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Mailbag Q & A: North Korea Predictions, Trump Cabinet Erosion, Republican & Democratic Party Rebranding

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

In today’s news of the future, I’ll be making North Korea Predictions, giving details on the future erosion of the Trump cabinet, and mentioning some stories you can expect to hear about in the next week and month in US & World News.

Your Questions

Thank you for submitting your questions and comments. If I didn’t get to yours, it most likely means the answer wasn’t clear. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your insights about US, Global, and North Korea Predictions.

Global Predictions: The 1 Month Fast Forward

What if you could fast forward to a week or month from now and get a glimpse of US or North Korea predictions? What posts would you see filling the newsfeed on your Facebook or Twitter pages? Here are some of the images I saw while recently channeling for near future news…

Q. Any predictions of what you see coming in the next week or month in US News?

Expect another big shake-up at White House this week.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how many people were surprised at the number of voters there were for Trump.

That’s because there weren’t.

He’s concerned that elections tampering investigation revelations will be revealed soon. In many ways, the votes were inflated. As I’ve mentioned before, if you felt something just wasn’t right about the tallies on election night, you were right. Something was altered and the rightful winner was not announced as a result. However, due to the finality of the electoral college, a reversal of that night’s results doesn’t look possible. But if you were one of those who voted for Clinton, it might help you (or perhaps perturb you further) to know that she won by many more than 3 million votes. Soon, specific evidence of online and election machine tampering will be revealed. It could take a few months to see most of this evidence.

I predict we’ll soon see some book burning and book banning in Southern and Central regions of the US, meaning that many of these books will only be banned in certain states. No matter how many bans take place or how long they’re enacted for, they will eventually be lifted.

An increasing social media sentiment toward the Trump administration over the next few weeks will be something like: If you don’t fight it, you’ll be consumed by it. He will be branded as “risking the world to save one’s face: the ultimate narcissist”.

Declaration of IndependenceA rewriting of the Declaration of Independence by citizens to reflect independence between the citizenry and the executive branch will be published soon in an opinion column. This parodied document will be much in the same spirit of those who wrote the Declaration of Independence to escape from the “tyranny” of King George III of England in the 18th century.

I see a plague and quarantine in the next two months throughout parts of the Southern US. Expect more of these. Get ready to catch up on some reading until the quarantines subside. I would suggest something like Rebhorn or McWilliams’ translation of Boccaccio’s Decameron.

One of the next major steps forward in social consciousness will be an attempt to move beyond nationalism. If you have recently seen tweets on social media saying “This is not who we are” when referring to the actions of one’s country, statements like this will soon start to be scrutinised. “This is not who we are” will soon come to mean “This is not who humans are”, rather than “This is not who _______ are as a nationality. To say “This is not who we are” sets up for divisiveness, competitiveness, and implies that other nations are “less than” by comparison.  This discussion of nationalism will come up specifically as the media revisits the controversy surrounding football player Colin Kaepernik’s protest of the National Anthem. I predict Kaepernick will eventually be picked to play for another team, possibly sometime in the next two years. Many sports teams of the future will become more political or at least socially or environmentally conscious, sometimes reflecting the overriding political persuasion of the region they represent. Sports will take on a layered meaning and attract new kinds of fans who will connect to old fans through a common “tribe”. Ironically, by teams taking on meaningful causes in a bigger way, the tribalism and competition of teams will give way to fighting for a common cause, or winning a game to help a cause and not just to help oneself.

The short-lived Era of Trump has given us a glimpse into a world driven by the desire for money, fame, attention, and self-glorification. In 2017, this lifestyle displayed on the world stage has generated more resistance than acceptance. This is no mistake, as we need to embrace the opposite–compassion, community, and service–in order to survive the next era of environmental change. What we are being shown and what does not agree with us in the news on a day-to-day basis will serve an immense purpose: these stories are making us care more about each other and about working harder to make the future of the world a better and more livable place. Once we’ve collectively learned that lesson, the news will change and the tides will turn on this “Presidency”.

Q. Why is Trump attacking Hillary Clinton so much this week, such as retweeting a Neo-Nazi’s video of her getting attacked by Trump’s golf ball?

Clinton came out with a book and is getting more attention than Trump. He does not like that.

