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The IRDB is a listing of international radio host appearances for live broadcasts on stations worldwide. The IRDB reference includes live AM and FM appearances on terrestrial stations across the globe. Special consideration is given to spiritual, self-help, health, and wellness topics that support positive personal and community growth.

Kyra Oser, Radio Host

Kyra Oser hosts America’s Love Channel on Seattle-based Alternative Talk Radio KKNW, featuring live callers and international guest psychic mediums, astrologers, and more. She is known as the only original Zodiac Girl to host all 5 seasons of the world-renowned celebrity psychic show airing coast to coast on CBS Radio. Call America’s Love Channel for Kyra’s Free Reading Fridays, every week at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST or listen live online worldwide.


KKNW Host, America’s Love Channel


KKNW Host, America’s Love Channel

KKNW Host, The Astrologer’s Daughter with T & Kyra

KKNW Guest, Wisdom Within

Party People Podcasting Guest

Priekavos/Bureja Interview


KKNW Host, The Astrologer’s Daughter with T & Kyra

KKNW Host, Luv Channel

KKNW Guest, Mantz & Mitchell

Hey Z Radio Network  Guest, Rock N’ Roll Psychic

Alpha TV Guest Star, World Party 


CBS Radio Host, Zodiac Divas

Blog Talk Radio Host, Future Dates

Filmon.TV Guest Star, Tailgating with Kato Kaelin

Uncabaret Los Angeles, Headliner with Zodiac Girl Solaris

Metrogreece Magazine, Interview

Clyde Fitch Report, Audio & Print Interview 


CBS Radio Host, Zodiac Divas

CBS Radio Guest, The Outlander

LA 18 Guest, Kababayan L.A.


CBS Radio Host, Zodiac Girls

Yahoo! Voices Interview, Zodiac Girls

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Kyra Oser
Certified Hypnotherapist, Psychic and Tarot Reading
23371 Mulholland Dr., Ste. 193
Los Angeles, CA 91364


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