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Discounted Hours

Days and times vary. Available for a limited time only. Please check schedule for more details.

Emergency Sessions

Days that have already been fully booked will not appear on the list of appointment choices when you are ordering a session. If you do not see a time or date on the schedule, you can book a session for another day and ask in the notes to be placed on a waiting list. Alternatively, you can order an emergency session. With an emergency session, you can often be seen sooner. Please contact me for information on emergency rates.

Days and times vary. Please check schedule for more details. Please note that discounts and packages cannot applied to emergency sessions.

LOCAL TIME: Appointment confirmations will appear in Pacific Standard Time (PST), so please arrange your schedule accordingly. You will be responsible for converting the appointment to your own time zone. Note: You must mention what country you are a resident of in the notes when ordering your session.

PHONE: Phone calls are reserved for scheduled appointment times only. I will be calling you at the number you provide when you make your appointment, so please double check that the number you send number is correct. There is always a chance that I could be running behind, so please leave a 10-15 minute window to receive your call. Thank you in advance for your patience.

SKYPE/FACETIME: Please specify in your booking notes if you would like to have a Skype or FaceTime session. Otherwise, I will call you on the phone number you list with your order. For FaceTime, please let me know the email address or phone number where I can contact you on your FaceTime account. If there is any chance you’ll be Skyping and we aren’t connected on Skype yet, I will need to accept your contact request before the session so we can connect. Please let me know as far in advance as possible if you prefer Skype so we can begin the session as close as possible to your appointment time.

HYPNOTHERAPY: Please mention in the notes if you are ordering a hypnotherapy session. Also briefly mention what issue you would like to work on. If you don’t mention anything in the notes, I will assume you are ordering a psychic reading.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: If ordering as a gift, simply type “Gift Certificate” in the notes when you order. You can either print out or forward the certificate to a recipient of your choice. Gift Certificates will be emailed to you at the earliest date possible and are not available by postal mail. The session(s) will be good for one year from date of purchase.

EVENTS: If you are booking for an event, each reading is about 10 minutes with a break at the end of each hour. Smaller groups will receive longer readings. Please check the schedule for current rates. Payment is required upon booking the event, 50% of which is a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel the event at any time prior to 48 hours before the event, you will receive a 50% refund. 48 hours notice is required for cancelling an event. Please send a message through the contact form if you are looking to book a live event or speaking engagement. Skype or FaceTime speaking engagements are also available.

If you need additional help with booking, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

How Long of a Session Do You Need?

You have an option of choosing up to two hours. There are some additional benefits to having a longer session:

*Often people come to a session with questions. But the answers don’t always solve the underlying problem. For example, you might come to a session asking “Why isn’t this person interested in me, and when will he/she be?” But a simple answer doesn’t get you what you want, which might be a relationship with someone who’s available and the right match for you. This person might even be someone you know but are not aware of as a potential romantic interest. Longer sessions allow me to get to the root of your concern and to offer solutions that you can continue to use in other relationships.

*By booking a longer session and going more deeply into solutions, it could save you some time and money in the long run, as you might not be as likely to come back for this issue again.

*A longer session allows me to work with you on life-changing exercises and guided meditations (customised for you) and to help you in areas including career, love, self-improvement, and more.

*If you are coming in regularly for sessions (i.e. once every month or two), I would recommend a session shorter than 2 hours.

Office Visits

New requests for office visits are not currently being accepted. Sessions are only available by phone or Skype.

Session Recordings

You are welcome to audio record the session yourself at no additional charge. Or I can record the session for an additional charge of $99. Please click the “Buy Now” button below to purchase an audio recording of your session.*

*NOTE: Phone sessions will record my voice only, but your voice will be included on the recording if you Skype. Not available on CD. A file will be sent to you via Dropbox. If you do not have access to Dropbox, an MP3 which you can download will be emailed to you. Please note that a session recording does not include the cost of a session.


What are some of the benefits of having a psychic session recorded?

Recordings are a way of making the most of your appointment by keeping records of predictions that you can check back on months or even years later. Additionally, a lot of information can come through with channeling and sometimes it can be overwhelming to hear so many details in the duration of a one or two hour session. Recordings are a convenient way to revisit the session on your own time.

As an added benefit, if you ask about loved ones (living or deceased), you can share that part of the session with friends or family members. 

Booking Assistance

If you do not have time to make an appointment through the website, or if you cannot find someone to help you book the session, it can be booked for a fee. Simply visit the Contact Form on this website and send a message, including:

1) a first and second choice of the time and day you prefer*,

2) the type (i.e. psychic reading or hypnosis) and length of session you want (please choose 90 or 120 minutes on weekends, or 60, 90, or 120 minutes on weekdays),

3) your name, phone number, and email address, and

4) your Paypal email address where an invoice can be sent.

Please note that a $79 fee will be charged for each use of booking assistance or to ask an urgent question that cannot wait for the time of your appointment. This fee does not include the cost of the actual session. Click the Buy Now button below to hire booking assistance.**

*Chosen times are not guaranteed until payment of invoice has been completed.

**Once you hire booking assistance, it can take at least a few days for a reply (more if you purchase on a weekend). Thank you for your patience.

Gift Certificates

To purchase a gift certificate for someone, simply choose any option and make a note that this is a gift.  A gift certificate that you can either forward to the recipient or print out for them.

Booking Instructions

1) Under “Category” and “Service”, select one of each
2) Click “Next” to choose date & time
3) Click “Next” to enter name, phone, & email address
4) Click “Next” to process payment & complete the booking

Reschedule Policy

Reschedule Policy: When an appointment is rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance, the payment can be applied to a future session but will not be refunded. If an appointment is rescheduled less than 24 hours in advance, there will be a charge for both sessions. To reschedule a session, schedule a new session using the following coupon code*: RESCHED1
Payment Policy: No refunds, no exceptions. All purchases are final. Rescheduled sessions expire one year from date of purchase. Packages expire one year from date of purchase.

*Please note that only prepaid sessions will be honoured. Any sessions scheduled without payment in advance will be automatically deleted.


*Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only, in no way constitute legal, financial, medical, mental health, or other advice, and are not performed by a licensed medical practitioner. Please consult with a medical doctor regarding all health concerns. The consultation you receive is subject to your own interpretation and you agree to take full responsibility for your interpretation. We will not be held responsible for any decisions or actions taken by you. We make no representations or warranties, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, relevancy or quality of information provided. No guarantees are stated or implied.

Please CLICK HERE to read full disclaimer before purchasing a session. By purchase of this session, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the full disclaimer.



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