Presidential Election 2016 Predictions-Attacks on Paris Metro, Clinton Wins Presidential Race, Cure for Cancer, Revolution!: August 13, 2015

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Presidential Election 2016 Predictions: Today’s Attacks on the Paris Metro, Southern States Seek Autonomy, Clinton Wins Presidential Race, Cure for Cancer, Revolution, & More!

los angeles psychicCelebrity Los Angeles psychic Kyra Oser currently hosts The Astrologer’s Daughter with T and Kyra, has hosted 5 seasons of CBS Radio’s Zodiac Girls, and co-hosted with Butch Patrick on KKNW Seattle’s The Luv Channel & CBS Radio’s Zodiac Divas, as well as giving accurate psychic readings live and on-the-air during celebrity interviews. Kyra’s interviews have been featured on Wetv, Alpha TV, Kababayan L.A., Tailgating with Kato Kaelin, and in numerous radio show interviews and magazine articles throughout the world. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Kyra’s psychic predictions for 2015-2016 will be fascinating for anyone interested in economics, new developments in medical technology, and U.S. politics.



Elections: Trump will decide to run as a 3rd party candidate by September, as he will soon express feeling slighted by the Republican party.  The frontrunners become Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton. Hillary invites Bernie Sanders (possibly as Secretary of Treasury) and Elizabeth Warren to join her cabinet. Warren respectfully declines the offer.

Jeb’s campaign will suffer as the media will sometimes portray him as ‘incapable’ and ‘uninspiring’. In reality, he won’t come off as confident. Chris Christie will surprise some by making headway but will pull out of the elections amidst another scandal, uncovered by insiders to Bush’s campaign. Marco Rubio will look like he has a shot at defeating Bush, but Rubio will have less funding (particularly special interest money), and will suffer from not having the same connections as Bush. Rubio’s Super Pac does increase, but not to the point of taking Jeb. Jeb’s health is affected by the electoral process as he becomes overwhelmed by stress, but he bounces back to continue the run.

South Seeks Autonomy: Some Southern states will demand an increase of states rights and the right to decline participation in federal programs like the Affordable Care Act. A small portion of Southern states will try to further distance themselves from the federal government. In 2017 some states will put forth proposals that suggest secession in the south (although other wording such as ‘acknowledgment of state and local rights’ will be used). The three main states that are behind this look like Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. While other states such as Tennessee, Louisiana, and Western parts of Florida will flirt with the idea, there will ultimately be too much internal division for many states to follow through. Texas will be divided on the issue due to patriotism combined with a desire to maintain its separate identity from the South. A small group of Texans will put forth an idea of forming their own country, but loyalty to one’s country will override any rebellious sentiment. The Midwest doesn’t get as involved due to a view of change as undesirable. Missouri, like Texas, considers a secession but has a different agenda from southern states. Missouri will not have sufficient economic power to stand on its own. West Virginia will express a strong interest in the movement, but a lack of motivation and resources will prevent the state from being able to join. South Carolina will have an interesting role in this trend, as one side of the state will vote to participate, but the northern and coastal regions will not. This could lead to three Carolinas: North, South, and now West. Georgia remains neutral due to an increasingly international sensibility that is developing in and around Atlanta. 9 states will be in and out of the movement. Two more states will have serious discussions but will not ultimately take action, making 11 in all who get involved. Next summer, a Congressman from Virginia will be fronting bills to move through Congress that have to do with gun rights. The bills are a retaliation against increased gun control that will be proposed in 2016. Any threat to gun rights will lead to ‘independent rights’ rhetoric used in Colonial America.

The federal government will attempt to exert power and authority over this issue in 2017. Military tanks are brought in due to an uprising in August and September, 2018 that escalates into an outright battle. Five southern states are fighting, although two become neutral and independent due to an inability to fight the federal government. The three that remain are in the deep south. The word ‘confederacy’ is thrown around at this time but there is more to it than that. Agendas will vary from state to state and from individual to individual. One thing that is agreed upon by most in this movement is a desire for freedom in many forms.

Who are the leaders of this operation? Someone whose name sounds like that of a former U.S. military general and that begins with the letter ‘R’ will continue the fight for years and is willing to die for this ’cause’. His sister is another leader of this freedom militia. Her name sounds like ‘Betty’ or ‘Henrietta’ and she is in charge of recruiting other women. This sibling team is highly educated with a background in law and politics. They will claim that ancestors in the Civil War, but evidence of this heritage will be called into question. An assistant to the main leader is a friend from school whose name begins with a ‘B’ and who is unfortunately shot under mysterious circumstances that give rise to many conspiracy theories about the government, fueling a renewed interest in the Great Southern Shift.

Plans are put into action by 2020 with some concessions to mollify this vocal and persistent movement which started as a radical outgrowth of the Tea Party.  Movement leaders will express that these concessions provide limited autonomy and are more words than actions, prompting additional conflict. The younger generation in these states are more indifferent about the outcome, largely due to a global worldview brought on by the evolution of social networking and a higher speed and lower cost of international travel that will be developing in the 20’s. The older generations need the younger to fight and the younger generation is only compelled to help due to economic dependence. This division creates a conflict within many families of the region. There is an isolation that occurs, and many younger individuals who migrate from the region for school, work, or relationships are seen as abandoning the cause.  In many parts of the country there is a detachment from the reality of the southern conflict and this movement will be regarded as a form of entertainment.

