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In today’s News from the Future, we have 2020 predictions for global and U.S. politics, the climate crisis, and more. Imagine we’re psychic time travellers, being transported to the future of 2020 on a psychic time machine, with tarot cards as our tour guides…

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2020 Predictions

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2020 Predictions: Global Politics

Time Travel Tarot: Page of Swords

On an international level, Page of Swords can refer to a new form of communications technology. Since this card is a youthful page, this mode of electronic transmission will mostly be applied by younger users and those who are young at heart. When this card is explored from the perspective of the climate crisis, the message is that clear, quickened, consistent communication will be one of the most critical tools for solving environmental problems. While there will be mishaps, environmental accidents, and oceanic spills, there will also be discoveries of new techniques for repairing and restoring some of the damage.

On a more personal level, this card can be about a renewed interest in education. Expect to see a trend of increased curiosity about global education and other cultures, in addition to more options for online education. Speaking of education, mass teacher strikes and teacher-student solidarity strikes will be on the rise.

Global Solutions

Overall, this is an encouraging card in that it points to positive movement forward in finding solutions to problems. There will be major issues, but also considerable solutions. This card encourages all of us to speak up about the causes we believe in and to use social media as a sword of truth for sharing relevant information and personal revelations across the oceans. Words can serve the world in a wide range of ways when used with wisdom.

2020 Predictions: U.S. Politics

Time Travel Tarot: The World

While this card was chosen for the US, the image refers to every country. Whatever happens in the US in 2020 will depend on global events. Similarly, occurrences in the US will have significant intercontinental repercussions. Worldwide interconnectivity and interdependency are emerging as themes in today’s reading. The positive side of this card is that exposure to global politics will eventually cause US events to evolve in a more beneficial direction.

This card has some opposite meanings to The Devil, which was coming up in some of our 2019 readings about the US. The Devil can refer to relationships that are maintained through a cycle of addictions and codependency, whereby one partner suffers from an obsession while the other enables and helps perpetuate that addictive state. This relationship can also be acted out by government officials, corporations, or countries. The Devil is essentially a card of temptation and materialism. In 2019, a repetition of The Devil card meant that there would be an increase in greed and unhealthy relationships, and we saw this play out in some of the codependent and bribery-driven relationships between government officials and corporations.

Beyond the Material

The emergence of The World card for 2020 means that there will be a successful push to move beyond monetary and power-driven corruption. The trend will be toward a relinquishing material obsession and personal gain in favour of the good of the world. Of course, there will still be corruption, and for some, the recent hoarding of resources will only worsen. The difference in 2020 is that there will be a higher volume of people who are no longer interested in acquiring things as much as thoughts.

Mental concepts and social connections will be trending this year. As a result of this expansion of minimalism, collections and possessions will generate more embarrassment than pride. Expect a trend toward giving away, hiding, and even denying personal possessions and financial excess. Torn, frayed, and distressed clothing will become more popular, and jewellery and makeup will be minimal. The most coveted fashion items will be practical and meaningful clothing and accessories. The more handmade, comfortable, and functional, the better.

US Presidential Elections

I’ll be writing more about the Presidential primaries in further 2020 predictions, but for now, know that international influences will be an important factor in the outcome of the elections. One issue to take into account is that billionaires can afford to purchase most politicians and almost endless propaganda. This very small group will pay a few to persuade the public of anything that is likely to perpetuate their power. While this problem is inevitable, the communication made possible by the Page of Swords tarot card has the power to combat even the wealthiest of groups. The powers that be can be fought as long as there are enough people who are willing to speak up and show up to demonstrate against ongoing corruption. Unchecked power grows, and peaceful protest is a way to maintain accountability for any detrimental acts carried out by public officials.

Indigenous Leaders

Another major turning point in 2020 will occur due to an increase in the political power of indigenous people, which may start most noticeably in the US, but will also occur throughout the year on a global scale. While discrimination and injustice will, sadly, continue to be problematic and prevalent, there will also be an emergence of several new leaders who help steer the future into a more productive direction.


Time Travel Tarot: Four of Cups (R)

The Four of Cups Reversed features an image of someone who is discontent with the state of the material world. It is possible to reverse the card back to its upright position once you are willing to change your perspective by turning to a higher consciousness instead of looking for answers in people, places, or things.

Corporate Buildings and Rebuilding Homes: A Change in Structure

Since this card was basically chosen to answer the question, “What will happen economically in 2020 predictions?”, part of the answer is that there will be a dissatisfaction with the current financial system, which leads to protests directed at corporations. While that sentiment has already begun as a result of conflicts caused by late-stage capitalism, expect more direct attacks on corporations in the form of product and company boycotts, demonstrations outside corporate headquarters (particularly in the US and especially at Amazon buildings), and demands for CEOs to reduce their pay or step down.