Also, it is about to be revealed without a semblance of a doubt that he did not legitimately win the election, putting his entire rights to the Presidency into question. It is a sad situation and he will be in an uncomfortable position. Trump will insist he knew nothing about it, but testimonies before a grand jury, before the Senate, and statements to the press will reveal otherwise. Many affected people in the US and abroad will be angry at him for knowingly taking part in a deception involving governmental usurpation. There will be a wide, loud, and persistent demand for Trump to be ousted from his position. He will continue to try tactics to confuse or appease the public in order to distract from his soon-to-be-unfolding scandals of this week and the next. The media myth of Trump as a “capable” businessman and politician is unraveling, and he will become increasingly isolated during his downfall. As I’ve mentioned before, history will look upon him with more pity than disgrace.

Q. Any predictions of what you see further into the future in global news?

A viable competitor to Amazon will soon be revealed.

Trade-based culture will become increasingly popular (think James Redfield’s 1993 New Age fiction hit, Celestine Prophecy).

We will be increasingly questioning the meaning and relevance of physical appearances due to a future ability to alter and rotate our appearances throughout the day with the help of holograms. It will be so much faster to get ready in the morning with holograms. More time to eat breakfast. Good!

Speaking of appearances, modeling will become more like storytelling and an extension of acting. There will be more period piece presentations for fashion, and models will dress as characters from pre-21st century literature. Prominent magazines will feature models in outfits from areas around the world to draw attention to charitable causes that the talent or publications want to support and promote. Modelling will be expressed as a form of acting and an opportunity to help people throughout the world, in many cases with less posing and micromanaged direction. A couple of creative designers will popularise this new form of modelling. Clothing will often become more about the meaning behind an outfit and what it is expressing about someone’s inner state, intentions, or preferences, and less about style. Style will be added back in during the following season. Older models will become more mainstream, with accomplishments or emotional expression in the acting of a story becoming more central to photography than the genetic and/or acquired appearance of a model. Content will usurp form in this new era of fashion photography.

Expect more trompe l’oeil and elements of illusion to appear in homes over the next 8-10 years as an expression of Neptune conjunct Chiron in fantastical Pisces.

There will soon be a trend of gradually declining to include the “marital status” question on medical forms.

We will be seeing an increase in changing social attitudes toward religion. Many will cease to commit to one religion, but “date” a bunch and not feel the need to have a “long-term relationship” with any one organised religion.

In hair and makeup news, we will see a brief return of Japanese kabuki makeup in updated styles similar to those seen in the 1980s. Similarly, French makeup, including beauty marks like those seen drawn on in the 1780s or even earlier in 18th-century France, will make a brief appearance. 1920s Louise Brooks hairstyles will return at the same time as natural hairstyles from the 1970s.

Aggregate newspaper subscriptions comprised of press alliances will attempt to keep print press alive. Some of these organisations will be called something like: aggregate or conglomerate papers or publications.

We will soon see the emergence of versatile reversible fashions with multiple uses (i.e. a single piece of fabric that can be converted into a tablecloth, head scarf, formal or casual skirt wrap, or Snuggie).

I’ve been seeing images in meditation of an increase in physical and verbal attacks against universities in the US.

Someday I envision a successful reversal of much of the systematic economic genocide of the poor we’ve witnessed throughout the ages, although it takes many years of effort to enact this change on a broader scale.

We’ll soon see signs of the beginning of the downfall of monarchy. Monarchies will still exist, but more as a figurehead over the next generation or two, then, later, as a subject of historical fascination. The days of inherited titles are going out of style, and there will be a diminishing of governmental power with each subsequent generation of royals.

In science and technology news, I have a vision of video games being developed with an intention of increasing empathy. In these games, one can see from the point of view of people born into various countries, socioeconomic conditions, genders, talents, and mental capabilities.

I’ve continued to flash back to a dream I had last year about a fiery comet that hits the Earth, causing people to stay at a space station, but eventually sparking technological advances that help us avoid an even bigger cosmic conflict.

In the future, I see more varied and increasingly positive words being used to describe describe mental illnesses, with a reframing of “disease” as “opportunity”, often accompanied by “unusual or extraordinary talents and/or perception”. Look for semantic changes like these in future updates of the DSM.

Q. Any North Korea Predictions?

In North Korea predictions, I see Kim Jong-Un in photographs that repeat over and over and look similar each time. It’s almost as if he won’t be heard from for a period of time. Then I see him waving from a green military tank in a parade. The number 47 looks prominent in this vision. I see a near future media revelation that Kim is being supported by Russia and continues to be able to mount offensive missiles despite recent UN sanctions.

