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3:31 pm PST- Will Trump be impeached? Find out the answer to this and more of your questions about the future of US and world news…

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News from the Future Q & A: Will Trump Be Impeached?

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US News from the Future

Q. Will Trump Be Impeached?

A. Will the President-in-Residence be impeached, or does he leave office in another way?

Nathan, I still believe he’ll be ousted due to a multi-level criminal investigation before the time it takes to get through impeachment hearings. My prediction is that Trump will be removed from office. His “Presidency” is already over, if not yet officially. I see articles of impeachment being presented against Trump, but I see him leaving office due to a larger impending criminal investigation involving a grand jury trial.

Impeachment will seem like child’s play compared to the scope of crimes we’re about to see unfold. Investigative journalists have only begun to scratch the surface of this administration’s multi-level scandals. Shockingly, treason is just the start of the more troubling allegations that are about to be leaked to the press. One of the more serious allegations involves a recent child trafficking operation: Trump’s part in willingly kidnapping young Central American girls at the México border and knowingly delivering them into the hands of violent Russian traffickers through a third party entity.

I see arrests of government officials being made next week. Bank records will be released, along with charts, graphs, registered shell companies through which Russian money was laundered, and plans shared with Trump’s team (mostly Jr. and Jared) by Russian officials. I see a DOJ raid at Trump Tower very soon, although most of the paperwork that was in Trump’s office was already shredded and has been burned.

Nonetheless, I see FBI agents searching for clues in Trump’s New York office as early as next week. The DOJ search of the White House will take place at a later date, but do I see an upcoming FBI raid of the White House. It looks like Trump is gone by then, most likely having flown to Moscow. There are many other crimes to be revealed, spanning the course of decades of time and multiple cities around the world. All these crimes are connected to “Don the Don” and his “associates” (aka mafia friends).

One of the most damaging pieces of evidence will involve the discovery of a murder at Trump Tower.

Murder at Trump Tower

Remember that day in 2016 when Trump said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters”? I predict it will be revealed that someone actually was shot on Fifth Avenue, and Trump was involved. I saw an image of the shooting as taking place not only in Trump Tower, but right in Donald Trump’s office. Though Trump didn’t do it himself, I see him as being indirectly involved by letting it happen and helping to cover up the incident. I see a body being dumped in a nearby river close to New Jersey, possibly the Hudson. I hear Trump saying, “Do me a favour and just clean this thing up when you’re done, okay?” What exactly was happening here?

I’ve been hesitant to bring up such a serious speculation, but I’ve seen this persistent image several times in meditation over the course of the last week. For all his talk of inciting violence at his rallies, Trump doesn’t have the stomach for gore–at least not on this level. So how could he get involved in aiding a murder, even indirectly?

When You’re a Czar, They Let You Do It

Faced with Change, 2001 (Acrylic on Canvas)

I had a vision of Trump in the 1980s, financially vulnerable and desperate for cash, although more for his reputation than as a means to provide personal comfort. As he went further and further down the rabbit hole of getting help from people connected to the Russian mob, he had a harder time turning down their requests for help when an accomplice was needed. Then he got involved with Putin’s friends in the early 2000s.

Sometimes Putin’s men (and women) just show up Trump’s his office with barely any announcement, coming in through a back door at night when other offices had closed. Trump has attempted to stoke public fear about the danger of foreign gangs supposedly invading the US dressed as asylum-seekers, but he’s the one who’s been involved with gangs for decades. And I don’t believe it was only the Russian mob that Trump got involved with, as I have an image of him exchanging favours with other mafia bosses in Chicago and New York.

One of the allegations against Russian spies will include a manipulation of votes in the primary state of Michigan, and of Pennsylvania and other states in the 2016 general elections.I mentioned the false electronic submission of tallied results at the time, but I’m mentioning it again because we’re finally getting close to hearing the truth about what happened the night of the elections and in many GOP primary races that preceded it. I believe future historians will conclude that an outcome so close to 50/50 in both the 2016 final election results and Brexit was statistically unlikely and cause for suspicion. I don’t make this prediction with the intention of undermining anyone’s faith in future elections, as voting will be necessary to reverse the effects of a  temporarily hijacked Senate. However, it will be crucial to be cautious, as more Russian shenanigans are certain to transpire by election season.

Q. You mentioned the economy crashing soon. Is there a higher spiritual purpose to this?

Corporate Wars, 2009 (Acrylic on Canvas)

A. Trump made a living on projecting an image of “wealth” and capitalistic “success”. In his impending downfall, we’re about to see the most atrocious possibilities made possible by the shadow side of capitalism. As a result,  solutions to capitalistic problems will take place in the form the most significant revision to our economic system since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. That’s why we’re going to have to go through a period of financial collapse and a temporary loss of resources very soon. Without a major economic downturn, nothing will change, and the ever-growing poorest in society will continue to be without help.

Think of the near-future economic crash, revolution, and ensuing Depression as a short-term sacrifice for long-term prosperity. The primary form of prosperity we’re meant to rediscover is the original one we’ve been given: that of Nature, as many of us work together to solve climate change issues. As I’ve discussed in a previous article about climate change predictions, the main reason for this impending financial collapse is to force a change in the way we value resources.

