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Psychic Predictions: US News Part II

7:27 am PST-We’ve recently discussed Tarot Cards for Predictions and Part I of Psychic Reading for Predictions of US News. Today I’m going to continue with Part II of the Psychic Predictions for US News series. Psychic Predictions: US News Part II News from the Future Q & A Book a psychic reading today to find out

Psychic Reading: How to Predict US News

8:57 am PST-Now that we’ve gone through a couple of posts about using tarot cards to make predictions, how can you use a psychic reading with channeling to predict the future? Today I’ll be using examples below as I answer your questions, then I’ll describe the first steps in making your own predictions about US news…

Psychic Experiences: Interview

Psychic Experiences: Interview Q & A If you’re interested in reading about psychic experiences, you’ve probably had some of your own. I shared about some of my psychic experiences in a recent interview with Voyage LA Magazine, and posted the Q & A below. If you have some of your own telepathic adventures you’d like to

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