In North Korea predictions for the next month or two, it will be revealed that Putin’s regime has been pumping up North Korea as a secret “ally”, giving them additional weapons and access to weapons experts in an attempt to control, weaken, and eclipse the military power of the US. Trump’s weakening of the military in the form of ousting immigrants and people of transgenders will weaken the military strength of the US. Have you wondered who suggested it to him?

Q. What’s coming up this Halloween in future news and North Korea Predictions?

As for North Korea predictions around the time of Halloween, I see an image of a blast of light in the sky and the sound of it falling to the ground in October. But it misses the target, and I see an image of a map showing the number 12 and the word miles. After this incident, I see the image of a tropical island with banana trees and palm trees, an increase in military tanks on the move toward a border, and wine glasses on an elongated table where officials from around the world have gathered to discuss the next step in “diplomacy”.

I had a dream some months ago of an elevator going up and down in a haunted house. It was rickety but briefly held itself up at the point where there was a view. Then it fell lower and lower in a freefall, without being able to control what floor it ended up on. Night falls on Halloween with people still stuck in the elevator, but as it is see-through, there is an ability to see where one is going even if the destination cannot be controlled. Suddenly, the elevator ascends again, stopping high up in the building with an even clearer view of the mountains by night than in the brief ascension to the upper levels of the haunted mansion that were seen just earlier that day. The dream feels like a rise and fall of power on a global level that’s unstable, short-lived, and ends up giving us a clearer and more accurate vision of the future than ever before, one that shows us the beauty and meaning of where we’re going. Perhaps you will see another meaning in this dream. Like art, there’s no right or wrong interpretation-just multiple perspectives that can be contemplated and shared.

Q. Do you have any predictions for the holidays this year?

I hear the sound of the Nutcracker Suite (“done done done done done done done done done”) when I think of the US presidency, perhaps meaning that the Presidency of Trump is “done” by the time it’s Christmas in Russia.

I had a dream last year of the Trump family on a merry-go-round sometime around the holidays, particularly Ivanka and Jared, but all the major players in this administration were there. It felt like a party but was a also a dizzying game going around in circles that couldn’t be easily stopped once set in motion.

3D, virtual Christmas trees and holiday lights will help to save future energy and trees.

Beyond the holidays, I see proud, triumphant feelings of many people helping one another next February and March in the US. More details soon on what the nature of that help will be…

Preview Questions

Q. I’ve been a devout conservative all my life, and so has most of my family for the last three generations. My grandfather fought in World War II and ran for local and state offices as a Republican. I think he would be shocked to hear the rhetoric of some of the Republican politicians in power today. I miss the values that our party used to stand for. I honestly don’t know how I will vote in the future, and if I will join another party or wait it out and see if things get better.  What do you predict will happen to the future of the Republican party? Will it ever be the same again?


Q. Kyra, does Trump have an undiagnosed physical or mental illness or is this just his personality?


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  1. Just found this website, so I have gone through many of your prediction posts. Looking forward to the Notorious BIG investigation.

  2. Kyra, Glad to see you are back bearing great news as you said: “it is about to be revealed without a semblance of a doubt that he did not legitimately win the election, putting his entire rights to the Presidency into question.”

    How soon do you feel that this will happen? I will celebrate the day when Humpty Drumpfty falls off his invisible wall. How long will it take to evict him from the White House after the evidence is produced that they stole the election? Will this happen regardless of the pace of the Mueller Russia investigation?

    Last if Trump didn’t win, then Pence didn’t win, a Republican didn’t win, therefore Paul Ryan nor Orrin Hatch would be able to take over either. Will Hillary claim the win, or will there be a special election? If so, will they ban all electronic voting machines and use only paper for future elections?

  3. Will the wall be built? Will NAFTA be removed from Mexico? Will the Republican Party do away with Social Security and Medicare?
    Many have predicted a recession from 2018 to 2020, what do you see?

  4. Nathan Fleischman on September 18, 2017 at 3:28 pm said:

    Anything on if and when Trump will be impeached?

  5. I am concerned with the ACA and the status of health care in the US. Will the ACA be repealed? Will the Republican’s pass their plan or does single payer have a chance? Also do you post your Hisory Mysteries on line or are they just for your radio broadcast? I would love to know about the History mysteries.

  6. Kyra, what happen to the stock market on the month of Sept and Oct? The scandal you revealed is huge.

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