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Today I’ll be making more than one psychic prediction about upcoming cultural changes in US and global News from the Future.

Psychic Medium & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser


20 August, 2019

Psychic Prediction: News from the Future 2019 Q & A

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US News from the Future

Q. Can you pull a card that describes what the Democratic nominee will be like?

Tarot Card: Two of Wands & Five of Swords

Two of Wands Psychic Prediction Five of Swords Psychic Prediction

A. Two of Wands ended up at the top of the deck, but Five of Swords flew out at the same time as I stopped shuffling. I’m going to read these cards together as the answer.

Two of Wands can be about a path that splits into two directions. When followed by the Five of Swords, it is possible that there will be a tie or recount. Something unusual is bound to happen in this race, which could lead to contesting the results or, unprecedentedly, two candidates. A conflict is definitely indicated.

Immigration can be a big issue when Two of Wands comes up, and is likely to be a major topic for one or both of these candidates.

Future plans may be hijacked due to the interference indicated by Five of Swords. It is likely that the Democratic primaries will be hacked in a similar way to the 2016 general elections. As I mentioned before, there is no reason why the GOP would not cheat again when they got away with it in 2016 and no one has tried to stop it from happening again. To believe this election will be an exception is self-deception.

Q. What is your psychic prediction for criminal justice reform in America?

Tarot Card: Two of Pentacles Reversed

Two of Pentacles Reversed Psychic Prediction

A. Two of Pentacles Reversed signals a change in priorities. With this card, part of the message is to expect the prison-industrial complex to become more complex, overcrowded, and unjust before it gets better. Meanwhile, a positive change I see in the future is a movement to regard prisoners and criminals as whole people, not as entirely defined by their crime. A person tends to develop healthier self-esteem when their actions are evaluated as isolated incidents that are separate from the entirety of their identity.

For instance, “that was a hurtful action” is a more accurate and helpful statement than “you’re a hurtful person”. How can any of us judge the full scope of another person’s actions anyway? To quantify or qualify all of a person’s qualities and behaviours based on one incident would be a false equivalency. Similarly, a singular action doesn’t change the effects of every previous action, or all the other ways in which this person may valuably contribute to the world. If a society gives up on someone because of one choice, why should that person try to change their future actions if they’re going to be condemned and repetitively socially punished no matter what they do?

Juvenile Criminal Justice Reform

I am not an expert on criminal justice reform. My experience is limited to teaching “juvenile delinquent” students for three years in South Central and East Los Angeles in the Los Angeles Unified School District. That phrase is in quotes because I find it strange to define someone based on one or more actions of delinquency. How can that label be healthy for a child? One action, one fight, or one act of violence does not define or finalise who any of these students are.

Adults who are later imprisoned may have already been subjected to this kind of societal judgment from an early age. Being more excluded from society only compounds unnecessary emotional pain. Two of Pentacles Reversed points to the  transformation of an imbalanced system that occurs after a period of intensified imprisonment. Changes are inevitable and overdue.


Global News from the Future

Q. Will helicopter parenting ever go out of style?

Tarot Card: Ace of Swords Reversed

Ace of Swords Reversed Psychic Prediction

A. In the future, helicopter parenting may be looked upon as a displaced form of child worship that overcompensates for the state’s unwillingness to protect children from US gun violence and global climate breakdown. A revolution in parenting techniques is bound to happen, especially as more children eventually migrate independently, out of necessity.

Comparatively, as children gain more rights on an international level, a less popular theory emerges that expresses the concept of parenting as a captor-captive relationship. This alternative perspective will portray parents as captors of the unwilling, forcing them to feign love in exchange for the only chance these children have for survival. Proponents of this theory will ask, if children are expected to love, how can you know the emotion is genuine when they have no freedom to voluntarily leave? You may give them the best of everything, they will say, but if someone doesn’t have the ability to come and go as they please, are they not being held captive to some extent? Even if a child enjoys being with their family, they still have no choice. This radical movement will ask, how can you know a prisoner truly loves you, or that they genuinely want to be there?

Specifically, the actions that ensue from this movement may result in children insisting on the right to choose their family, or to live with multiple chosen families at different times. This will become a more common practise with increased migration. Expect an expansion of The UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child.


“…school walkouts in protest of climate change” Prediction from 14 February, 2017:

Climate Change Psychic Prediction 2017

Children’s Voting Rights and Activism Prediction from 27 July, 2016:

Climate Change Psychic Prediction 2016

Children’s Legal Rights Prediction from 10 August, 2012:

Climate Change Psychic Prediction 2012


Q. Will psychic abilities ever be taken more seriously?

Tarot Card: The Magician

The Magician Tarot

A. Some believe that the minds of others cannot be read. Others contend that a psychic prediction is an impossibility. But have those who professed such beliefs experimented with the possibilities, or trained themselves over time? It can take years of training (Author Malcolm Gladwell would say at least 10,000 hours) to develop a skill. Does a Westernised disbelief in the possibility of mind-reading prevent us from even trying to develop this ability? How can anything be discovered if nothing is  attempted in the first place?

