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If you would like to book an appointment, please purchase your session by choosing from the drop-down menu and clicking the “Buy Now” button above. Once your payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation and can email with a few of your preferred dates/ times. Please note that all payments must be made through Paypal in advance of completing your booking.

If you request a Paypal invoice instead of using the “Buy Now” button to make your purchase, I can hold your appointment for up to 48 hours. I cannot guarantee that your chosen time will still be available after 48 hours if you have not completed the payment.

Please note that all group events will be charged at a three-hour minimum rate. Available by Zoom/ Skype/ Facetime. NOTE: Online sessions only. I do not offer in-person sessions. Paypal payments only. Sorry, I am currently unable to take clients who reside in Canada.

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Kyra Oser, M.A., C.Ht
Ph.D. Student
Certified Hypnotherapist

P.S. If your questions are not answered on the FAQS  page, they can be addressed at the beginning of your next appointment. *The vast majority of questions can be answered by visiting Q & As What to Expect from a Psychic ReadingHow to Book an Appointment, or the Search Bar above. Thank you for your patience.


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