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Finding Love Anytime, Anywhere, for Anyone: Three Meditations

finding love

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

This post focuses on finding love with the help of a simple meditation that nearly anyone can do. But before we begin, I’d like to thank you for your recent enquiries and concerns. I enjoy having the opportunity to read your comments and questions. I’ve been publishing less this summer due to a couple of surgeries I had in July and August. I have about 8 procedures a year on average, so sometimes when I am not publishing as frequently it’s because I’m either having a procedure, recovering, or planning for the next one! 🙂 But I have been working on more U.S. and World predictions, which I look forward to publishing soon on this blog. I appreciate your continued patience, and I’m grateful for how supportive you’ve been.

Meanwhile, I’ve written a meditation for finding love, peace and acceptance for others in your life. This exercise has the potential to increase any good feelings you have for a friend, family member, romantic partner, or pet. There are times when it can be challenging for any of us to love, no matter how deeply we care about someone or how many years (or lifetimes) we’ve loved them.

Finding Love in a Time of Change

This exercise can also be used on a global scale, perhaps with someone on social media you’ve never met before, but who immediately argues a political point with you and has no interest in learning about your opinion (bots not included). It can be difficult to love or even accept someone who seems to represent the opposite of everything we believe in. We live in a time rife with political divisiveness, inflamed by polarising issues. On a physical level, both poles of the Earth are, in a sense, “inflamed” by emerging effects of global warming. We are acting as a microcosm of our planet’s polar warming when participating in increasingly heated debates that polarise us from one another. Of course global warming is neither caused nor can be avoided by an emotional state and the origins of climate change are only explicable by science, the most accurate and reliable system we have (so far) for explaining reality. However, as intuitive beings, many of us are sensing what is happening in our environment on a psychic, emotional, or unconscious level. Sometimes those feelings translate into actions. This article won’t solve climate change, but we’re going to have to work together to find solutions. And working together begins with understanding.

If you’d like to find an inner balance, feelings of peace, common ground, or even mutual connection in the midst of what sometimes seems like a contentious time, it’s more productive to focus on what we have in common than what appears to make us different. As you practise the following meditation more and more, it will eventually become a habit to automatically find commonalities. Plus it can help with dating (more on that below)!

The beauty you see in the world and in those around you is visible because you recognise it as similar to you. An added benefit to this concept is that there will be no need for jealousy when what you see, you can be.

Finding Love for Anyone Meditation

finding love

“Garden Variety”, Kyra Oser, 2001.

This exercise tends to be most successful if you can set aside your expectations of an outcome (which also helps with dating).

1) Find one trait about someone you dislike that reminds you of someone you love. It could be the way one of their ears sticks out like your grandfather’s, a twinkling in their eyes that brings back memories of your ex, the wideness or narrowness of their smile that’s so similar to the best friend you met at your first job, the way they stand or shift their feet like your college roommate, the unusual pitch of their laugh that’s so much like your mom, their love for Ukranian polka that reminds you of your other ex who you still have some feelings for, or the way they treat their pets like children the same way you recently realised you do. One of the traits you notice about them will remind you of someone you’ve connected to in the past, or possibly even yourself.

Note: It doesn’t matter if the first thing you notice is superficial. If you stick with this practise long enough, the exercise will take you to a deeper place. If it doesn’t, that’s okay, too. The purpose of this meditation is to love more, not to prove you’re enlightened. And if more love doesn’t being you closer to enlightenment, I don’t know what will (but more on the meaning of enlightenment in a future post…)

2) Each time you feel that dislike returning, remember the ears, eyes, smile, stance, shift, laugh, polka, or love they have for their pets. Connect that trait back to the one you love from the past who reminds you of the one you’d like to like today. And maybe this anyone will someday become somebody to you.
Troubleshooting: If you’re not feeling anything yet, try to think of something about this person or animal that reminds you of someone you’ve loved for an even longer time, perhaps longer than 5-10 years. The deeper that previous person is embedded in your unconscious mind, the more quickly this transference of love might occur.