Conversely, I would contend that if mind-reading or a psychic prediction is to be disproven, it would have to first be studied, tackled, and developed as a practice. Otherwise, a disbelief is just conjecture in the absence of investigation. Without exploring a theory or gathering evidence, how can one confidently draw any conclusion? Perhaps one would argue that the absence of evidence is enough to provide a conclusion, but how can one come to a conclusion without even attempting to gather evidence?

Perhaps nothing would have been invented in the history of the world if we never tried anything just because it hadn’t been proven yet. History is comprised of one unbelieved possibility after another that was explored, discovered, and, when a conclusion could be drawn, accepted as fact. Ingenuity doesn’t happen without the imagination that precedes invention.


Psychic Dream Journal

20 August, 2019

Last night, I had a psychic prediction dream about clusters of orange butterflies hiding under flowered bushes. They were  disappearing, and I was begging butterflies not to go. I was crying in my dream and kept repeating “please stay” to them like it was a prayer. Then I woke up. Currently reality or prediction? Or both? 

After I woke up from the butterfly dream, I fell back asleep and the butterfly bushes were still there. Yet they had transformed into what looked like the theatrical set of Disneyland’s Pirates of Caribbean ride. As a result, flowers, bushes, and butterflies were revealed to be fake replicas generated by technology. Apparently, wildlife had been replaced with theme parks that charge to view a duplicate of the natural world. Memories of Nature were transformed into a form of entertainment.

Another dream from last night featured an emergence of unusual creatures adapting to the water, mainly in South America, and later in the warmer parts of North America.

The Future of Transportation

Finally, in my third dream of the night, I observed busses parking on the edge of a concrete platform. I am not sure if the earth had opened before and left a gap between the bus stations. Equally important was a partially underground train station situated below and between the gaps in the Earth. This dream felt like a preview of future transportation. As I walked around this city of the future, I stopped when I heard commotion coming from a gas station. I heard student protestors shouting about price manipulation instigated by auto and oil industries. The dream fast forwards as if I am on a time machine in H.G. Wells’ book The Time Machine, and I later see the prices go as high as about $12. That’s when I wake up again.

Repetitive Transportation Dreams from Previous Years

I’ve had many dreams of cruise ships that house displaced migrants. In these dreams, I am living on a cruise ship where most of the temporary tenants are strangers to one another. Lighthouses seem like crucial destinations in those dreams. These future habitations are compiled from commercial cruise lines that were seized and repurposed into survival-oriented transportation. While there’s a feeling of being simultaneously stuck and cast adrift, there’s also relief because life has become simpler.


Memories of Memories of the Future

I wrote a play in 1999 that has been coming to mind lately due to its theme of an uncontrollably hot environment. As it turns out, some of the themes and events from plays I wrote 20-25 years ago have been coming to pass. One was a comedy about Neo-Nazis, and unfortunately that movement has made a comeback. An absurdist comedy entitled Memories of the Future was another.

The premise of Memories is that a teenage girl is telling adults the sun is about to explode and catch the world on fire, but none of the adults will listen. Instead, the other characters keep on baking, dieting, vomiting, and repeating cycles of ingestion and expulsion. In between, they host dinner parties.

Eventually, the girl warns that the sun is coming as close to Earth as it’s ever been. The audience is left to wonder if this will be the world’s last dinner party. She is the only one who can articulate the inevitable disaster, and the only child in this play. Tragically, the adults are too distracted by grocery shopping, eating, excreting, and repeating to notice that the world is coming to an end.

The Future of Climate Strikes

In a parallel to this play from 20 years ago, a teenage girl is leading today’s climate strikes. Many children and other teens have joined her. Hopefully we won’t be so distracted from the climate emergency that we fail to take action. Since many of the issues in my plays have been predictive, I may publish my work-in-progress play about the climate crisis on this blog. Basically, each scene or act would be published as a separate predictive post.

In the meantime, please join us for Fridays for Future school strikes every Friday, and the Global Climate Strike from 20-27 September, 2019:

Greta Thunberg Fridays for Future



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It’s almost time for me to return to my classes for the regular school year. However, until I come back to this blog, I hope to see your psychic prediction questions on Twitter! Please scroll below for more details.


Kyra Oser Artwork 1995

“Coffee Dreams” Kyra Oser, 1995. Ink on Paper.


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