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In Psychic Predictions Super Bowl 2016: Host of KKNW Radio’s America’s Love Channel Kyra Oser offers brief sports predictions 2016 for tomorrow’s Super Bowl game.

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I don’t generally follow sports, but I’d like to try making a sports prediction for one of the first times. It takes practise to do well in any area of developing psychic abilities, so early predictions on a subject I haven’t tackled much is like exercising an atrophied muscle that has rarely been used in order to find one’s strength. It’s similar to the football player who trains most of the year to be as fit and precise as possible once it comes time to play the game. For all you psychics out there who are making predictions, the best suggestion I can offer would be to take risks and don’t worry about how you’ll be perceived. Just look into where to bet on superbowl if you are going to be betting, you don’t want to be scammed.

Additionally, I’m recovering from a foot surgery I had 2 days ago and another surgery I had the previous week. I am also buzzed up on hydromorphone, so please forgive any typos! And if I say anything offensive, please accept my apologies in advance.

Psychic Predictions Super Bowl 2016

Peyton Manning

While Quarterback Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos is an important player in getting a win for the team, he, too, will suffer from an injury fairly early in the nearly 4 hour game, although this looks like it’s in the head area. It also appears that he is dealing with a stomach condition, although it’s not an upset stomach that will cause an upset in this game.

Now that we’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, I’m going to give Psychic Predictions Super Bowl 2016 a try.

It’s a close game today. I see the number 37 being prominent as a turning point during the game in which the Broncos win by a slight margin over the Panthers. The number 25 is also noticeable. Sometime between the team scores being at 6-? with the Panthers in the lead until the last quarter of the game, it will seem the Panthers are the winners. But the game switches over to favouring the Broncos who take the Super Bowl in just one play towards the end.


Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton

Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton will perform well today, as expected. Nonetheless, a Panthers player slips while being pushed by a Broncos player, causing a back and rib injury, that turns the tides of the game and allows the Broncos to pull ahead and capture the win at the last minute.



One thing that could disrupt the Panthers’ chances of winning would be an injury. And that’s exactly what happens. An injury will occur with a key Panthers player who is pushed, slips and is accidentally trampled while laying on the ground before medics try to take him away from the field on a stretcher. This pivotal player decides to continue the game despite injuries. However, the injuries affect his agility, his abilities become compromised due to the limitations of what appears to be a rib fracture, and this chain of events jeopardises an otherwise strong game for the Panthers. While the Panthers have the spirit and momentum to pull in ahead throughout most of the game, it looks someone’s back having a setback is what allows the Denver Broncos to just barely capture the win for Super Bowl 50.

Peyton Manning Retirement

And what about Peyton Manning’s retirement? Yes, he will retire after this game, going out on a high note and later being a sports newscaster and advisor on national television.

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  1. Hi, Kyra.
    How about FIFA presdential elections this month?
    You’re amazing!

  2. Thank you, Cathy!

  3. Cathy Conrad on February 7, 2016 at 10:12 am said:

    Thanks Kyra, Excited to watch the super bowl and to see your very detailed predictions! Sending you healing thoughts.
    Go Broncos

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