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Today I’ll be answering questions about U.S. Democratic Primaries, Trump Impeachment, Climate Crisis, Late Stage Capitalism, and the Downfall of Corporate Culture.

Psychic Medium & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

News from the Future 2019 Q & A: Impeachment Predictions & More

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Greetings from BC, Canada. (Time Travel: A.D. in B.C. by Kyra Oser, 2019)

US News from the Future

Q. Can you give us a preview of the US Democratic primaries?

Tarot Card: The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a card about traditions, and points to conventional choices coming from established institutions. It can also indicate an arranged marriage, meaning the DNC may have already “cast” the candidate they want to support.

In future news, not accepting campaign contributions from corporations will become one of the most important issues for the Democratic primaries. As I mentioned this summer on Twitter, there are only two candidates who exempt themselves from receiving these kinds of funds. One may make a mistake by passively accepting funding from large corporations, perhaps due to someone working on the campaign who was supposed to screen contributing parties and failed to do so. Even after this candidate offers to return the money, the news story taints her campaign. I’ll get into who these two candidates are momentarily.

Back to the other candidates, traditional or centrist choices will pose problem. There are going to be millions of new voters who have either turned 18 since 2016, or who will be 18 by 2020. They’ll want a radical candidate who is committed to instigating revolutionary changes.

Is the Country Ready for a Revolution?

The two who are able to refrain from accepting corporate donations are, as you may have guessed, Warren and Sanders. Someone from Warren’s campaign makes a mistake in accepting donations from the wrong source, which could put her candidacy in jeopardy. Sanders continues to build a campaign based on individual donations as he did in 2015-2016.

You might not like my answer, but I’ll be blunt about what this card comes down to. If the Democratic candidate is not Bernie Sanders, we’re in trouble. If it is Joe Biden, we’re in very big trouble. When I say “we”, I’m talking about the future of the U.S. as a nation, not Democratic voters exclusively. Republicans and Libertarians would also suffer if Biden is the candidate. So would the environment, and that is an even more urgent global issue. It looks like Sanders would have the ability to win the in the generals, despite the cheating and attempts to steal the election that the GOP will inevitably coordinate again with the Russian government.

I am not dismissing Warren, but there will be some problems with the way media outlets portray her campaign, which leaves her vulnerable to heightened attacks from the GOP. She is the closest candidate to Sanders in terms of what she would be able to offer in the general elections, but again, her candidacy will be compromised by complications. I plan to post more about this on Twitter.

Younger Voters Have the Power

The good news about the Democratic primaries is that there will be a lot of unity and mutual support, and more cooperation than competition overall. There is a feeling of all of us being in this together. However, in the end, keep in mind that it will take a radical on the left to beat a radical on the right, and this is even more true when considering the millions of 18-year-olds who will be voting for the first time and whose preferences haven’t been taken into account in every poll. Are 17-year-olds currently being polled as much as those from the Baby Boomer generation? Old demographic charts don’t work when there’s a large incoming group that’s very involved in activism and only interested in immediate change.

Election Discussions

As for the election itself, an impending real estate issue could make home ownership a hot topic leading up to the general elections.* As a result of this election’s focus on real estate, a movement arises that advocates for the cessation of dismissing people who don’t have homes or who live in prison. People who have no home are in more need of attention because they are bereft of help, but they are often ignored in favour of people who happen to live in a house.

Mass migration will change this long-held negative sentiment about homelessness that’s deeply entrenched in the Western psyche. Equating worth with home ownership is an outgrowth of capitalism. Capitalist ideals only work if people are convinced that larger purchases equal more happiness. An impending Trump impeachment will also play a part in future debates, but we’ll cover that more in the following question.

The American myth of self-reliance is dwindling, and in its place will be a more balanced worldview. The climate crisis will have an increasingly more prominent place in future debates due to popular demand. It also looks like there will also be a movement in 2019-2020 for Puerto Rico to be granted statehood status, although it would take years for actual statehood to become a reality.

If you have a particular candidate who you want to know more about, please ask me on Twitter and I’ll be happy to pull a card. If you scroll to the bottom of the post, you can find more details about how to connect with me there for Q & As.