By being forced to use less resources, we’ll have inadvertently been saving the planet. In the long run, a simpler way of living means more resources and, more importantly, less lives lost.  Sometimes it’s only the bigger problems that can make us aware of a need for bigger changes. Fortunately for us, this fortune-in-disguise comes at a critical juncture when we still have time to prevent a much more catastrophic outcome due to global warming. There will still be tragedies, unfortunately, but at least we’ll have a chance to recover and save the Earth. If the choice is between extinction or a decade of camping, I’d take the trip.

Q. What will happen to Trump’s family?

Family Reunion, 2003 (Acrylic on Canvas)

A. Speaking of a trip, if members of Trump family who have been working for this administration don’t flee the US by next week, they’ll be facing charges. I see an attempt to bring all the Trump children and in-laws in for questioning, and later being served with subpoenas. I see Don Jr., Ivanka, and Jared Kushner being called to testify before a grand jury sometime around November.

I feel like Ivanka and Jared will continue to travel and evade the law for as long as they can. They’ll pretend to be innocent and spend a lot of time in Israel and Eastern Europe. Don Jr., however, is in really big trouble. For some reason, it doesn’t look like he leaves the US in time. I feel like Jr. ends up taking the fall for the entire family. He’ll face a dilemma: betray his own father to the FBI or face jail time. The question is, will Jr. be able to escape before he’s forced to testify? More on that in another post.

Q. Why did Putin invite Trump to Moscow?

Trump felt frightened and had just been threatened the day of the Helsinki Summit. That day will be studied in future history books as pivotal in changing the standards of politics in Western culture.

A. I believe Putin has intelligence about Trump himself being indicted soon on charges of treason, which is why he’s invited Trump to come to Moscow instead of waiting for the original plans of visiting Washington DC in the fall to help disrupt US midterm elections. As I’m sure you know, Putin is entirely self-serving and isn’t looking out for Trump at all. Trump is just a pawn on Putin’s political chessboard.

This Bragging Bunch has been engaging in a publicly published mirroring phenomenon, whereby they mimic one another psychologically. Trump has met his match when it comes to only looking out for #1. The treacherous Trump train featuring Vlanold and Donald exemplifies an extreme manifestation of the capitalistic adage “every man for himself”. We are meant to see this individualistic philosophy taken to an extreme on the world stage so that we become inspired to react with the opposite: helpfulness, caring, generosity, and sharing.

Of course Putin doesn’t want Trump to be questioned as a matter of covering for himself, and in order to circumvent international retaliation. Trump is in a lot of danger because he knows too much, speaks too much, and has been involved with too many dangerous criminals who helped prop him up in this puppet show circus regime. Any trips Trump takes to Moscow won’t end very well for him. He’s about to find out.

Q. Will there be a blue wave?

Clouded by Storms, 2015 (Acrylic on Canvas)

A. I’m reminded of a dream I shared with you back in 2016. A plane being navigated by Trump and another man was crashing as the pilot fell asleep. The whole country was on the plane and people were angry at Trump because he’d caused a Watergate scandal, didn’t know how to fly a plane, and fell asleep at the wheel. But in the end, everybody had a safe landing and ended up staying at a nice hotel. Maybe Trump Hotels will be seized by the FBI and converted into homeless shelters. One can dream.

I hear Homes-for-All advocates saying in future newspaper interviews that “There shouldn’t be any homeless students, there shouldn’t be any homeless workers, there shouldn’t be any homeless children; there shouldn’t be any ‘homeless’, period.”

Better in the Red Than Dead

March 26th, 2017 Dreams

I’d like to get back to November for a moment. I had a literal dreams about a “tidal wave” on March 26th, 2017, in which I mentioned it happening in the “blue state” of California. A narrator for the dream announces, “Better in the blue than red, but better in the red than dead”. I take the latter part of that phrase to mean that it’s better to lose money if it means saving lives by helping the planet. There were dreams of floods and fires, and a shooting at the Thousand Oaks Mall in Southern California, north of Los Angeles. On March 17th, 2018, a shooting occurred at the Thousand Oaks Mall–the first time a shooting has ever been reported in the 40 years that this mall has been in business.

The dream also mentions a witch trial where the accused witches either end up drowning or burning. I originally interpreted that dream as being about climate change. Now that I’ve heard the term “blue wave” in reference to a Democratic landslide in 2018 midterm elections, I believe that dream could be about both the coming midterms and simultaneously rising sea levels. Dreams and visions, like artwork, can exhibit multiple meanings simultaneously.

I’ll include additional predictions about 2018 midterm elections in a future post.

Economy News from the Future

Q. What’s next for the economy?

Will Trump be impeached?

Predictive dreams from July 30th, 2016. On the second page, I had a dream about a spaceship. Many dreams I’ve had that allude to the current US administration are followed by dreams about further space exploration. I believe there’s something about the mistakes of this administration that causes the next group of US leaders to invest more heavily in NASA and space exploration. Also, I had a dream about Marilyn Monroe, cocaine, and another dimension in the future where George Costanza has the bad luck of getting ticketed for parking in an almost empty lot. Considering that I was watching Seinfeld the night before, I can tell you that the dream about Costanza wasn’t predictive!

