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“My Sister’s Health” (5 Stars)

I came to Kyra through a friend who assured me that her readings would be phenomenally accurate. He was so adamant about Kyra’s clarity that he treated me to a reading!

She immediately put me at ease. Not only did Kyra sensitively and astutely guide me, but she inquired about my sister’s health, suggesting unequivocally that she get a mammogram. Concerned, I spoke with my sister the next day. She had just been for a mammogram at which time they found a [benign] mass.

I find Kyra to be empathetic, clear and authentic. Her open-hearted insights are exacting and dependable.

Karen, 6/23/14

“My Missing Cat” (5 Stars)

I didn’t find Kyra on my own but instead through a friend who HIGHLY recommended her. The session was so organic and smooth that I sat speechless most of it as she gave me profound insight into my future. At the end of our session I asked Kyra specifically about my missing cat. There are a lot of coyotes around and I was worried. Not only did she sense that he had a cone on his head, which was true after surgery, but also reassured me that he was alive. 2 weeks later he came home. I was grateful for Kyra’s comfort that he would return and when he did after going missing for 3 weeks in total it confirmed her keen psychic sensibilities.

Lauren, 5/11/14

“Helped me solve a carjacking case” (5 Stars)

Kyra gives the best psychic readings. She helped me solve a carjacking case and was able to accurately identify the two carjackers, their physical descriptions, whereabouts, their histories, got one of their names, and was even able to read their motivations. I don’t know how she does it, but she does!

Jordan M, 01/13/15

“My Most Trusted Counsel” (5 Stars)

When I want guidance, I go straight to my spirit guides and that means the amazing psychic, Kyra Oser….my conduit to the ether…Thanks again! You are my most trusted counsel…if you want magic, get in touch with Kyra, her accurate insight has made me relaxed and excited about the future, time and time again!

Adam, 10/22/13
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“What a gift you have”

Thank you for your reading on the Astrologer’s Daughter radio show tonight. Everything you said was 100 percent aligned to what I’m working toward and we never even talked before. What a gift you have. Thank you!

Nicholas D, 5/25/14

“It was life-changing for me”

Kyra helped me overcome my lifeling fear of the dark. It was life- changing for me. I am now able to walk in my house alone.. In the dark! I tested It the night of my hypnotherapy session. I thought it would take some time to take effect but it worked immediately. It was also fascinating to go back and see where the fear originated. Other things came up in the regression that I had not gone to that regression for… But were in the back of my mind. The Image spoke words to me that I understood. Moved me to tears of happiness. It is an amazing experience, which I now believe to be true. Thank you Kyra.

Musicvideosish, 8/25/14
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…I’ve read with 30+ mediums as I used to manage all #digital content production and social distribution for a $33 mil / yr psychic company.

Kyra blows them away…She mentioned Moishe Baran…word for word Moishe and Kyra doesn’t know Yiddish…The name Leo was popped up as an uncle on my father side – Leopold…I never met him. He perished with most of my father’s family in Auschwitz…”

Suzanne, 1/18/14


Kyra Oser, open-channeler, hypnotherapist and healer.  The information she conveyed to me during my session with her was highly personal and could not be found anywhere online.

The Psychic Blogger, 06/16/11

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“Impressively precise and positive!”
I am so lucky to have found someone so real and talented. Your channeling was amazing down to names, etc. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings. Thanks for all the great advise.
Mimi L., 11/26/14

“Talented, insightful and nice”

My experience with Kyra was great ! She has many resources to use in order to aid and help her clients obtain what they are looking for. I enjoyed my reading very much and the hypnotherapy session as well. She delivers the information very well and is a very nice person who makes you feel comfortable. She takes her time and is focused on her clients. I would definitely go back and highly recommend her .
Felipe P., 11/12/14
I had my first reading and hypnotherapy session wit Kyra yesterday. I was amazed at the accuracy of the reading. I’m organizing my place today and I’m amazed that I don’t have anxiety while doing it. I’ve had multiple hypnotherapy sessions with other practitioners and have not had these types of results. You can tell that she loves what she does and she is truly gifted!
Matt C., 09/27/14

“Kyra gives me insight and positivity”

At the moment I am fighting a hard battle with a big corporation, its tough. Knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel and pointing me in the right direction helps enormously. Kyra has helped me through difficult times and she does this with honesty, warmth and without judgment. She is very gifted, I love speaking to her and always feel positive afterwards, thanks for being there Kyra.