Q. What will be the outcome of a Trump impeachment?

Tarot Card: The Devil

The Devil is a card of temptation, giving into impulses, and making difficult choices that later backfire. I pulled The Devil before the news came out this week about an impeachment investigation that is probably already underway.

This card helps to confirm that impeachment investigations will expand. The proceedings will reveal excessive materialism, greed, and seduction. A Trump impeachment may be followed by an attempt to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act and break up monopolies. Large corporations will come under increasing scrutiny around the same time that details about some of the underhanded machinations of the Trump regime are being released to the public.

While impeachment investigations are getting underway, Epstein’s sex trafficking case will be advancing, and Trump’s name will come up frequently in testimonies. When more is publicly revealed about the concomitant Epstein-Trump abuses of teenage girls, a trend will develop that asks adults to stop posting photos of children on social media since they can’t consent. Please note that this is not a judgment, just a prediction of a coming trend. Based on evidence that arises in the Epstein trial, other impending trials against Trump, and impeachment investigations, Trump is headed for a year of significant legal reckoning. Some of it will seem uncannily karmic.

From Women’s Rights to Gun Violence to the Climate Crisis: American Protests in the 2010s

Impeachment proceedings will inspire many women to boycott expensive designer clothes, an act which highlights how female consumerism contributes to preventing women from achieving an equal financial power to that of men. I also see people taking to the streets to protest gun violence, which ends up becoming practise for later strikes against the current government and, eventually, the climate crisis.

Dream Related to this Card

I drive my car up to a mailbox, and a letter contains a military document from the U.S. that is ordering me to serve. I attempt to hide the military orders. Just then, Trump and his associate are walking down the street. I turn my car into a nearby parking lot to escape any questioning from them about the mail I received. In this dream, it feels like the government has been sending two representatives to each person’s home to get a signature that confirms they received their draft notice. I get out in the parking lot, and for some reason I tape what look like spark plugs to my back seat.

As I continue driving, I notice my brake has stopped working, so I have to navigate my car around people to stay safe. Suddenly, the area between the brake and my seat has reduced to practically nothing. I am finally able to push down on the brake before the car hits and then flies into what looks like a forest. A bright light emerges from the centre of the trees as I wake up.


Global News from the Future


Q. What will happen next when it comes to the climate crisis?

Tarot Card: 7 of Cups

The Seven of Cups represents illusion, and warns us not to get lost in the land of material distractions and entertainment while oceans rise ever-higher. In the age of Neptune in Pisces, fantasy will be a frequent temptation. This card is an illustration of a cautionary tale for all of us.

I see frequent use of the word “mobilise” in news in the coming year, perhaps related to migration, but also possibly referring to a mobilisation of war.

Another message of Seven of Cups is that a lot of what we do is out of habit and in a state of unconscious trance: choosing partners, whether or not to have children, staying at the same type of job as we had before or as people in our family had. We can reprogramme those habits to become more prepared for what’s to come with the climate crisis. Change in the way we think is possible, even to the deepest levels of our unconscious mind. Altered thoughts transform future actions.

A Nurturing of Nature

There will be some of those in power who are purposely not finding solutions to the climate emergency because they don’t care to rectify the problem. This willful negligence of those who were most capable of making a difference will be looked upon as a form of passive genocide. It’s not only genocide, it’s suicide. We’re all connected, every one of us is an extension of nature, and what we do to the land and its people comes around to all of us eventually.

Music will be extremely important in the next era, acting as an uplifting and encouraging force that supplies us with the drive to take productive actions. Music also encourages connection, supplies us with inspiration, and serves as a universal form of communication, all of which will be essential for our survival. Continued competition will bring on our extinction. Cooperation may save us from it.

One more note for now: if it gets hotter, bugs may become bigger. Necrotising fasciitis cases will most likely increase. If these two issues alone don’t motivate people to protest fossil fuel emissions, I don’t know what will.

Dream Related to this Card

Standing outside my home, I am suddenly transported to what looks like Niagara Falls, where the rushing water looks normal at first, but quickly turns to a muddy colour. The water is falling faster and faster. First a mound of paper and then a mound of plastic is rising up with the water. The water is so much bigger than me, and the natural phenomenon feels immense, inescapable, and unstoppable. I become aware that there’s been no prior tragedy on as grand a scale as this, not even the Black Death in medieval Europe.

