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Accurate Predictions

Accurate Pandemic Predictions Confirmed: 2000-2020

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Accurate Ukraine/ Russia War Predictions Confirmed: 2015-2022

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Psychic Accurate Predictions 2017: A Year in Review

Psychic Kyra Oser’s Accurate Psychic Predictions 2017 Confirmed, Including:

*Best Picture Upset–& that Both Moonlight & LaLaLand Would Be Remembered as ‘Choice’ for This Year’s Best Picture–Over 6 Weeks Before it Happened
*Trump Money Laundering through Real Estate & Financial Ties to Russian Mafia
*A Second Cold War
*Timing of William & Kate’s Third Baby Announcement

Plus a Preview of Accurate Psychic Predictions 2018 (Includes January-February):

*Eagles vs. Patriots Super Bowl 2018 & Eagles Win
*Stock Market Crash
*Amtrak Train Crash in Washington, D.C.

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Accurate Psychic Predictions 2016: A Year in Review

Psychic Kyra Oser’s Accurate Psychic Predictions 2016 Confirmed, Including:

*Two Major Stock Market Crashes
*Broncos Super Bowl Win & Saw MVP Von Miller’s Sack & Tackle Numbers
*Trump Hollywood Access Hot Mic Scandal
*94% Accuracy for 2016 US Presidential Elections Primary Predictions

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Kyra Oser’s Oscar Predictions 2018

World-Renowned Celebrity Psychic Medium Kyra Oser makes Oscar Predictions for 2018

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Premium subscribers to my Substack publication, “History of Spirituality: Q&A”, can post questions for psychic tarot card readings from me that are included in your paid membership. You can also show your appreciation by becoming one of my patrons on Patreon. Or if you prefer, you can make one-time donations on Paypal. Your tips on Patreon and Paypal help me to produce more content. Thank you for your continued loyalty!


Tarot Predictions and Hypnotherapy

*Spiritual Advisor to Celebrities and Politicians

*Private, Confidential Sessions

*Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Specialising in weight loss, pre-surgery and post-surgery hypnosis, chronic pain, addiction recovery, breaking habits, grief and trauma recovery, relationship improvement, EFT Tapping, dream therapy, and past life regression. HMI Graduate

*Tarot Card Reader/ Psychic Specialising in Business, Relationships, Predictions, and Careers in the Arts


*Available by Zoom/ Skype/ Facetime/ WhatsApp. NOTE: Online sessions only. Sorry, I am currently unable to take clients who reside in Canada.

I am trained in Ericksonian and Kappasinian hypnotherapy techniques and NLP. My goal is to help you improve your life with hypnotherapy and psychic readings. I’m wishing you the very best in your journey to finding all you want in life.

-Kyra Oser, M.A., C.CHt

Ph.D. Student

“The Comic Psychic Hypnotist Activist”


*A portion of all proceeds will be donated to climate crisis causes

Fasting on Fridays for Climate Crisis

I’ve been fasting on Fridays and striking from working, shopping, and school on Fridays since September, 2019 to help raise awareness about the climate crisis. Please note that fasting is for adults only. Children need to eat every day. We will fast for you.


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Psychic and Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles Yelp Reviews

Read Tiph A.‘s review of Psychic Readings and Hypnotherapy By Kyra Oser on Yelp

“Helped me solve a carjacking case”

“Kyra gives the best psychic readings. She helped me solve a carjacking case and was able to accurately identify the two carjackers, their physical descriptions, whereabouts, their histories, got one of their names, and was even able to read their motivations. I don’t know how she does it, but she does.”

Jordan, 1/31/15

“My Sister’s Health”

“Not only did Kyra sensitively and astutely guide me, but she inquired about my sister’s health, suggesting unequivocally that she get a mammogram. Concerned, I spoke with my sister the next day. She had just been for a mammogram at which time they found a [benign] mass.”

Karen, 6/23/14

“My Missing Cat”

“At the end of our session I asked Kyra specifically about my missing cat…Not only did she sense that he had a cone on his head, which was true after surgery, but also reassured me that he was alive. 2 weeks later he came home.”

Lauren, 5/11/14

“It was life-changing for me”

“Kyra helped me overcome my lifelong fear of the dark. I am now able to walk in my house alone… In the dark! I thought it would take some time to take effect but it worked immediately. Moved me to tears of happiness.”

Musicvideosish, 8/25/14

“Yes, some mediums are accurate”

“…I’ve read with 30+ mediums…Kyra blows them away……She mentioned Moishe…and Kyra doesn’t know Yiddish or Yiddish names…The name Leo popped up as an uncle on my father’s side… I never met him. He perished with most of my father’s family in Auschwitz.”

Suzanne, 1/18/14

“Talented, insightful and nice”

“My experience with Kyra was great! She has many resources to use in order to aid and help her clients obtain what they are looking for. I enjoyed my reading very much and the hypnotherapy session as well. She delivers the information very well and is a very nice person who makes you feel comfortable. I would definitely go back and highly recommend her.”

Felipe P., 11/12/2014


“I had my first reading and hypnotherapy session with Kyra yesterday. I was amazed at the accuracy of the reading. I’m organizing my place today and I’m amazed that I don’t have anxiety while doing it. I’ve had multiple hypnotherapy sessions with other practitioners and have not had these types of results.”

Matt C, 9/27/2014

“So nice to know….”

“She was incredibly spot on with understanding the deepest part of my soul. In terms of her psychic ability, I can hands down say she is the best psychic I have ever experienced. She has pulled out names of the men I’ve been and am connected to! She knew I had a son and a daughter.”

Kate R, 12/19/13

“Ethical, Honest, Inspired by the Divine”

“I have been reading regularly with Kyra for about 2 years now. Kyra gives a startling accurate account…with you offering NO DETAILS….She has been correct about boys going out, soul mates coming in, raises, promotions and TIMELINES…you name it she KNOWS it. I have a notebook full of accurate predictions.”

Amberley W, 9/20/13

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