictions

Q. What do you see for the future of iPhones?

Image result for vintage british phone booth with lightI see flat phone screens that behave three-dimensionally, with sounds and smells. I also see mini cell phones that will be shaped Related imagelike old-fashioned phones and offered in various time periods, colours, and metals. There will be a major competitor to Apple arising in the next couple of years, with enhanced technologies to connect phones to vehicles, kind of like a phone that operates as remote control to a car or plane.
Image result for harry potter invisibility cloak library
I have a vision of objects oscillating between physical and non-physical form in our lifetime. In other words, objects in physical space whose atoms can be divided and spread out at will, then reassembled into a more compact form. Kind of like the Invisibility Cloak in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Except without the cloak. This is not good news for magicians who perform disappearing acts, or maybe it will just make their jobs all the easier. Image result for harry potter invisibility cloak library

Q. What do you see for the future of robots?

A. I see a video game where you can upload information about a deceased person based on a questionnaire and photos or a physical description. The game then creates a 2-D image of your loved one and yourself, and you go exploring adventures throughout the Cosmos together, death be damned. Eventually this game will evolve from 2D into 3D form, and that’s when we’ll have robot replicas of loved ones who’ve crossed over. We’ll even have an opportunity to recreate ancestors whose descriptions can be pieced together from a more sophisticated future version of DNA extracting of historical genetics. Although I am not sure we will want all of them as roommates.
Image result for maeve westworld

Westworld Maeve, Dolores, Bernard, & More Predictions Coming Soon! *Spoilers Also*

For those of you who believe in Cartesian mind-body dualism or even in an Afterlife, the question becomes…can a soul inhabit the body of a robot? And if it can be proven that a robot is able to make decisions of its own free will outside of initial software programing, should an “object” be afforded the same rights as a human? If any material being looks, acts, speaks, and functions like a human, possessing an internal computer that functions like a human brain, should this entity be treated as anything but human? Once medical robotic experiments become more prominent in media investigations and robots themselves reveal during interviews that some of them do in fact “experience pain” (quote from the future), there will be extensive debates about the ethical treatment of AI, a theme not too far from the experiences of Maeve or Dolores in the TV series Westworld.

Eventually, scientists will be exploring the transference of your consciousness software from the brain into a duplicate robot made to look like clone…in order that we might continue to exist in physical form even after the death of our own bodies. Not just downloading consciousness, but uploading it into the body of a robot whose form you would occupy. Would you do it if you had the chance? Assuming we are in the post-robotic-experiment period, that is.

If you’ve ever had a psychic medium reading, sometimes those who have crossed over will appear at a different age than they were when they passed. In a similar way to those who have passed on and who appear to us in dreams or through mediums, robot clones will be able to adjust their age according to mood. Oh, and aging will get easier for all of us as regenerative medicine becomes a more prominent field in the next 7-15 years.

Q. What do you see for the future of work?

“This Sentence is Being Commuted”, 2012. Kyra Oser, Ink on Paper (11″x14″). Yes, I was commuting (in L.A.) at the time I made this. Not literally. I waited until I got home. DON’T DRAW AND DRIVE!

Commuting will likely become a thing of the past for many of us. For others, the commutes could be longer, meaning global. Worldwide commuting could be interesting-which country would you choose to have your rights and opportunities in? Dual and triple citizenship will become increasingly common in 10-30 years from now.

You can also expect an existence of extremes in future work, either staying home to do all one’s work, or travelling greater distances by quicker methods of transportation. And when healthcare predictions of single-payer coverage come about, those of you in the US who are currently staying at a job because of the benefits will have even more choices of where, and how, and for whom to work in future times.

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  1. Jesse J. Tripp on June 7, 2018 at 7:14 am said:

    I really should be more grateful for your highly-accurate predictions. I’m sorry that I’m begging for you to release a new article for this blog. It’s just the fact that four months have passed since you last blogged. I’m really sorry. I just hope there’s no hard feelings between us.

  2. Jesse J Tripp on April 14, 2018 at 11:53 am said:

    There was an attack on Syria yesterday. Is this the end of the Pretender on the Throne?

  3. Hi Kyra, I thought I saw that a future blog would focus on our animal kingdom and wonderful creatures that are currently at peril, what you saw for conservation, animal rights, etc. Is that still coming? Thank you!

  4. Jesse J. Tripp on December 3, 2017 at 12:44 am said:

    You’re right on the money about a possible mental illness. One has been revealed just already: dementia.

  5. Jesse J. Tripp on October 12, 2017 at 1:10 pm said:

    Brilliant work.

  6. Sharon on October 5, 2017 at 12:17 pm said:

    Kyra, what do you see in the future for the treatment of animals. Will people stop using animals for entertainment (like rodeos) and for unnecessary laboratory testing? When will people realize that hunting and other abuses are brutal and inhumane?

  7. Thank you for doing The Good Work! I am deeply

    concerned for our beautiful world, the people and the animals. Your insight brings me hope. Do you see people waking up and rising up enough to actually make a difference to the one’s in real need? Will we see changes soon in our country towards social consciousness and environmental awareness that brings forth actionable change, like changes to our leadership and changes to our policies? How long must we wait?

  8. Jesse Tripp on October 5, 2017 at 5:54 am said:

    When’s your next prediction?

  9. Do you see any hope of stopping the mass shootings and gun violence in this country? I recently saw charts in the news showing where the USA ranks with other countries and the percent of the world’s population that we are was at about 4% but yet Americans own almost half of the guns worldwide.

  10. Hi Kyra, do you see the United States splitting up into smaller states or coalitions of states? Thank you.

  11. Stephanie on October 3, 2017 at 2:37 pm said:

    Any insight on the motive behind the Las Vegas shooting (it’s several days after, and none has been disclosed yet). Thanks.

  12. Nathan Fleischman on September 30, 2017 at 1:22 pm said:

    How will Trump’s failed response to Puerto Rico and Tom Price’s resignation affect Trump?

  13. Kyra, thank you so much for the great posts! I’m curious about whether you have any insight into the attacks on American diplomats in Cuba. Any idea what/who is behind these events? Thank you!

  14. Jesse J. Tripp on September 28, 2017 at 9:55 am said:

    When will the inevitable Impeachment happen?

  15. Stephanie on September 28, 2017 at 9:51 am said:

    Thank you.

  16. Hi Kyra do you Republicans winning the 2018 midterm elections? Will Republicans lose power in 2020?

  17. Krya, what did you mean by this: “…got your since rack alphabetised…” Thanks.

  18. Hi Kyra, I am so concerned for our animal kingdom. All the endangered animals and the animals being poached and slaughtered, all for the sake of using horns to make some potion that doesn’t even work! And the ocean creatures getting suffocated by plastic garbage. I’m afraid we will lose some species for good. What do you see for the future? Do you think humans will be able to save these animals and dedicate more land and protection for their survival?

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