The message in this part of the dream is that history shall rise again, and we will live in every age at once. The ocean will bring back what we once were. We started as fish, and again we must swim our way out of this. This is not just the fight of our lives, it’s the fight of all lifetimes combined.

I’ve mentioned previous dreams about attending a meeting in an underwater, glass dome structure, being pushed forward with others on a stream of water that’s running through a building, swimming to underwater houses, exploding gas stations, a tsunami in Malibu, an attack or explosion in Los Angeles, and bigger wildfires that take more homes. These dreams have been increasing in intensity and frequency over the last 15-20 years.

The Tree Plea

Speaking of wildfires, trees will become an important part of near-future news discussions in interviews. Trees are an important part of history, the ancient ones who have witnessed so many generations of human existence. To prevent wildfires and protect ancient trees will be essential to our survival. Billions of people are at risk, and a high percentage of animal life is in jeopardy with an alarming rate of daily extinctions. While fossil fuel emissions must stop, and even that is not enough, ecological breakdown will also have to be addressed.

Dreams About Adaptation

How will survivors adapt? I’ve also had dreams about glass sky domes, homes on stilts above water, and, more recently, underground dwellers. My underground dream featured a wooden door on the ground that opens to reveal steps. At the bottom of the stairs, a cellar widens into multi-room apartments. There is a positive feeling in this dream of having found creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Those who have lost the most in in the past and are able to survive these ecological catastrophes seem to adapt the best to this new era. In this next age, knowledge, wisdom, and kindness will be more valued than beauty, youth, or money. There is a tribal feeling of attempting to go back to the way our ancestors lived.


Q. What steps can we take to lessen corporate power and globally bring more power to the people? Is it even possible? And will Trump’s impeachment help bring power back to the people in the US?

Tarot Card: Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands can represent a new venture that’s driven by inspiration and passion. In this case, the movement is necessary for increasing the power of people as a collective force.  Impeachment is part of the energy that drives this movement forward. Labour unions will emerge again as a more powerful force in the U.S. Unsurprisingly, they will be met with resistance from corporations and compromised government officials. Creative ideas abound when Ace of Wands shows up. This card indicates that a new movement has the potential to grow into a bigger form of international resistance. The 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C. that reverberated around the world with solidarity protests was practise. Fourth-wave feminism and Trump’s impeachment are rehearsals for the strikes we’ll need if we want to have any chance of mitigating the climate crisis.

Capital is Conceptual

Once worker’s strikes for the climate crisis begin, there will be a more significant response from corporate and government powers. Future worker strikes will be widely acknowledged as an evolution of Marxist philosophy. Without access to an exploitation of the working class, the production of capital comes to a halt. Therefore, worker protests have the power to influence and weaken the military-industrial complex. The weaker the complex, the stronger the people. An organised and mutually supportive working class has the power to collectively diminish or even cease production. Consumer participation will only amplify the effectiveness of these strikes, so all of us can participate.

The working class has a unique relationship with production. The very products that are produced are often unaffordable for those who produce them. Workers have to be paid less than the value of what they produce so that the product can generate profit. An “ownership” of natural materials is acquired by capitalists, but can anyone truly own nature? Humans are ephemeral, so how can we actually own the land that outlives us? Questions like this will be discussed in future news articles, as the ever-expanding growth of capital continues to destroy what we still have of natural resources.

In the future, I envision the predominant ideology as valuing life over capital. Life would include any living being, and would encompass animals, plants, planets, and any living material in all galaxies. Respect for living beings will be perceived as a sign of competence, instead of personal value being measured by the accumulation of wealth. The Forbes 400 “net worth” list will go out of style.

Transformation of Trumpian Treachery

Trump’s presence on the world stage gives us an opportunity to examine the dark side of capitalism, so we will question its merits and resist the further damage it brings—before it’s too late. As problematic and painfully damaging as his role has been, Trump’s current position serves a much larger purpose. You may notice that as climate strikes increase, his power will diminish. Once his actions have awakened us to a level of activism that gets us sufficiently involved in climate strikes, his purpose will have been fulfilled. True, if Clinton had been in office we would not have pulled out of the Paris Agreement, but would we be as prepared and trained to strike about global threats? Being lulled into complacency could be deadly in a time of climate emergency.

