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2020 Predictions: News from the Future

In today’s News from the Future, we have 2020 predictions for global and U.S. politics, the climate crisis, and more. Imagine we’re psychic time travellers, being transported to the future of 2020 on a psychic time machine, with tarot cards as our tour guides… 2020 Predictions Hypnotherapy sessions and psychic readings will be on a

Poem Predictions: Psychic Time Traveller

Poem Predictions The Holiday Sale has begun! Make your life more of what you want it to be with hypnotherapy. Or choose a psychic reading and find out about your future. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Extinction Rebellion. Skype, FaceTime, Phone & Email are available. Click on “Rates & Scheduling”, or

Poetry Predictions

Poetry predictions are rhyming answers to your questions about the future. Poetry Predictions   Book a psychic reading today to find out your future career, love life, spiritual path, or let me help you solve mysteries from the past. Skype, FaceTime & Phone are available: Rates & Scheduling   First of all, I want to

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