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How Psychics Predict the Future

How psychics predict the future varies from one practitioner to another. Carrying information full of divine truth is a complicated business and can be achieved in many ways, so while the Psychic nearby to you will have their own way predicting the future, the end result will still be an awe inspiring psychic reading. Anyway, I’d like to tell you how it works for me. Many of you have sent me questions about last week’s elections, so this would be a good opportunity to talk about how psychic predictions work.

Psychics See a Movie Trailer, Not the Entire Film

No psychic is 100% accurate, nor is anyone in any profession. Psychics may see glimpses of future events, like a sneak preview trailer, but never the entire film. Many trailers don’t show the ending, and sometimes the ultimate outcome isn’t something we can see.

I’m not able to do psychic readings for myself or anyone I’m emotionally attached to. Ask any psychic and most will tell you they can’t read themselves. I would love to be able to help the people I’m closest to, but my knowledge of what I want as an outcome distorts my perception. Simply put, it can be difficult to see predictions about anything that affects my life.

This is probably what happened when I read the outcome of the general election. I mentioned in my electoral map post that “it all comes down to Pennsylvania, where Clinton will win by a narrow margin after the state is nearly called for Trump. Some broadcasters will be calling Pennsylvania for red too soon, but it changes to blue by a small amount of votes.” When I looked into the future to check out the electoral map, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio were clearly red. Then I looked at Pennsylvania and it was red. I knew that if Clinton didn’t get Pennsylvania, she wouldn’t win the election. My emotional reaction likely altered my accuracy.

Two things that can distort psychic channeling are: 1) getting feelings wrapped up in a desired outcome, and 2) allowing the left hemisphere of the brain (the logical, analytical mind) to take over the psychic right hemisphere.

How I Predict the Future

I use self-hypnosis combined with future progression, which involves:

1) relaxing through meditation,

2) shutting down conscious thought (this is similar to how you feel when you are falling asleep or starting to dream),

3) giving myself subconscious suggestions (i.e. “you are now travelling into June of 2017, easily and effortlessly. What do you see?”), and

4) projecting into future experiences through the senses. Sense projection is the opposite of sense memory. An example of sense memory is recalling the sound of a loved one’s voice or the way your childhood home looked. When I’m doing a psychic prediction, I’m doing the same thing you do when you recall a memory, only I’m going in the opposite direction. I’ll be writing more details about how psychics predict the future in another blog post.

Where do Predictions Come From?

I don’t like to take credit for accurate predictions, whether it’s about global events or one-on-one with a client. In studying this work, I’ve noticed that psychic information originates from multiple sources interacting in concert, including:

1) a psychic connection with the unconscious minds of others or on a mental or emotional level,

2) communication with the collective unconscious, which is a dream realm shared by all living and ancestral beings, and

3) an unknown element of other forces outside scientific understanding. That includes spirit guides, loved ones who have crossed over, memories from previous lifetimes, precognition of future lifetimes, and forces of the cosmos.

Why Make Predictions?

There are a few reasons why I make world predictions:

1) to help as many people as possible,

2) to mention warnings and opportunities, and

3) to strengthen my psychic muscle. It’s like going to the gym…the more you work out, the stronger you get, and I’m still strengthening those muscles. I started making the occasional world prediction as a radio host about five years ago. But I’ve been blogging political predictions since a little more than a year ago. The majority of my readings are one-on-one with clients.

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued support. I wouldn’t be blogging if it wasn’t for you. Please keep those comments coming, as they help me a lot. We’re doing this work together. I’ll be publishing “Accurate Predictions 2016” soon, where you can read about what I got right and what I missed. I am also planning to share “2017 Predictions” with you next month. If you have questions, please feel free to comment below or follow me on Twitter @kyraoser

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  1. Hi Kyra,
    I suppose this may not be a prediction per se, but Julian Assange has been missing since Oct. Thousands of people have been asking for proof of life from him, and he hasn’t appeared in the embassy window as he usually does, and thee have only been a few audio recordings lately that are supposedly him.
    Can you tell us if he is still alive, and is still being held captive?
    I know you mentioned his future episode in Paris. So perhaps his captors have or will soon let him go, I’m hoping.
    Thank you for all you do, and for any insights you can give us.

  2. Margaret on November 18, 2016 at 10:05 am said:

    Please do a post about the incoming administration. I need to know what you see.

  3. Kristina on November 17, 2016 at 2:51 am said:

    It’s very strange. Most, if not all, of the polls, betting markets, psychics and astrologers gave the election to Clinton. But at last moment things went to the other direction. Was the election stolen from Clinton?

  4. Your predictions rock! They are so comprehensive and varied. Don’t be discouraged. We were all emotionally involved with the outcome of this election.

  5. Gary Kizzen on November 16, 2016 at 5:27 am said:

    Kyra, It is Wednesday morning, November 16th. I did enjoy reading the method in how you do your work. No one has ever explained it this way before. When you make your predictions I always wondered how one thing that is forecast could go the other way. Sincerely, Gary

  6. Please tell us about the middle east and world war.

  7. Yes, please,if you can, let us know if and when part 2 of this madness will end

  8. Please tell us you don’t see the trump regime lasting long? He’s clearly in over his head.

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