An analogy that will often be referred to in magazines and news articles this year will be a comparison between our current economic and housing system and that of medieval feudalism. At least in a feudal system, it was possible to have land. Today in America, some who work full-time hours or longer don’t even have that–neither land nor home, perhaps a car to sleep in at best. The popularity of this historical correlation will help bring more attention to the growing global housing crisis.

Activism as an Answer to Apathy

The danger of Four of Cups Reversed is that it alludes to a temptation to withdraw from the world. No matter how much easier or more comfortable it might seem to retreat, action will be the only sane option. If ever there was a year throughout the history of human existence when it was necessary to take action, 2020 is the one where our work will be most needed. Collective, cooperative action will be crucial for survival. A popular phrase related to activism that you’ll see in graffiti and signs on subways and bus stops this year will sound something like, “If we stay together, we can move forward”.

Global Health

Time Travel Tarot: Strength (R)

Strength Reversed can indicate health challenges when surrounded by certain cards. This card can also refer to an awakening to a healthier way of life. Considering that the previous card related to discomfort with the material world, and the next card, The Devil, can be about difficult choices, Strength Reversed is a potent addition to this reading. While it can be uncomfortable to hear about problems in a reading, I’ve found it more beneficial to offer warnings than to tell someone what they want to hear.

Activism is Imperative

In that spirit, here is the prediction I see in 2020 as a result of this card: most likely there will be frequent health issues as a result of air quality problems, the spread of new airborne and waterborne diseases, and unprecedented safety hazards resulting from climate change. Unfortunately, this is the kind of damage it will take before real system changes can be realised. Even then, the reversed nature of this card indicates that the changes will be slow, therefore ongoing and increased activism will be imperative.

The majority of the world will have to act if we want to pave a path to a livable world, which brings us back to the importance of the Page of Swords: most of us will be forced to get involved in the climate movement in one way or another and at some point. The sooner we join the efforts, the less work we’ll have to do later on.

New Year’s Resolutions Brought to you by The Four of Cups

The positive side of this card is how it alerts us to the possibility of improving our lives when we put more of our focus on health. Upright, Strength indicates a healthy aspect of one’s body or mind. If you get this card reversed, the question is: what can you do right now to improve some aspect of your physical or mental state? Many New Year’s resolutions focus on health or a renewed perspective, so perhaps something you’ve been wanting to work on is already on your mind.

Climate Crisis 2020 Predictions

Time Travel Tarot: The Devil

2019 will be referred to in 2020 magazine articles as having been “the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the climate and ecological crisis. The Devil insinuates that climate change will be worse in 2020 than it was in 2019. In retrospect, many news pundits in 2021 and beyond will agree that the crisis had to worsen in order for massive changes to take place that were necessary for eventual survival. An event occurs that will be compared in some news outlets to 9/11, although this incident looks like it is more related to the natural world instead of being a direct attack. The similarity between these events might have something to do with the collapse of major buildings as a result of climate breakdown.

In other news, there will be a continued surge in hate crimes before there is a decline. However, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, a need to work together to ensure human survival in the face of climate change will result in an eventual decrease in discrimination.

The Climate of Sex Scandals

The Devil also indicates that multiple sex scandals exposed by investigative reporters in 2020 will cause major political figures to step down by 2021, resulting in replacement leaders whose policies are more focused on climate sustainability and ecological restoration. 2020 will also bring increased litigation against individuals and corporations who have been responsible for instigating or perpetuating climate crimes. Nonetheless, some of these cases will linger for years in court before coming to a conclusion.

General 2020 Predictions

Time Travel Tarot: Judgment

As our general 2020 predictions card, Judgment indicates that karma will come into play in a more obvious and significant way than perhaps any previous year in our lifetime. This can be positive for those who have engaged in good deeds but challenging for individuals who have hurt others without making amends. It’s never too late to make up for the past or build even better circumstances for the future by improving how we act toward others today. Even if you don’t believe in karma, just one thoughtful act, whether toward a stranger or someone you love, can almost instantly generate good feelings, increased self-esteem, and a sense of higher purpose. You’ll also be setting an example for others to follow, thereby amplifying the presence of positivity in the world. Who knows how far-ranging the influence of one good deed might be?

A Chance to Change

Card XX in the year 2020 is a time to reflect on how we’ve been and how we would like to be. Be the person you would most want to spend time with, become what you hope for in others, act like the person you would want to live with for the rest of your life (because you will!), and learn all this from the parts you admire most in those you love and the ones you love to read about. It’s never too late to be your best self, and the self-love that comes from acting on your highest ideals can only generate more love that comes back to you in your life as you navigate the transformational waters of 2020.

For the Love of Life

Personal connection and acts of love will become the most prominent and important values of this year. If you’re not sure where to start, you can ask your guides in the morning to inspire you and show you the steps to take throughout the day. If you use your inspiration and intuition to act with loving intentions, you will be one of those who get the most out of this year and in the years beyond.


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