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8:57 am PST-Now that we’ve gone through a couple of posts about using tarot cards to make predictions, how can you use a psychic reading with channeling to predict the future? Today I’ll be using examples below as I answer your questions, then I’ll describe the first steps in making your own predictions about US news…

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Psychic Reading: How to Predict US News from the Future

News from the Future Q & A

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US News

After today’s Q & A, please scroll down to check out one of the step-by-step processes I use to channel answers in a psychic reading. The future is speaking to the present, if we would but listen. I’m here to help you hear, see, and sense the messages that are trying to communicate with you…

Q. What’s Working for Putin?

Putin on the Blitz: Putin’s next move is a different kind of attack on the US than ever before. It’s an uprising from within, led by Trump’s followers and directed by the words of Trump himself through broadcast speeches claiming that “true Americans” must “protect themselves”. Trump will be directing his followers to stage a revolt, and Putin is the ghost writer of these carefully crafted speeches. Trump’s upcoming private meeting with Putin is the tech rehearsal for an attempted revolt. You might be wondering, if that’s the case, wouldn’t Trump and Putin be worried about things getting out of hand? Not really, as Putin expects a counter-revolt…which would be an excuse for Trump to land “dissidents” in jail and pump them through the private prison-for-profit system to make more money from third-party stocks. However, if more people protest, especially peacefully, they won’t be able to get away with putting everyone in jail. If all this has you concerned, not to worry…their plot has holes and the story won’t unfold as this gang of gulag-giddy reprobates is hoping.

A. Trump, to begin with. Although he’ll be one of the last to be indicted. The multi-pronged strategy of this investigation is leading up to that point. After the President-By-No-Accident has rushed his way through this week’s Russian Promotion Tour, he’ll extend a stay in Mother Russia afloat Papa Putin’s Parade. Together they are plotting to rig subsequent elections while persuading Trump’s followers that liberal forces are attempting to destroy the MAGA brand.

The primary long-term goal from all of this is to extend the terms of Trump’s stolen presidency so that Putin can remote control him and, eventually, take over the United States himself. Even Trump is being used, but he doesn’t know this. He thinks he and Putin are mobster-partners in crime.

A damning recording is about to be released to the public, containing a conversation between Trump himself and the a close advisor of Putin, that will begin to reveal the extent of these relationships and how much Trump knew. Trump knew nearly everything about the takeover of the United States, and he agreed to go along with it for a price. The Art of the Shady Deal.

Who’s Working for Putin?


Rosemary, I see many Republicans in Congress with empty seats, either having been ousted, indicted, or stepping down. Pence stayed as uninvolved as possible, primarily because The Supplicant Aspirant was being primed as a back-up plan in case evidence was found. However, he has heard and seen crimes being carried out that he pretended he did not hear or see.

I believe Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Trey Gowdy, all the Republican congresspeople who spent the 4th of July in Moscow, many other Republican representatives, and close Trump family members have all been aware of working indirectly for Putin. Most of them have known for years. They’ve fleeced the government of so much money-both directly and indirectly-that they’ll have enough to flee many of the charges. At least at first. But not for long.

How Will Trump React When He Gets Caught in His Crimes?

When I try to picture what will happen to Trump in the future as he gets more deeply into trouble with his unbreakable ties to Russia, I have an image of a chalk drawing of him on what looks like a Time magazine cover, or a magazine with the word “Business” in the name. The image is blank inside the lines of Trump’s body, a hole where there once was a man. This looks like an analogy for what will be referred to as an “Absent President”.

Trump will claim he’s being framed by liberals and has to stay out of the country “for his own protection”. He’ll remotely direct his followers to carry out orders on his behalf. I see him generating one conspiracy theory after another to avoid coming back to the US and facing charges. We’ll hear of him returning at times…but look closely at the photos you’ll see of Trump from the distance, especially when he’s partially covered by a jacket or shielded by an umbrella…it’s a stand-in Trump twin.

