Medium Readings: How to Get the Most Out of Your Séance

Medium readings allow a psychic medium to receive information about loved ones who have passed on.  Stay open to whoever comes through, as messages from any source can be beneficial.

Medium Readings: How to Participate & Get the Most Out of Your Séance

You’ll receive whatever is in your highest benefit during a reading, which might not include what you hoped for or expected to hear. For instance, if there is an urgent warning, message, or upcoming opportunity, I find it presents itself whether it’s a medium reading or not. Please be aware that you might not connect with your sought-after spirit. Often you will, but it’s not guaranteed. It’s not the same as making an appointment or sending an email and then waiting for a reply, or expecting someone to show up at a certain time. There are many unknown elements at work.

What if Unexpected Visitors Arrive at Your Séance?

Please know that if someone you want to connect with isn’t showing up in a medium reading, or isn’t as communicative as you would like, that doesn’t mean they love you any less. The spirits might show up when the time would be better for you. More vocal spirits can sometimes overshadow the quieter ones as well. There are time-space limitations that can restrict crossing over from one side to the other.

Their experience is akin to moving to a new country where a different language is spoken, past, present, future, and other time dimensions are being experienced concurrently, and space moves so fast that you often find yourself in multiple places simultaneously. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed, so those who have undergone an otherworldly metamorphosis may exist on multiple levels of consciousness. If you’re trying to reach someone who is having conversations about karmic cycles with several spirit guides in 5 different galaxies at once, you might have to hold the line.

We ourselves become unrestrained as our consciousness wanders through dreams. Perhaps this is why dreams, and particularly lucid dreams, can be an effective conduit to feeling the closeness of a loved one again. To find out if loved ones who have crossed over are visiting you in dreams, click here to take the quiz.

medium readingsNo matter what the reason, please don’t measure the amount that a certain spirit communicates to you as a reflection on your relationship. If I feel I cannot make a connection for you, I will let you know. We can continue to connect with newly presenting spirits and come back to others later in the session.

Do You Need to Prepare?

Please bring questions, but wait to ask them until we feel we’re making a connection. It also helps if you can confirm once we’ve connected to a familiar spirit.  Ancestors may come through in psychic medium readings. They can serve as familial guides and may be surrounding loved ones you knew in life. If any ancestral information makes sense, please confirm so we can more clearly understand the message.

I may pick up on names of people, streets, cities, and companies. The names are not always exact, so please speak up to confirm if a name is similar to something from your experience as this will save you some time in the reading. 

Information can come through literally or symbolically. I will interpret what I can, but please speak up and confirm if something makes sense. That way I know that I am channeling in the right direction and can provide you with the best experience. The more you participate, the more we can resonate. 

Ideas for Questions

medium readingsPlease mention that you are interested in mediumship in the notes section when you book. Once we have begun the session and made a connection with at least one entity, you can ask a general question. Examples include “Is anyone else showing up right now?” or a more specific question, such as “Can I connect to my mother?”.

If you want to book a group session or séance, please choose the group option. You can phone or Skype in for medium readings. A séance can be a random group of people who are not related. In a séance, I would focus on one person at a time in the style of a “gallery reading”.

I’m wishing you many connections with loved ones, both here and on the Other Side. As you send them love, know that will radiate back to you. You will start to notice that love is being channeled back to you through various sources. You’ll experience messages coming up words spoken by others, images in art, lyrics in music, objects, symbols, dreams, and meditations.. Love vibrates at such a high level of consciousness that it permeates the physical world whenever it has the chance. We get more of what we focus on. Just by thinking of those you’ve loved and lost, you’re bringing more love not only into your own life, but also sharing it with those holding court for you on the Other Side.

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