A. This is similar to a question that Dawn asked in the most recent “Age of Treason” post on this blog, but I want to give more details about what I sense. Jesse, I had an economic astronomic dream on July 30th, 2016, which I’ve briefly written about in a previous post. I was watching the sky, and a blood moon became increasingly visible as the night progressed. A US dollar that said “E. Pluribus Unum” (meaning “Out of Many, One”) was superimposed upside-down on the moon. The blood moon of tonight’s lunar eclipse will coincide with the US dollar being “turned upside down” as treason investigations intensify by next week.

That same night, I dreamt about painting a canyon in orange.

You can also expect to hear the term “blood money” being mentioned in future news headlines and by political pundits on multiple stations across the world and in many languages. The inciting incident for this term’s popularity will be near-future revelations about a list of GOP officials who accepted “blood money” from Russia in exchange for a political position.

In return, these “officials” collectively shared considerable government access with a hostile enemy power. Needless to say, their careers in politics will be over soon. Considering the criminal charges some of these officials will be facing, losing a career in “public service” (more like public disservice) might be the least of their problems.

I see an uncontrollable stock market free fall, as well as some images related to the economy that I picked up during meditation…

But first, I want to address what might seem like an incongruity. If I’m predicting the economy will tank, then why was Don the Conglomerate touting what a great economy we have in a speech he just made to the press today?

I think he doesn’t want stocks to go down before he and his friends have a chance to make a mad dash and pull out of the market. He’s trying to 1) self-promote (which is typical), but more notably, 2) delay panic selling.

We could see a stock market crash by next week.* I envision a company like Amazon being mentioned in the nightly news as a catalyst that sends tech and, eventually, entertainment stocks reeling. The signs of instability will be well underway by Monday, yet a pumping of more money by very few very wealthy players will attempt to stall the inevitable…at least until the following week.* A temporary upturn doesn’t last for long, and a couple of days later, I see another slump.

I have an image of a small group of people who diversified their wealth through multiple companies under various assumed identities and who represent the bulk of the stock market. It looks like this lack of diversity in the market is going to be a primary cause of years-term damage to global economic health.

Next week’s media announcements of unequivocal FBI evidence about Clinton, not Trump, being the rightful winner of the 2016 Presidential elections will be the primary force that initiates this imminent stock market plunge.* “The day that shook the world” is coming soon.


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  1. Alphonso de Barbo on February 14, 2020 at 5:30 pm said:

    #A. Will the President-in-Residence be impeached, or does he leave office in another way?

    Nathan, I still believe he’ll be ousted due to a multi-level criminal investigation before the time it takes to get through impeachment hearings. My prediction is that Trump will be removed from office. His “Presidency” is already over, if not yet officially. I see articles of impeachment being presented against Trump, but I see him leaving office due to a larger impending criminal investigation involving a grand jury trial….

    …and the outcome was???

  2. Jesse J. Tripp on December 23, 2018 at 10:49 am said:

    Kyra, you better be right that Trump is successfully ousted in 2019.
    And please get your next blog article up soon.
    Have a good Christmas.

  3. Xmmm Interesting. I am not sure where you get your info or visions from, but a lot of stuff, minus a few Trump scandals has proven to be off, especially timing. I’m a psychic myself and I clearly saw a plot against him but at the same time, I saw in the cards that he will 99% survive any attempts of impeachment and sadly, he will complete his term in the white house as normal. I’m wondering why several other psychics saw an impeachment taking place on 2018 but nothing came to pass…

  4. sydney on August 20, 2018 at 3:43 pm said:

    Please tell me that Manafort will be convicted of his crimes…..

  5. Jesse J. Tripp on July 29, 2018 at 9:13 am said:

    Will the Church Of Scientology be investigated and shut down over the next few years?

  6. Yes, Bo, you can ask questions here or on Twitter about US and World News Predictions. I am also getting back to offering an advice column where you can ask basic relationship questions, whether that’s about your relationship to people, pets, or nature. For questions about career, family, spirituality, art, finance, or more detailed relationship questions, those answers would be available during private sessions. You can order a reading or hypnotherapy session by clicking the “Rates & Scheduling” button at the top of this article. Thanks for enquiring, and thank you for reading the blog.

  7. Thank you for answering so many political and other issues we are all dealing with. Am I correct in assuming that this forum is for general questions such as the ones you answered today and that personal questions must be addressed during the purchase of a reading with you?

  8. Jesse J. Tripp on July 27, 2018 at 4:12 pm said:

    Two things, Kyra:

    1): Recently, there had been a yes vote by shareholders for a Disney/Fox merger. Will it be doomed to failure?

    And 2): I am trying my hand at becoming a screenwriter. Will they be necessary for the future of humanity, to make films in an assortment of genres such as, say, science fiction?

    P.S. Kyra. How am I going to survive with my writing during this period of turmoil over the next couple of years?

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