During the time that Trump is away at Crimea River Camp, he’ll continue to play the victim while plotting with Putin for an attack on the US. Explosive events in another country will thwart these plans, but they are partially carried out nonetheless. Overall, this attack from within will become a somewhat botched attempt at diverting the American public from Mueller’s ever-growing investigation.

Kellyanne Conway’s been aware of working on behalf of Putin, whereas Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Nikki Haley have been kept uninformed. Why is that? Conway likes to gather information for manipulation. By conducting her own investigation into Putin ties, she’s been able to blackmail her way into continuing work for the White House. Trump pretends to be supportive of women by hiring them, but he will end up making many of the women in his cabinet some of the biggest scapegoats for some of his most heinous crimes.

Overall, it looks like there are hundreds of players in this biggest heist in history.

Q.  Why do Trump and May hold hands so much? Does May feel sorry for Trump because Melanie or whatever her name is won’t hold his hand?

Psychic Reading: Donald Trump will betray Theresa May

Donald Trump will betray Theresa May, and the UK will “Remember, remember (her political demise) on the 5th of November”. As a result, Guy Fawkes Day could become something of a doubleday holiday.

A. No, the Trump-May hand-holding definitely not romantic. It’s not even friendship. It’s a mutually beneficial power struggle. Well, May thinks that closely associating herself with Trump is beneficial. But she’s being tricked. It’s all part of a world touring play, where Trump portrays the main character and Putin is a behind-the-scenes ghost director.

Trump established this practise not as a genuine gesture of friendship, but as an assertion of dominance and power. It’s his way of broadcasting to the world that he is the one in charge and he won’t be taking orders from other global powers (with the exception of Russia). Grump doesn’t do it with everyone because most leaders wouldn’t tolerate it.

By accepting the transient President as he is, May gets to look like she’s won over someone who’s hard to please. For a presently unpopular world leader like May, being well-liked (especially by someone who likes a lot of others very little) is an opportunity to boost her tarnished image.

Meanwhile, Trump gets to show everybody “who’s in charge” when it comes to world powers. It’s a win-win…I guess, if you can say that about emotionally abusive professional relationships. There’s a reason people are motivated to stay in dysfunctional relationships. With the exception of being held against one’s will, there’s almost always something to be gained on both sides. Both sides, you say? Meaning…”very fine people”? No, not quite. This is more like people being “very fine” with whatever gets them the bottom line.

About a month or two from now, May will sour towards Trump. I predict that the Mueller investigation will reveal that Trump was playing May and the UK government by having previous knowledge of Putin’s manipulation of the Brexit vote. The humiliation of this realisation about Brexit will be enough to cause Theresa May to step down. I see a stack of dominos causing the fall of her position, but Trump is the final domino that ends it. Her career will be all but over and considered “doomed” by November.

Q. Survival Guide to the Rival Revival

While it may sometimes seem like we’re going backwards in time, we’re watching a country mature, not regress. Sometimes progress involves taking one step back before moving two steps forward. And maturity often comes at the price of conflict.

Yes, KB, we’ll survive, and it will be like you predicted: in a very different way. Your question was posted in 2017, and there’s been even more dismantling of the government since then. We’re presently witnessing a system whose defects and assets are being exposed, all at once. In retrospect, future news articles will mention that this was a time when the greatest and the worst of people’s tendencies were given an opportunity to be globally televised. As a result of these times, many relationships will be revised, too.

Relationship Revision

If anyone reading this has noticed a reshuffling of family, career, and personal relationships since the 2016 elections, that’s not just as a result of the elections. Yes, the elections were part of the changes that have taken place in the US. But there’s a deeper transformation at work, because there’s a lot more work to be done in the world. What do I mean about that? I’ll explain a little more, then get back to the rest of your question.

Sometimes we get placed on a different path from the ones we love. If that’s not what you chose, but what the other person chose, or if it was caused by some external event beyond your control, that’s fate. You, or both of you, have been destined to explore separate journeys-at least for now. It doesn’t mean anyone is right or wrong, it’s just a different chapter that has to happen and that can only be written with a certain set of characters.

