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Today’s post is the first in a series of tarot card readings about 2024 election predictions for the US Presidential race. There is no precedent for what is about to happen for the President!

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Psychic Tarot Reader & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

6 January 2024

Dear Reader,

It’s January 6th, and like many of you, that brings to mind the topic of the US Presidential Elections! So here I am, back with you in the land of politics and psychics. When the future is uncertain and no one else can give us the answers, there’s always the option to turn to the cards…

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The following is the first installment of my tarot readings for the 2024 election predictions.

Wishing you joy, peace, and contentment in the New Year,


Cards & Visions

2024 Election Predictions: Democrats

7 of Swords Tarot 2024 Election Predictions

7 of Swords


In this image, a man seemingly stealthily takes 5 swords from a military camp and leaves 2 behind. He creeps away on his toes, possibly quietly so as not to be caught stealing these swords meant for battle.

The Suit of Swords is a problem-solving suit that represents intellectual pursuits and encourages strategising and using critical thinking to find solutions. Swords are related to Air signs.

The 7 of Swords indicates a conflict, likely related to secrets coming out about scandals and underhanded deals. A particularly pivotal investigation might put the spotlight on one person’s involvement, but they will come to be portrayed in opposing media as representing the entire party. This scandal will be uncovered by someone in the Republican party (more on that later).


Something is hidden in the interest of the ‘greater good’, but hiding part of the truth about a candidate (amongst other things) is dishonest to the public and will backfire on the Democratic party in these elections. While the deception will be well-intentioned, the truth comes out in the end and puts the campaign at risk. The defense for this strategy will be that the opponent posed a perceived threat to ‘society’ or ‘civilisation’ and therefore was justified in the utilitarian ‘interest’ of the ‘greater good’.

The perspective put forward by some media circles is that the opponent is more ‘charismatic’, ‘charming’, and has ‘personality’.

This campaign strategy will prompt the following question in debates between future TV news pundits: is it ever okay to hold back part of the truth if it will minimise harm or even possibly help?

On another level, the card is about military action which means war (and especially the topic of weapons supply) will be higher on the agenda for topics in the 2024 elections.

Risking Losing the Race by a Hare

It will appear, at least at first, that the election is moving towards a second term for the Democrats. Well, don’t be deceived by appearances, this card says, nor get too complacent. This race will be compared to the story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’, with the Democratic party taking a nap and thinking they’ve got it made, like the hare who risked losing the whole race by being overconfident. And he did.

2024 Republican Tarot Reading

High Priestess Tarot 2024 Election Predictions

High Priestess Reversed


The High Priestess is akin to a female pope or other religious figure. The pillars can represent a balance between masculinity and femininity (as well as other dualities). When the card is reversed, those qualities and others may be out of balance.


The High Priestess can represent intuition. In reverse, she can be warning that the person or institution being asked about is ignoring their intuition or repressing their real feelings. There might be confusion or missing information, particularly related to paperwork or publications, that corrupts the outcome. Details, possibly financial, are missing from an important document which puts something in jeopardy based on a technicality.

In this reading about US Presidential elections, the High Priestess could indicate that religion is turned upside-down and made into an issue of ‘religious freedom’ in the upcoming elections. It is also about a woman (a mythical Popess) in a role that is traditionally played by a man (the Pope). However, being reversed, things might not go as planned. This could be about a female candidate and also female political issues that other forces are attempting to control.

What are those forces? Besides the party itself, look to financial interests coming from evangelical Christian organisations, the latter of which will be more active in this election than ever before. She holds a sacred book, but in reverse, this card indicates a reinterpretation of religious texts to suit a political or personal agenda.

This is a card of sacred feminine energy, and when it is reversed, divinity and wisdom are suppressed. The pomegranates behind her may represent fertility and motherhood, and the moon at her feet connotates a connection to emotions. Some of the issues that will come up in the Republican speeches this year will be about birth control, abortion, and censorship (the book is upside-down in this image).

Candidate Shuffle

Is the time for Haley now or in 2028? The High Priestess reversed indicates a problem with female candidates moving forward, but we also pulled The Empress for US predictions in 2024. This means that women could move forward and backward in roles, both in the elections and other spheres. It seems she’ll have a role in foreign affairs (this could be suggestions for the Secretary of State, cabinet member, and, eventually, a higher and more prominent role in an administration).

When I think of Trump, I see stops and starts. He’ll seem to be retreating and keep coming back. There are two candidates. I don’t fully understand this, as I also saw two candidates and a later switch in the Democratic party. Will someone be disqualified, or have to step down because of health or other problems?

Something somehow gets recalled/retracted and this is based on the combination of the 7 of Swords (stealth, sneakiness, being caught taking something) plus the High Priestess reversed (abuse or misuse of religion or a cult for personal gain). An unusual scenario is indicated by the next card in this reading (the Knight of Swords reversed).

DeSantis doesn’t fully go away, even though it might seem like he is at first. He steps back to be brought forward to fill a later role. While he won’t be seen by media figures as having the charisma to become a cult figure like Trump, he will be approached by Haley (and others) with future proposals for political collaboration. DeSantis will have the extreme tendencies and visibility that Republicans are seeking, especially as the next two elections will highlight a growth towards extremes on both the left and right. DeSantis may consult with Cruz or there might be some kind of legal alliance between them.

7 of Swords + High Priestess Reversed

These two cards (7 of Swords and High Priestess R) indicate some cheating on both sides (is anyone surprised?) This partly happens because the stakes are extremely high in this election.

Ah, but are there only two sides? This question brings us to the next facet of this unprecedented election…the side of the youth (and some others) who want nothing to do with the two-party system…

2024 Third-Party Predictions: More Logic than Psychic?

Knight of Swords Tarot 2024 Election Predictions

Knight of Swords Reversed


The Knight of Swords is courageous. However, like every Court Card in reverse, there is a possibility that this comes with a warning. Swords are connected to abstract thought. If he gets too lost in abstraction he could also lose touch with reality.

