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This is a preview of future articles about previews of the future!


Dream Videos: These videos have the ability to record your thoughts visually and auditorially as you sleep (the first ones will be silent, then later inventions will have sound, much like film), with a computerised dream analyser to assess what you are learning and processing in dreams.

Historical Videos: Cameras attached to DNA particles that can extract images from the past. A potentially helpful yet extremely invasive and controversial invention, but one that like most other inventions will eventually be marketed, nonetheless!

Hologram Beds: Imagine sleeping on a cloud, or floating atop a river all night! These machines will provide tactile sensations, sounds, and smells of sleeping in various outdoor settings while still being in the safety of an indoor environment. This is similar to a sound machine, but with additional senses involved.

Worldwide Travel Workouts: Workout machines will have chosen cities and countrysides of various time periods to traverse upon while you’re on the treadmill. If you put in your earphones, you can either hear the natural sounds of the countryside or city and hear people’s voices, or you can choose to listen to background music.

Anti-Magnetic Vehicles will repel from one another and from other objects to prevent accidents. Cars will advertise themselves as “90% guaranteed accident-free”, or even higher, and eventually accidents will be able to be avoided altogether.

Psychological Voice Combs: Unencoding voice recordings that can decipher personal history, personality traits, and potentially assess psychological issues from the intonations of the voice. Will primarily be used by law enforcement, but eventually is going to be made available to the public for the purpose of self-protection and because it is fun.


Mind Wars: The form of war will change and become more intellectual than physical in the next 20-25 years, in a similar way to how violent acts have decreased in some societies and have sometimes been replaced with “white collar” crimes.

Health as a Choice: Rapid medical advances in the sciences over the next 15 years will allow increasing control of the body. Additionally, more choices can be made in regard to appearance until it will be possible to make yourself completely unrecognisable from how you began. New looks can be created with rapid frequency and almost no side-effects or the dangers of surgery.

As health issues diminish due to thousands of impending cures, there will be more time and energy for all of us to devote to focusing on mental achievements, particularly continued education which will bring about a new intellectual renaissance in the sciences and even further cures. It will finally be a choice to be healthy. Surprisingly, some will decline that choice and allow themselves to succumb to natural disease based on personal or religious beliefs.

Homeless-lessness: The state of urban homelessness will be diminished and eventually eradicated in the next 10-20 years, even in larger cities like Los Angeles. There will be work/live situations where rent is earned by voluntary participation in communal situations. Some of these buildings will be publicly owned, and others will be private.

Worklessness: Changes in the meaning of the word “work” and the form that work takes are already underway and will continue in a positive direction. The dissolution of corporations and an increase in the competition of small businesses is going to be an ever-increasing trend. Most people will have an option to work from home by 20 years from now. The social benefit is a choice of where to live, which brings families closer together than in the 20th century, and also brings about…

International Freedom of Immigration Rights Act: A lack of need to choose where to live based on one’s work situation brings about a demand for equal international rights. Immigration changes and the word “foreign” becomes an outdated concept. As the world becomes increasingly global, more people demand to be able to choose the country of their preference as a permanent residence.

Provisional Marriage Contracts: The concept of marriage is changing into another form over the next 10 years and beyond. One can enter into a temporary marriage contract with chosen terms of both time and circumstances. For instance, you could enter into a contract of 5 or 15 years with no financial liabilities on the part of either party should the marriage contract fail to be renewed. There will eventually be legalised annual marriages with an option to renew after each anniversary. There will also be marriages of “triples” and eventually contracts amongst small groups of people who will all be married to one another. These group marital agreements will not be popular for very long, as the more people who are involved, the more legally complicated it becomes. Generally, there will be individual contracts between the marrying parties which will be drawn up differently for each couple, triple, or group, often under the counsel of a marriage attorney. Some people will still marry with the intention of “forever”, but as life expectancies continue to increase due to the emergence of Health as a Choice, commitment to a continuous marriage becomes uncommon. Perhaps surprisingly, many relationships begin to last longer when the pressure of a seemingly interminable commitment is removed.

This issue merges with immigration rights. As marriage and work begin to change form, people question why work and marriage visas are some of the only ways to immigrate to another country. Rights slowly change as a result. Implementation of the International Freedom of Immigration Rights Act will not be an easy or immediate process, and it will initially be resisted by many countries’ representatives at the UN.

Equal Rights for Children: The next major group to demand equal rights will be the under eighteens. This vulnerable and sometimes unprotected group will recognise that there can be more choices for them earlier in life. The emergence of this issue will be complicated by ongoing scientific and psychological debates regarding stages of development in the child brain. However, an increasing knowledge of legal rights for other groups based on exposure to mass communications and media will give this very large group of frequently traditionally suppressed voices an incentive to challenge their governments for more freedom and equality. This will result in an intense and lengthy debate lasting for more than 10 years, but like many groups that came before them and demanded egalitarianism, they will also have a victory in the end, and subsequent generations will reap the benefits of their protests.

Coming Soon! More predictions of future inventions and social changes!

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