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Internationally Renowned Hypnotherapist & Psychic Tarot Reader


Kyra Oser is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, tarot card reader, psychic, and national radio host whose appearances have included CBS Radio, KKNW Seattle, WE tv, Alpha TV, LA 18′s Kababayan LA, and Tailgating with Kato Kaelin. She has co-hosted radio shows and premieres with actor Butch Patrick, bestselling author and psychic astrologer Jessica Adams, and Penny Thornton, formerly personal astrologer to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Kyra does not require prior information or questions from clients. She uses self-hypnosis and clairvoyance to access specific information about past, present, and future relationships, business, and more. As a hypnotherapist, Kyra specializes in weight loss, pre-surgical and post-surgical hypnosis, chronic pain, addiction recovery, grief and trauma recovery, breaking habits, overcoming phobias, relationship improvement, dream therapy, and past life regression.

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Academic Credentials

*Ph.D. Student

*M.A. San Francisco State University (Summa Cum Laude)

*B.A. Sonoma State University (Magna Cum Laude)

*CC.Ht Hypnosis Motivation Institute

Kyra Oser is a foremost scholarly expert on the history of stage hypnosis. Her dissertation research focuses on hypnotherapy in medical, psychological, and surgical performance. Kyra’s general research interest is consciousness studies in performance, with a specific focus on altered states of consciousness, avant-garde theatre, Artaudian theory, shamanism, and the intersections between medicine and performance. Her MA Thesis, Textual Automatism in Surrealist Plays (1998), explored automatic writing under altered states in the scripts of French pre-Surrealist playwrights Breton, Cocteau, Soupault, and Apollinaire. Kyra presented her paper, “Altered States of Consciousness in Theatre: Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming in Antonin Artaud’s Theatre and its Double”, at the 2019 Tri-University Colloquium in Vancouver. She has been hired as a research assistant at the University of Toronto and the University of Victoria and is a recipient of the 2020-2021 Robert W. Ford Graduate Scholarship and the 2020-2021 University of Victoria President’s Fellowship in Research-Enriched Teaching.

Her research activities also extend to ecocriticism, and she started a subsidiary movement to Fridays for Future under the name of “Fasting Fridays for Future”, in which she has been fasting and striking every Friday since September 2019 to help raise awareness about the climate crisis. By August 2021, hundreds joined the movement in at least twenty-five countries by fasting and hunger striking to demand climate action from their governments. In other community services, Kyra taught juvenile delinquent high school students who were involved with gangs in South Central and East Los Angeles through the Los Angeles Unified School District (2001-2003), voluntarily introduced and coordinated Al-Anon meetings for the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail (2012-2013), serves as a judge for the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California Shakespeare Festival (2008-present), and leads visualization meditations at the University of Victoria Multifaith Centre.
Kyra was an instructor of Theatre History, Beginning Acting, and Children’s Theatre at Moorpark College, as well as Acting for Film and Television, Rehearsal and Performance, and Intro to Oral Communications at Oxnard College. As a Learning Tree University instructor in Thousand Oaks, CA, she taught Acting for Film and Television and Painting from the Masters. Kyra was trained in drawing and painting by Bay Area artists Chester Arnold and Mark Perlman and her paintings have been sold and displayed at various Los Angeles art shows since 2001, including recurring showings at Universal CityWalk of Universal Studios Hollywood. In 2002, she received the Moorpark College Instructors Service Learning Award for writing and directing an interactive verse comedy about attaining dream states by creating and appreciating paintings, Daydream Museum, which was performed by her students and toured to elementary schools throughout Southern California. A professional visual artist, playwright, director, and actor, her work has garnered critical acclaim in The Scotsman, LA Weekly, and LA Times.
Inspired by Jerzy Grotowski’s Towards a Poor Theatre and Peter Brook’s concept of Holy Theatre, she launched a Los Angeles Budget Theatre column on Examiner.com in 2009, reviewing for Hollywood Fringe Festival and other festivals and venues that promoted low-budget, original productions.
Kyra joined SAG in 2000 and AGVA in 1999. Trained in acting by Jack Axelrod of Herbert Berghof Studios and in comedy improv at The Groundlings as a student of actor Drew Droege, she’s headlined at Uncabaret, guest-starred on Tailgating with Kato, performed regularly in improv shows at Westside Comedy Theater, and is an alumnus of La Pocha Nostra through the University of Chicago. She played lead roles at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and in classical plays as an actor, singer, company member, and choreographer of Culver City Public Theatre. She was trained in flamenco dance by Mhijea Olga Portas Planas of Sevilla, Spain for three years, performing with her troupe in East Los Angeles in the early 2000s.
Kyra was educated in directing by stage director Roberto Gutièrrez Varea and in playwriting by writer/director Roy Conboy as part of an MFA in Playwriting course. From 2001-2006, Kyra studied every week with director Sal Romeo as a member of Friends and Artists Theatre Ensemble in Hollywood where she wrote and directed several plays, taught comedy improv, and learned techniques for applying the Stanislavsky system to theatre, film, and television acting. Kyra has been trained in EFT Tapping by therapist Wendy Lum through workshops at the University of Victoria. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, she guest lectured at Pacific States University as part of an Intro to Psychology course and has studied hypnosis as a student of Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. Kyra’s call-in radio show featuring hypnosis techniques and celebrity interviews has aired live since 2011 in partnership with producers that include KKNW Seattle, Goddess Media UK, and CBS Radio.


  • WE tv
  • Alpha TV
  • KSCI LA 18
  • Filmon.TV
  • Host of America’s Love Channel on KKNW
  • Host of Zodiac Divas & Zodiac Girls on CBS Radio, offering live, on-the-air hypnotherapy guidance, channeling, mediumship, and celebrity interviews
  • Host of The Luv Channel with Butch Patrick & Kelly Chambers, KKNW
  • Host on The Astrologer’s Daughter with T & Kyra, KKNW
  • Host of Future Dates, BlogTalkRadio
  • NBC News
  • ABC News
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Market Watch
  • Seeking Alpha
  • Business Journals
  • The Street
  • Priekavos Magazine: May, 2015 Interview on Past Lives and Hypnosis
  • Metrogreece Magazine
  • Clyde Fitch Report
  • Graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute
  • Member of Hypnotherapists Union Local 472
  • Member of American Hypnotherapy Association
  • Lecturer on Hypnotherapy at Pacific States University
  • Los Angeles Celebrity Psychic and Advisor to the Stars
  • Featured on Famous Psychic Mediums.com
  • Recommended by Best Psychic Directory
  • Does not require prior information or questions from the client to do a reading, even if the session is done over the phone.
  • Uses clairvoyance to access specific information about future love partners, finance, business, and techniques for manifesting your dreams into reality.
  • Thousands of clients worldwide

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