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Los Angeles Psychic Kyra Oser offers Fashion Predictions 2016.

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Fashion Predictions 2016

Spring Fashion 2016

30s heels sketch

Lower heels with straps in a 1930’s style will come back into fashion in 2016

Preppy, clean looks are in for the Spring. Mostly monochromatic with some sharp contrast of whites, pale blues, and greys. Later in the season and closer to summer, we’ll see more yellow and pink pastels. Short, 1-1.5 inch 1930’s heels become more popular than very high heels.

Yellows paired with light greys will deepen into dark and mustard yellows with charcoal greys, accented by chestnut brown belts and boots into the fall of 2016.

Fall Fashion 2016

1968 turtlenecks

’60’s school or college girl looks with ribbed or sweater turtlenecks, stockings, or flats will be a staple of the fall season in 2016.

The preppy look escalates with school uniforms for adults, including Mary Jane shoes of red, black, grey, or brown with white, grey, beige, navy, or black tights for women. In colour trends, look for red and  grey and some couplings of mustard yellow with grey, especially with ribbed turtlenecks (but no mock turtlenecks! Those are out!) One look is tartans mixed with clean, white solids. Tartan patterns as ties for men, pants for women. Crests become popular, representing familial and ancestral interest inspired by increasingly popular DNA testing and ever-expanding genealogical research.

go go boots

Go-Go boots didn’t go-go anywhere-they’re back, along with 60s Mod hairstyles and clothing

60s mod will be back in full force, complete with white go-go boots. Boots feature big in men’s and women’s fashion this fall season.

Fashion 2017 Preview

A subtler version of Steampunk becomes mainstream. Cosplay and dressing as characters becomes more common in public venues and is not just reserved for special events like ComicCon anymore.

More Fashion Predictions 2016 coming soon!

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