While he is capable of being bold, confident, and sometimes unwavering, Swords reversed can indicate someone uninterested in considering ideas outside of their circle, or who is unwilling to engage in debate. A lesson of the Knight of Swords, when he is thrown into reverse, is that might doesn’t always make right. A willingness to learn tends to foster growth and lead to a more satisfying life, not only for oneself but also as a ripple effect throughout one’s community. The Knight of Swords Reversed poses the question (whose original author I do not know): would you rather be right or happy?


In the 2024 election predictions, there will be several surprises…at least to the two-party establishment.

The Knight of Swords shares the Suit of Swords with the 7 of Swords. Since the 7 of Swords is the card that came up for Democrats (upright), the fates of the younger generation (also represented by Swords/Air signs, and particularly Aquarius in this reading) will be tied to the actions of the Democratic Party. Since the card for the Democrats is upright, the power remains more with them for now, and their system is likely what blocks younger voters from moving forward on their plans to shift away from traditional elections.

On the other end of the spectrum, there will be many older voters supporting the Republican party. That’s not unexpected, but the tension between Democrats and new Gen Z voters contributes to a fracturing of their party—at least in the context of this election. This disunity gives Republicans an advantage.

I don’t like thinking of generations as divided because there is more we have in common amongst humanity than we have that differs. However, this post is about predicting future news. And a lot of upcoming news reports will focus on the consequences of an intergenerational divide.

Might be Fine on Another Timeline

Another surprise has to do with crowdfunding amongst a younger crowd. The Knight of Swords is a card that represents youth. Reversed, he is encouraged to build life experience on his own to find himself outside the context of current influences. That life experience will bring new perspectives and greater fulfillment. This is part of the journey of anyone starting in their adult lives, and not unique to this generation.

In this image, a Knight charges forward into battle on his horse, but being reversed, he doesn’t get as far as he intends and ends up being stuck. The timing and resources for moving him forward are off, and so he cannot take off. He is kind of suspended in time, with many ideas that aren’t able to go anywhere as his plans are thwarted. The figure is male, so it could be West, or more than one man, both of whom receive third-party votes.

There’s a woman, too, but she is more in the distance and unseen in the card. While some of these candidates will drop out due to costly campaigns, their following (and some of the votes) do not go away. With so many candidates getting votes outside of the two-party system, this splits the election not only between Democrats and third-party candidates but amongst the third-party candidates themselves.

Gen Z Dreams

Gen Z voters who have never voted before are more likely than older generations to vote for a 3rd party candidate who is more to the left than Biden. That could throw the election. I’ve wondered if this third-party prediction is simply common sense and doesn’t take a psychic to foresee. It’s logical to anticipate this outcome when more Gen Z voters can vote now than 4 years ago. We already know that many of them identify with the far left.

However, one thing I have seen that’s separate from logic and statistics has been a vision in dreams that I posted about on 15 November 2020. In these dreams, red flags are being unfurled from balconies by young adults and teens throughout the US. They look like the flag of China.

Kyra Oser 2024 election predictions

15 November 2020 Prediction

The younger generations that want Communism or at least Democratic Socialism won’t be convinced to vote as Democrats. This is partly a reaction to economic inequality for younger people and also due to a reaction against the rise of the far right. There are further divisions within Gen Z (and some Millenials and others) which will fracture the third-party vote. This fosters a weak environment for the Democratic race. The party will have a blind spot and denial of that reality, which will be noted in some media publications as a pattern. It will be said by many-a-TV-pundit that it’s like 2016 all over again…but much more complicated and, given the rise in global wars, climate change, continuing gun violence, and other growing conflicts, far more consequential.

Tarot & Astrology Overview: 2024 Election Predictions

Based on this tarot reading and accompanying astrology, this is a year when we can expect an unusual social upheaval (Pluto in Aquarius) that drives debates in higher education and politics regarding religious texts (Jupiter in Gemini + Neptune in Pisces). Groupthink, cults, and a revolution in how we read, write, and process information will influence these elections.

Future News Headlines: 2024 Election Predictions

What are some of the headlines we’ll see this year, and into 2025 as we reflect on the November elections? I say November, but it seems like they’re still being sorted out in December. More on that prediction about delays and reshuffles as we reshuffle the cards later! Here are some of the future news headlines I saw in a vision after today’s card reading:

‘Did we learn anything from 2016?’

‘Resting on Their Laurels…What Happened to the Dems?’

‘Tight Race in the US’

‘Signs of the Times’ (an article accompanied by a picture of protest signs about the elections)

‘Third-Party Voter Interviews (& Reflections)’

‘Rise of Communism & Origins of Fanaticism’

‘Looking Back: Interviews With Ralph Nader’

‘End of an Era’

‘Stormbombed’ (Or stormed and bombed? I don’t know yet what this means!)

‘Sail Away’ (Is this about Enya being in the news, or her song featured alongside an upcoming event? I heard the song as I saw a vision of a boat sailing away…)

‘Confessions from the Underworld’

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How would you interpret these cards when it comes to the 2024 US elections? Please comment below to share your thoughts and ideas!

*Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not performed by a licenced medical practitioner. Please consult with your medical doctors regarding all health concerns. Please consult with your financial advisor regarding all financial decisions. Any consultation you receive is subject to your interpretation and you agree to take full responsibility for your interpretation, decisions, and actions.


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  3. Thank you for sharing your insights and predictions for the 2024 election. Your analysis sparks thoughtful discussion and engagement among readers interested in political forecasting. Much appreciated!

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