Worldwide Web of Workers

Let’s return for a moment to the ways in which worker’s strikes will intersect with the climate crisis. Capitalists won’t stop producing capital unless they have to. The system is set up so that the only reward is monetary gain. But it’s hard to escape, as the structure was already in place when every living capitalist was born, which includes us. We are all just trying to survive within the limits of prevailing societal constraints. A capitalist system is designed to destroy and acquire, not restore and share. But restoration and sharing of resources is our only option for continued survival. So what are the solutions?

There is strength in numbers, and there are numbers in the working class. Workers are needed to produce goods, therefore unified strikes have the power to diminish or halt production. The sooner these strikes happen, the better, as it will be significantly more difficult to persuade robots to strike! There are more working people in the world than there are CEOs. There was never a better time in the history of time for a peaceful global uprising, and the stakes have never been higher.

Philosophy of Climate Emergency

Looking further into the future, new life philosophies will be developing. When facing the possibility of extinction, we’ll be asking ourselves questions like: Who are we? What is this? What was this?

Ultimately, people of certain belief systems will wonder what an impending extinction would mean for transmigration. If the earth becomes uninhabitable, where do we come back to? Or what do we come back as? And what does a life between lives mean if there’s nowhere to be reborn? If we’re not reincarnated, and if there is an Afterlife, will our globe be there to greet us when it dies? When Andromeda collides with the Milky Way Galaxy and causes the death of Earth in about 4 million years, is that how long we’ll have to wait to be reunited with what we once knew of a younger, healthier planet? Or, alternatively, will be reborn into another galaxy?

Stay tuned for more. I’ll be back to my PhD studies in a few weeks. However, I’ll be posting more predictions and taking questions on Twitter (details below!). Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an additional predictions blog, I highly recommend following my friend, colleague, and co-host Jessica Adams’ blog, which you can find on her website. You can also find her on Twitter


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  1. Billy Wang on November 24, 2019 at 10:14 pm said:

    I like how you never mentioned Bill Clinton ties to Epstein only Trump. No one believes this BS anymore. Why was Ghislane Maxwell a guest of Honor at Chelsea Clintons wedding? Why did Epstein have a painting of Clinton in a blue dress and Heels? Why did Bill ride Pedo Express 26 times? Why is Jeff Zucker CNN Presidents wife best friends with Ghislane Maxwell? But yea lets talk only about Trump who has had zero connection with Epstein for 2 decades…

  2. Tracey Lee on November 17, 2019 at 6:28 am said:

    Your posts resonate with me and I am so happy I found your website. Thank you for your straight forward insight – you give me hope in a time of darkness for ourselves and our planet.

  3. Jesse J. Tripp on August 11, 2019 at 3:21 am said:

    I’m just amazed and honored for letitng you use my Tweet to answer Porfidia’s question.

  4. Thanks Kyra for your reply yeah it does look really suspicious with the timing and all. I am curious to see how this plays out!

  5. Joey, An interesting development in this story is that this event was about to unfold at the same time as History’s Mysteries was cracking the Princes in the Tower case yesterday on Twitter. If you’re interested in reading more, please check this thread, which includes details from a reading last night. The method of death revealed in this case has uncanny parallels with today’s news about Epstein. You’ll have to click “More replies” on the thread and scroll down to replies to the “Devil Reversed” card to read the whole story:

  6. Porfidia, thank you for your question and for reading the blog! The news of Epstein doesn’t change anything in these predictions. The Devil card pointed to a case advancing that will damage Donald’s reputation, so expect more to be revealed despite his death. Epstein’s inevitable murder is not a surprise and will not be able to cover up the truth. There are powerful people involved whose money & freedom are at stake, particularly politicians who are currently in positions of power. There are people who worship wealth over justice. They may tell themselves they did it to protect their family from heartbreak, etc. Considering Trump’s name was about to come up in testimonies, the timing is suspicious. There’s more here on a Twitter thread where someone asked a similar question to yours:

  7. Porfidia on August 10, 2019 at 9:15 am said:

    How do these predictions change with the news of Epstein’s “suicide?”

  8. Regarding epstein, did you see he committed suicide?

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