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Have you ever been so connected to someone that you felt you could read their thoughts, they seemed to read your mind, or that you were having “psychic conversations”? Even if you barely spoke to each other out loud? This first poem, “Retreat”, is a Sci-Fi love poem about the mental connections we make on a psychic level with certain special people, and how emotions can develop from these unspoken, yet still very real, words we exchange without using our physical voice. If you can relate to this experience, please comment below or on Twitter @kyraoser.



by Kyra Oser

26 November 2019


Tonight a dream went wand’ring when you showed me we can’t be,
And I was half left wond’ring if that “we” was partly fantasy.

Imagining we’re sharing common feelings was a treat,
But like all feast’s festivities, treats never last foreverly.

Your eyes said words, both mine and yours, that no one but us heard,
That voice, not yours nor mine, but more of ours, then formed accord.

It’s decades since I’ve known this, hearing someone who hears me,
Then speaks aloud our psychic conferential symphony.

Now that I think about it, this has only happened once,
The first who spoke my secret thoughts is twenty-five years gone.

The loss of our connection adds another grieving spree,
Yet I admit it’s been a privilege knowing you know me.

What happens now that absence in my life’s your destiny?
How can I ask you when you’re nowhere near to disagree?

I’ve memorized your sentences spoke full and from your mind,
The impact of your words has not retreated over time.

With every glance that circumscribed your gaze, our minds combined,
Will that stare go on in some dimens’nal paradigm?

When love first forms outside of space, that person’s never gone,
For symphonies, once played, reverberate as full-felt songs.

Because we only hooked up through synaptic mental spheres,
I see no reason why we can’t go on as ever we did, dear.

I’ve changed my mind, it’s not goodbye, it’s evermore we meet!
Betwixt the past and future, making mental cyclical retreats.


This next poem includes themes of mediumship, grief, and finding a home in poems.

Poem is Where the Heart Is

by Kyra Oser

26 November 2019


I lost you and discovered that this poem cured my ills,
For every time I read it, you’re back home and with me still.

By speaking this, each syllable has kept our love alive,
And when the poem’s over, in my mind I’ll still recite.

By list’ning to this poem, you’ve revived my family ties,
Resurrecting them in motion for a few more lines of time.

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