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The card I pulled for February 2022 is the Eight of Swords Reversed. Please read below for more details on what the Eight of Swords predicts for global, political, and local future news, and how this card can be interpreted in your own life.

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Psychic & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

31 January 2022

Dear Reader,

This month, I pulled Eight of Swords Reversed to help with future news readings for February 2022. If you have any questions or thoughts about today’s reading, please post in the comments below.

Happy February!

Kyra Lin Oser, M.A., C.Ht
Ph.D. Student
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Eight of Swords R: February Tarot Predictions

Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords Reversed

In this image, a woman is restricted and blindfolded, surrounded by eight swords, situated at a distance from what appears to be a city. She is trapped by the tie that binds her, the blindfold covering her eyes, and the swords that surround her entrapment.

In its upright position, this card can denote powerlessness and restriction. However, the reversed position of this card offers solutions to prohibitive situations. Additionally, Eight of Swords reversed offers an opportunity to overcome past worries through the strength of personal spirituality and supportive community.

Generally, if you pull a card that has negative connotations in its upright position you can look to the reversed position for ways to internally and/or externally overcome the challenging events signified by the upright card.

Global News from the Future: Ties and Tides

In global news, Eight of Swords reversed can indicate amplification of financial issues alongside mass protests about work and debt restrictions. Additionally, this card is like a trumpet that heralds a call to freedom in all forms. For instance, business suit ties are on their way out as well as the corporate chokehold they represent. While ties have been decreasing in use over the course of the pandemic, this is the month when you will see them clearly being thrown to the ground in a symbolic relinquishment of neoliberal corporatist policies that censor and constrain human creativity.

In future climate change news, the time between disasters is about to become shorter. So what can we do about that?

There’s a divine force repeatedly delivering messages through current events which can serve as an alarm that persuades people to take quicker action. The less degrowth that’s done, the bigger and more violent these events will become. It doesn’t matter how appealing the words are of politicians. Words and promises won’t make a dent in even the smallest of events. Those who are being bribed by the fossil fuel industry are talking themselves and everyone else to death and should be called out on their hypocrisy. In other words, only actions matter. Very soon, this inaction will take multiple high-profile current political leaders out of power. In terms of global economic news, I also had a recent dream that compared NFTs to the seventeenth-century “tulipmania” collapse.**

Recurring Climate-Related Dreams

Future Water Culture

I’ve continued to have recurring dreams which have been occurring for years and involve new cities created out of large, docked boats lined up at makeshift ports. These ports don’t exist yet. A whole new way of seafaring life is about to “set sail”.There is a feeling of traversing the future and I am also informed or shown in dreams when they are predictive rather than imaginary or compilations of memory, and so far my dreams of a life on the sea have always been about a new culture of the future.

In some of these dreams, I am temporarily living on a cruise ship before being transferred to another ocean city with shopping areas and supply centres where many large boats are docked in grids and lines. The boats are like collective homes and very fun. Unlike what I might expect considering how seasick I get, there is a great feeling of camaraderie, positivity, and freedom in these dreams.

Robot Baby Bodies

I also had a dream about a baby wrapped in a white blanket who seemed real for a while but once the blanket was partly removed this was revealed to be a robot baby body. The phenomenon in this dream seemed to reveal a future trend towards infant-like robots that are purchased to take the place of babies in an effort to artificially compensate for a decline in birth rates.

The Evolution of Afghanistan: Part I

I had a dream last night that ranged from despair to a period of transition to regrowth and it clearly took place in Afghanistan, a place I have never visited in real life. The dream was in the form of an epic saga that took place over years and then decades and the entire time I was traveling along one trail that kept changing over time.

At the beginning of the dream, the whole trail was a barren desert without any natural growth. A bride with a long veil and train walks along the trail with a terrified look on her face. Blood oozes from her pores and the faster she walks, the more her train and then veils suffocate her. This image is like an exaggeration of an upright Eight of Swords card.

The Evolution of Afghanistan: Part II

She lives on, continuing to walk down the dusty trail, but is more restricted by this ritualistic costume as she continues down this trail which has become her aisle and only available path. While the veil and train continue to grow and slow her down, eventually the train retracts and in time, the costume disappears and is replaced with clothing that looks nothing like a bridal gown.

I walk on and leave the transformed bride behind. As I move forward on this trail of time, greenery and grass begin to grow. Children eventually emerge from the grassy areas, playing games and engaging in chess competitions. There is education that flourishes in direct proportion to the emerging foliage, and trees are planted to either side of the trail as the wind moves the growing grass from side to side, indicating a change in weather as the culture flourishes in unexpected ways. It feels like at least ten years in the future at this point and I’m shocked to see the greenery and growing trees where there had only been desert lands not long ago.

Political News from the Future: Poetry, Politics, Performance & Romance

Furthermore, the capitalist worship of stocks and materialism will be slowly replaced with a return of reverence for music, poetry, art, performance, and romance. In particular, political protests will take on more of an artistic approach with an increase in the use of visual and performance art as well as poetry readings, musical revues, stand-up climate comedy, and, in later months and years to come, climate comedy musicals performed live and live-streamed during global climate strikes.

U.S. & Canada News from the Future: Growing Pains on the Path to Maturity

Moreover, Eight of Swords reversed can denote a release from the entrapment indicated by an upright Eight of Swords. Therefore, expect a release of political prisoners from long-term imprisonments. This card also indicates the uncovering of news about U.S. political scandals involving rape accusations.

Those who have been persecuted under extreme capitalism, particularly workers who have suffered from exploitation, will be given new powers through collectivity and the ways in which this is just getting started will become more apparent in February news.

Eight of Swords Predictions for You: From Fear to Faith

In your own life, Eight of Swords reversed can signify a heightened clarity and objectivity, particularly in relationships. This card can also mean more awareness about unconscious career goals from long ago that are coming to the surface. If you have a worry, this card suggests symbolically giving your fear away to another force by imagining it being handed to a guide or perhaps placing it in a treasure box and locking it up.

Once you have moved your fear into another space within (or outside of) your consciousness, you can ask your guide or inner guidance about what you should do next. Then find a way to help another living being, which will be the final step to transforming your worries so that you can enjoy a more positive state of mind. Overall, this card in its reversed position offers an opportunity to release fear, embrace faith, and free up the space in your mind that used to be clouded with worries so you can rediscover lost dreams.

Coming Soon: “Court Cards in Tarot Reads: Royalty in the Palm of Your Hand”

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  1. Thanks for sharing your dreams, Maria, and for reading these readings.

  2. Thank you for your reading, Kyra. Lately for the past 6-8 months I was having dreams about massive ocean waves crashing and flooding once I open the door. It’s like I live on a cliff and the strong ocean wave comes and splashes everywhere. These dreams are repeating once a month, bringing some kind of message.

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