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Psychic Time Traveller: Past Life Self Hypnosis

Past life self hypnosis is a free, fun, and convenient way to discover who you may have been in previous lifetimes. While past life regressions can be guided by a hypnotherapist, there’s no reason why you can’t start exploring the ancient past on your own. Whether or not you believe in previous lives, you will

Past Lives

Here is the English translation of Kyra’s interview in the May, 2015 Edition of Priekavos Magazine in Lithuania: What is past life regression in simple words?  All of us have lived before we were born, but as other people. Think of the birthday candle that you try to blow out, but the flame just keeps

Life and Afterlife Coaching: “In the Interest of Karma”

On tonight’s show featuring actress Patricia Kara, we talked about her charity work, and later in the show, we discussed a little about our past lives. How do previous lifetimes relate to charity work? In a word: karma. If your past lives as revealed in dreams, meditations or regressions have given you the opportunity to

Dear Kyra: “Dreams of the Past”

Dear Kyra,    I would love if you could give me some information about my past lives. Through my dreams I get to see many things about them, but your help will be so welcome my dear.    Much love to you,    -Dreams of the Past 05/16/68   Dear Dreams,   With Sun conjunct

Dear Kyra: “Karmic Relief”

Dear Kyra, Does karma follow me from my last life? For example, if I was bad, is that why I have so many hardships this lifetime??? -Karmic Relief 01/27/77 Dear Karmic, Not in every case. There are times when you will be given a challenge in order to fulfil one of your life’s purposes (your

Dear Kyra: “Lessons of a Lifetime”

Dear Kyra, Can you tell me more about my lessons in this lifetime as it relates to my karma and past lives? -Lessons of a Lifetime 10/03/82 Dear Lessons, According to the Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Libra in your chart, you have a destiny to support others in their relationship struggles and

Life and Afterlife Coaching: “Past Life Regression Temporary Transformations”

During hypnosis, the appearance of a face can shapeshift into that of another lifetime. Try watching a past life regression in person and see if you can notice the changes that take place in the subject’s features. It does not happen every time, but it has been known to happen. The effects of a changed

Zodiac Girls Workshops Coming to Ireland!

Fall, 2013        Available for All Levels Develop your psychic, astrology and mediumship skills amidst the sacred sites of the ancient Celts. Featuring daily spiritual training with the Zodiac Girls and special guest appearances by some of the most renowned psychics of the British Isles. Be a part of our show and join

The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’, Part III: Finding Love & Fame With Past Life Regression

You’re lying down during a past life regression session, and all of a sudden you hear your Past Life Regressionist say, “Step out of the tunnel, into the light, into a lifetime in which you lived previous to this one.” You look around you, it’s the year 1914, and you’re trying to catch a train to

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