Like many previous national and personal divisions throughout time, we’re living through a revival of rivals. The world strives for balance by first exploring the extremes. We’re in the midst of global extremism, which will be followed by an era of increased equity.

Alternatively, you can think of relationship changes as scenes in a play. A scene often won’t work as well if the whole cast is onstage and talking at once. The story won’t unfold, the audience can’t hear anything, and no one can do much because they’re bumping into each other and fighting for space or a chance to have their story heard. Sometimes a scene can only be carried out with a certain group of people. But as we see in so many plays, there are times when characters will be reunited.

Q. Can you offer any insight into what’s happening?


A. The next scene in America can’t happen without the one we’re having today. And that scene will be well worth waiting for (more details about that later). That doesn’t mean that cruelties are justified, or big mistakes won’t come with even greater costs. But there is a purpose to all this madness. In the long run, we’ll be given a better world…even if that’s hard to believe based on the challenging problems and ongoing injustices we’re being shown today.

For instance, the Women’s Marches, March for Our Lives, and ongoing anti-Trump protests are not just national…many of these have mirror marches around the world. Conflicts that are happening right now in the US will be critical in preparing us all for the fight of our lives…the fight to survive and adapt to climate change.

The marches that have erupted over the last couple of years, inspired in large part by the stolen 2016 Presidential election, have been accidental dress rehearsals for even bigger marches of the future. I predict that those bigger, global marches will be the largest in the history of the world even over the next few years, as many of us show up and commit to working together globally for the survival of our environment and, by extension, our own continuance as a species. And yes, once Trump is out of office, the US will join the Paris Agreement again.

You alluded to the protected power of large corporations who legally bribe politicians for votes that favour personal profit through the practise of lobbying. A need for economic and social reform has been accelerated by the growth of problems in both areas. Media exposure will continue to ensure that these dilemmas become increasingly well-documented. The bigger the predicaments become, the closer, not further, we’ll be to solving them. The sacrifice of the few for the benefit of many is undoubtedly a tragedy. The result, however, will be positive economic and social changes that will ensure greater justice for minorities, people with disabilities, women, and children from just a few years from now and well into the future.

Future of Finance

There’s an inevitable uprising on the horizon. A key word you’ll hear about in news articles of 2019 is “karma”. There will be karmic justice that begins to override some of the most well-funded attempts at environmental neglect in the name of corporate benefit. I’m seeing a cartoon where a corporation is standing in line to apply for unemployment benefits. Which corporations will fall as monopolies are forced to break up by 2020? I’ll save that answer for another time, but the question contains a hint.

The revolution we’ll see in the United States will be a counter-revolution, largely because there’s already been a coordinated effort underway to overthrow the US government from within its highest ranks. Two opposing revolutions are already simultaneously underway.

Tips for Psychic Reading: Part I

If you’re interested in checking out a basic book about how to use many of the different psychic senses, and how to discover which senses are your strongest methods of psychic communication, one of the first I worked with was ‘You Are Psychic! by Pete A. Sanders, Jr.:

Next, I’ll be sharing a psychic reading method with you that I’ve been developing over the years. It’s a hybrid of paranormal phenomena and self-hypnoisis. This is just one of many methods. You can try what you like and find out which combination of exercises might work for you. I’ll be mentioning more techniques in future articles.

1) Check in with yourself about your intentions. Why do you want to give a psychic reading? If you’re doing the work to impress anyone, it will hinder the quality of your channeling. The second you start thinking about how you’ll look is the very moment you’ll lose your psychic connection. Not only will you become distracted, but your message will become distorted when it’s filtered through human desires and fears. Be as devoted to accurate communication of what you psychically see or feel as a professional translator of another language would be.

2) Share information with the intention of being helpful. Treat the person you are reading the way you would want to be treated (assuming you’re not a masochist!) Being truthful doesn’t mean you can’t be kind.