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

3) If you continue to practise #2, in time you’ll find yourself naturally opening up to liking-or even loving-something else about them. Something that maybe doesn’t even remind you of anyone you’ve known before, including yourself.
At this point, you’ll have transcended the exercise itself. Because you’ll be able to love and accept something you’re not familiar with, to care about someone despite or even because of their differences. Not an easy thing to do, but a mind-expanding experience if you can achieve it.
From a hypnotherapy perspective, our personal unconscious mind prefers to seek out experiences that are familiar. If we’ve survived it before, we’re more likely to survive it again. So we avoid unfamiliar experiences, even if they’re healthier for us, because we don’t know whether or not we’ll survive them. It makes more sense to trust the data we know. But there are ways to circumvent our unconscious habits and relationship expectations, whether that’s through hypnotherapy, or by implementing new behaviours on our own via a combination of faith and experimentation. This exercise that you’re now in the middle of is an example of the latter. You’re reprogramming your mind to think in a new way, which means you’ve opened  yourself up to altering or enhancing a current or previous belief system.
4) Continue to remind yourself of the first trait that’s familiar to you about this person (or pet). You’ll likely find yet another trait you like, accept, or have in common with them. Given even more time, you will most likely find something mentally or emotionally about this person (or being) that connects to how you see yourself, what you value, or how you feel about your life. You might never have the same opinions, but that’s okay. This exercise is more about connection than persuasion.
5) When you’ve forgotten what you thought was different between you and this other person or animal, you’ll likely respect, rather than resent, your newfound friend. Perhaps you’ll even find empathy for “the enemy”.

6) Bonus: This exercise gets easier and quicker each time you practise it.

7) Bonus-Bonus: It’s never too late to love. There’s no limit to how many times you can do this exercise, how many people you can care about in the world, or how much love you can give. There’s no such thing as “running out” when it comes to the boundless resource of universal love. Plus the more you give, the more you get. Tapping into the nature of love means 1) the universal love you’ve accessed will be flowing through you to another (so you get all the benefits, too), and 2) when you send out an energy of love, you’ll eventually attract the same kind of energy you’re generating…even if you receive it from an unexpected source or when you’re least expecting it. We get more of what we focus on. Focus on love if that’s what you want to have.

Finding Love Anytime Meditation

This meditation is convenient because you can do it anytime you’re breathing.

If you want to have more love in your life but you don’t have anyone particular in mind to start or develop a relationship with, try thinking of the word “love” the next time you remember to breathe. Continue to remember the word “love” each time you consciously become aware of your breathing, whether it’s while you’re reading a book, eating, shopping, or falling asleep. Actually, if you do this while you’re falling asleep, you’ll be even more likely to programme it as a new habit in your unconscious mind.
Then, every time you become conscious of your breath, you’ll have trained yourself either consciously or unconsciously to think of the word “love”. Before you know it, you could be breathing love as a daily practise. You may be surprised at how your thoughts, feelings, pace, and choices change throughout the day when you take just one “breath of love” each morning. One breathfast at breakfast could mean a whole day of love!

Finding Love Anywhere Meditation

You can be at any stage in a relationship to try the Finding Love Anywhere Meditation, from seconds before introducing yourself to having been in love for decades or lifetimes spanning centuries.

If you add in The Golden Rule or the concept of karma to the previous “Anyone” and “Anytime” meditations, this next part of the Love Meditation Triad has the potential to be significantly amplified. If you’ve already tried the “Finding Love for Anyone” Meditation and were lucky enough to find someone you genuinely care about, ask yourself the following questions as a meditation:

1) How would you want to be treated if you were them?

2) What if, someday, you will be treated by someone exactly the way you’re talking to or acting toward this person today? Would you do anything different?

3) Play the role of the actor in your mind, and see through the eyes of your loved one for an hour, a minute, or even just a moment. How do you think they might feel today? What could you do to make their life better?

4) If you can’t imagine how they would answer to these questions, it’s often okay to ask.

If you’re looking to find someone special in your life, whether in the animal, plant, or human realm, you can practice the “Anywhere” meditation anytime with anyone. Karma knows no bounds, and there are many opportunities to practise it with every interaction you have the privilege to encounter on any given day.

If you’re in a relationship that’s meaningful to you (whether platonic or romantic), the Finding Love Anywhere Meditation can be a powerful way to enhance and appreciate the love you already have. If you’re looking for a relationship, just starting to get back into dating, or reaching out to groups to participate in social events for the first time in a while, treating someone the way you’d want to be treated is a meaningful reminder to yourself, and to the person you’re getting to know, of how you expect to be treated. You’re showing what you want by giving an example. Not to mention the Bonus-Bonus-Bonus of positive karma you’ll receive in the form of love, multiplied by time and with plenty of space to be held within your ever-expanding heart. <3

For more on Finding Love, please post your questions in the comments section below or on Twitter @kyraoser

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    many years ago i started eating just raw food and that increased my overall health.
    i believe that we are not meant to eat cooked food.true, a small percentage of people can eat cooked food and live a long life.
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