These states unsuccessfully try to stop paying taxes in the 20’s. It takes a while for the issues generating by the southern undertaking to be reviewed by the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court is not on the side of the states. Unsatisfied with what is seen as an unwillingness to compromise, the movement escalates into an armed conflict by 2020-2021. Nonetheless, by 2024-2025, there’s a resolution. The region that wishes to secede is not a state, but is semi-autonomous with some additional freedoms being granted, somewhat like Quebec. Continuing U.S. oversight results in deep south resentment. The concessions are seen as nothing but a compromise and limited privilege on paper only.  ‘The fight is not over’ will be heard by many who have temporarily conceded but who are planning another uprising. As for minorities in the region, some migrate (mostly to New York and surrounding areas, and some will move to Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Utah), some join, and many stay but don’t get involved. There will be some bullying as a result of pressure to ‘join the forces’, which only serves to fuel further migration.

Revolution: After the upcoming market collapse that is set to occur this week and will be more prevalent by September, it will temporarily seem unnecessary for occupiers (i.e. Occupy Wall Street) to push an agenda for economic equality when many billionaires (including Donald Trump) will lose significant sums of money. However, the poor will continue to become poorer and billionaires will still have enough to draw attention to income inequality. As the income gap worsens, more protests punctuated by sporadic violence  will culminate in an historic riot on July 14th, 2016 (although the event could be postponed to July 18th due to weather conditions) in New York and London. This begins as a peaceful protest and music festival, but some monuments and statues will be pushed over and windows will be broken at banks. Any violence is not on a grand scale and is mostly orchestrated by a small group of radical individuals. The sentiment spreads and what starts out being viewed as radical becomes more commonplace. A fear of revolution and of a small group of the wealthy being attacked grows throughout the fall and winter of 2016. In November, 2016, a multi-billionaire will be attacked and hospitalised, which creates concern and anxiety about the direction this revolution is taking.

Adding to the development of this impending economic revolution is an increase in the visible signs of climate change, which makes people that they are in the midst of an apocalyptic time. In ancient ritual, we looked to our environment for signs of what ‘the gods’ wanted of us. It is a primordial tendency to take signs from our environment and look for guidance from nature. The propensity to see ourselves as a microcosm of our surrounding world will contribute to upcoming revolutions and attempted secessions when we find ourselves in the midst of radical environmental transformation.


Cancer: Cancer development will be making great strides in 2016, beginning in March.  There will be three solutions presented as alternatives to what is currently available. Nanobots will offer an alternative to chemotherapy and traditional surgery. The upcoming combination of three treatments will yield many successful results. One caveat is that the antibodies help many common cancers, but are not yet successful in curing more rare forms of cancer.

In more medical news of the future, cancer detection will improve in 2016 and cancer will soon be able to be seen in its earliest stages by way of an affordable screening process that will eventually be available at routine checkups. Cancer screening technology will become increasingly affordable and accessible from 2016-2019.

Fertility: Developments  on several fronts in fertility technology will soon be making the news. Having an embryo grow in a lab will be an option in the future. A woman’s role becomes more equal to that of men in child rearing when the baby is formed in a neutral space. This new development in fetal technology will allow women to conceive in later years, but will lead to some ethical controversy. For instance, questions of embryonic security during gestation will give some pause about this method. There will be more news about this by the end of 2016. 2017 will see developments to ensure better baby health. By 2017-2018, far earlier detections of a wide range of issues will be assessed via analysis of embryonic fluid. Mental issues, physical health later in life, even projected life expectancy will all be apparent before a child is born. The right to collect data on a fetus for the purpose of science will be a major discussion in medical ethics for years to come. Interestingly enough, this controversial data will turn out to be somewhat unreliable, as environment and choice prove to be more impactful on a child’s outcome than previously believed. But we won’t officially hear about that in the news until the 2040’s, once the first generation of data-collected babies have reached adulthood.

Right to Die: There will be a move forward with Right to Die laws in some states such as Washington and eventually Vermont. A strong movement arises in San Francisco but cannot gain power without approval of the rest of the state, so efforts get stalled. There will be three, then four, then five, as states adopt the measure, one by one. After up to five states have approved, Right to Die legislation for other states will be delayed when a little girl in one of the approved states demands the right to die. This child will either live in Colorado or will have been born there. A minor’s appeal to be granted the same rights to die as adults sets a controversial tone for the movement, but eventually the Right to Die will be granted in many states. Five-ten years from now it is not as much of an issue and three-four years from now many states have adopted a stance on the Right to Die.


Racial Tension: Racial tension in parts of the U.S. worsens before it improves. This will not be an issue for most of the younger generation, but is still problematic during the next 10-15 years. Conflicts will bring to light issues that need to be looked at. By the 2020’s this won’t be as prominent of an issue. Other problems such as economic growth and global warming will trump it, as cooperation becomes necessary to ensure continued survival.

World News

France: Bombing in the Paris Metro today, August 13th, around 3 pm. Avoid the Metro if you are in Paris this week.

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