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The Magician tarot is today’s card of the day.

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Prediction of the Day: The Magician Tarot

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Today’s Tarot: The Magician

Magician Tarot Reversed

Magician Tarot (Reversed)

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Reversed, The Magician Tarot can point to an abuse of power that causes someone’s faith to be undermined. In future news reports, this card indicates an uncovering of major deception from world leaders. In particular, there will be revelations about authorities in the U.S. government who have been hiding multiple underhanded operations from the public. Major security concerns arise as a result of these leaks.

Furthermore, expect to see additional news reports about connections between world leaders and CEOs of major corporations in the coming days. These leaks serve a higher purpose of starting to bring about the collapse of a societal structure that’s no longer working. What is destructive must be reconstructed. We are on the brink of a global revolution.

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On a personal level, The Magician encourages a change in perspective. Specifically, this card points to the benefits of visualising or sensing the feelings you want to have in the world or for the world. A mantra of “peace” repeated slowly for even just 30 seconds can become a meditation that alters the tone of the rest of your day. We get more of what we focus on. Sometimes it helps to see or feel something prior to creating it, like an artist who has a vision or dream of a painting before it exists.

If your question is about a work or creative project, Reversed Magician can be a sign that adding a new element may ensure a more beneficial outcome.

In relationships, this card asks for a reevaluation of the dynamic. Perhaps it is an opportune time to set a boundary or ask for what you want. Overall, this card’s theme is about facing the truth and transforming what doesn’t work into something that is closer to your dreams. When positive transformation is embraced, a magical future awaits.


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