3) Ask for your ego to be set aside. Ask to receive information that will be for the greatest good of everyone.

4) Now choose a word that represents a physical state you might experience when oscillating between sleeping and waking. Examples may include: drifting, floating, fading, or dreaming. These are suggestions,but you can choose whatever works for you.

5 ) Think or feel or say the word over and over, drifting, floating, fading, dreaming, or repeating your other chosen word as you feel yourself shifting more and more deeply into a psychic state of consciousness. It’s as if you’re changing the channel of a television to a different station, a more peaceful, relaxing one.

6) Once you’ve chanted or felt your way into that physical state that’s neither sleeping nor waking, picture or imagine a globe in the distance. Suddenly you feel yourself zooming in…


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  1. Nobody works with the Russians more than the C1A & FB1, who fly Russian Criminals into the United States to be 5eyes spies for them and work in their entrapments with their diplomatic immunity.

    Brennan & ROGUE C1A are scared Trump will stop their illegal drugs for weapons business, called “operation cassandra” as well as stealth missile program called “club-k”

    This weak psychic is fooled by the Mainstream media which is controlled by the ILLEGAL ROGUE C1A & the above mentioned drugs, weapons, & human trafficking rat lines ran by them.

    They are literally FRAMING hundreds of thousands of innocent people all over the world as scapegoats and patsies in their communities to protect this illegal network, because if they(“Deep State” & local minions) don’t frame people for THEIR crimes, then they will go to prison, not only lose control and power.

    Search on youtube “organized stalking” or “targeted individuals”

    This is the modern day nazi “community policing” program which goes after innocent whistleblowers and witnesses of corruption in government. Most are normal people who think their keeping an eye on dangerous people, when in fact they are working for the dangerous people and keeping an eye on the good(best in society) guys. I myself have been a victim since I was 19 years old because when I was 19, a Confidential Informant who was also a drug dealer, thought I called the police on him, and ever since that psychopath has created a “crossfire hurricane” of lies from confidential informants who are also criminals that have motives to give false information, since they have some charge hanging over their head. Now I’m 37. They never stop going after the innocent.

    This is what Donald Trump is up against, as well as millions of people all over the world being framed, scapegoated, and harrassed in their communities to protect the illegal above mentioned drugs/weapons/humans trafficking network.

    Trump created a deal to do LEGAL, ABOVE GROUND trading with MBS, whereas BRENNAN previously was doing it the ILLEGAL WAY with MBZ: UNDERGROUND DEALING.

  2. Jesse Tripp on November 3, 2018 at 6:37 am said:

    Will AT&T be put under investigation soon?

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  4. Jesse J. Tripp on July 15, 2018 at 7:14 am said:

    That was so quick. A tarot reading AND a psychic reading in less than three days.

    You’ve really got the touch, Kyra. Keep it up!

    By the way, what do you see for the future of science fiction in cinema?

  5. Thank you, Lily! I’ll be answering Pattie’s question soon. I will also answer your question, and I also plan to explain techniques for predicting timing. I think that would be a great question to answer, so thank you for submitting it. I’ll be happy to honour any specials you saw in the last post, anytime this month, for you or any other blog readers. If you don’t see the rates, please send me a message through this website or on Twitter @kyraoser and I can reply with more information on rates for the most recent sale. If this month doesn’t work for you, please check back, as I will have other specials at some point in the future. <3

  6. Lily on July 14, 2018 at 2:24 pm said:

    These predictions are just mind blowing! I’m looking forward your answer to Patti. The most pressing question is when will this all end, but I’ve known psychics throughout my life so I understand how difficult timeframes are for spirits to nail down. I’m deeply grateful for your blog and will get a reading from you as soon as I can afford it. I think you offered a special in your last post. I’ll look it up. ?

  7. What will happen to Trump’s policies once he’s out of the office? Will they be reversed since his presidency wasn’t exactly legal? I’m referring to all he undid regarding the environment, banking protections, net neutrality, etc.
    Thank you!!

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