Fashion Predictions, January 28, 2016: Twin Business Suits (Twisness Suits), The Return of the Handkerchief, & Post-Gender Clothing

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Predictions 2016: Fall & Winter Fashion


Mix and Match Basics: Purchasing basics that can be mix-and-matched will become a popular way of saving money while saving time with color coordinating ensembles in advance that can be worn in a variety of combinations.

An emerging and Global Cultural Trend will be the long-term fashion evolution of post-gender clothing, emphasizing style beyond gender.


Romantic Elegant Necessary Joker

The “Romantic Elegant Necessary Joker” is an essential fall ensemble with nearly everything you need to have a satisfying wardrobe

Multicultural fashion is the next major and lasting trend, forming a hybrid of many cultures within one outfit even as we discover how each of us is composed of many cultures within ourselves as we get more and more genetic information about our ancestry through DNA testing.

Seoul Style Couples in Twin Business Suits

Seoul Street Style: Couples in Twin Business Suits

Contemporary South Korean and Japanese inspired fashion is becoming more mainstream in the Americas and Europe, with inspiration from blogs such as Seoul’s Sol-Sol Street Fashion and popular sites like offering fashion ensembles such as the Romantic Elegant Necessary Joker.


Carrying a reusable handkerchief in the breast pocket of a blazer, shirt or sweater vest comes back into style as we find resourceful ways to save money on paper goods…and, by extension, help to save environmental resources.

Fall and Winter Colours

Miss Patina Pinafore and Turtleneck

Miss Patina Pinafore and Turtleneck

Yellow, grey, red, white, black, and navy are popular basics of choice. Basically primary colours, black and white, and the combo of black and white, grey. Specifically, cherry red, navy blue, and black as staples, with mustard yellow, light and dark grey blends and white shirts for contrast. Most shoes will be basic, with black, brown red, and nude dominating the market. One example of an outfit based on these principles of basic colours would be red mary Jane heels with white stockings, a navy blue cotton-polyester blend or denim pinafores, and a white, cotton-blend shirt with thin blue stripes, all accentuated by a black beret or small black kerchief. Are we unconsciously giving homage to Paris as support after the attacks in November by wearing the colours of their flag? Or is it just Americans wearing red, white and blue because it’s a pivotal Presidential election year?

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Coming Soon: Fashion Predictions 2017

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