Bea H, 7/29/14


“Gifted and highly honorable”

This is the first time I’ve had an appointment with Kyra, and I couldn’t recommend her talents enough. Kyra was extremely personable & she is very in touch with her gifts. I highly recommend recording your session. My session was on Saturday afternoon and something she touched on already presented it self less than 24 hrs later. I’m currently planning to schedule a different, appointment Kyra in the future. Thank you for the work you provide.

Kelly H, 4/27/14


“I had no idea how amazing Kyra was when I first met her”

Kyra is so amazing. I had no idea what to expect when I first met her. When she started to tell me things about passed loved ones, they were so accurate, I knew she was channeling them. She is also very intuitive about helping you with life in general. She has a great head on her shoulders and she helped me with anxiety I was having. I really appreciate her.

Tracey V, 4/01/14


“An amazing gift”

Yesterday was my first reading with Kyra and I can not recommend her enough. Not only is Kyra the best psychic I’ve had a reading with in terms of her ability to see specific events and people in the future, but her genuine desire to use her talent to help and heal is abundantly clear. The reading was incredibly insightful and gave me precise pointers to look for in upcoming opportunities as well as a situation to avoid. So helpful. Thank you Kyra!

Sherill T, 2/12/14


“Amazing Accuracy”

When I had my first reading with Kyra in August 2013, I was very intrigued by the things she told me that would take place in the months to come. I didn’t understand how some of these events would unfold, (because there were no sort of plans or ideas about any of these things at the time of her reading), but sure enough, they all transpired in the time frame she said they would. I am truly astonished by the accuracy and details offered in her readings. I will be back, and I highly recommend her.

Kristen L, 12/30/13


“So nice to know….”

My reading was really amazing with Kyra! She was incredibly spot on with understanding the deepest part of my soul. In a calming, straight forward, and giving light, Kyra will give you positive guidance to all your questions, worries, hopes and dreams. In terms of her psychic ability, I can hands down say she is the best psychic I have ever experienced. She has pulled out names of the the men I’ve been and am connected to! She knew I had a son and a daughter. BUT, it’s the ‘information’ she gives you that is so beneficial in her readings. In helping to let go of an attachment, or to the steps to getting what you want…how close it it is…..and what it looks like.I am writing her predictions down in my journal and also filling my calendar with things I need to do that mimic my heart’s desire. You do have to put it out there, but Kyra will guide and help you! Thank you Kyra.

Kate R, 12/19/13


“Very Impressed”

This was my first time getting a reading with Kyra and I was very impressed. She knew things about me that she couldn’t have known. I had been very upset about a situation and she was able to put my mind to rest and realize why I was having such a hard time with it. She was exactly right. It has made me look forward to my future for the first time in a long time. I recommend her highly. She’s the real deal.

Johanna G, 9/28/13


“Very good reading!”

Very good reading, thank you. Kyra was very accurate about what is happening currently in my life before I said anything to her. Her predictions for the future helped me feel more secure and make positive choices in the present. I had a rush of good energy and enthusiasm after our session. I wouldn’t trust a lot of people to look into my life present and future but I m very glad I had a reading from Kyra and i would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive reading.

Laure C, 9/27/13


“Ethical, Honest, Inspired by the Divine”

I am so happy to be able to give Kyra this review. I have been reading regularly with Kyra for about 2 years now. She is honest, accurate, tells you the hard things (I know he has great abs but I don’t see him ever getting serious)…all I told her was his name..thats it! And she was right..(his) head was as hard as his abs. Kyra gives a startling accurate account of whats coming in for you with you offering NO DETAILS….she just begins channeling. IT IS AMAZING!. She has been correct about boys going out, soul mates coming in, raises, promotions and TIMELINES, arguments with friends…you name it she KNOWS it. Get your first reading with her…give yourself a fair amount of time…WRITE IT DOWN, with timelines. Over the next few months cross off what predictions happen…if you are a control freak like me…call her back and the items that were crossed off ask for updates and advance them….Its amazing. I have a notebook full of accurate predictions. Kyra is amazing

Amberely W, 9/20/13
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“Very detailed”

Mind blowing. Very kind person. Enjoyable to talk to. Her abilities are unmatched. I have had a few readings with Kyra and each time the experience is amazing. Very detailed and accurate.

A.D., 11/17/2015

“Her accuracy in readings is astounding” (5 Stars)

The absolute best.  Kyra is incredibly kind and gentle and intuitive.  Her accuracy in readings is astounding.  Can’t sing her praises enough.  Love.
Andi K., 6/10/2015
“If I find myself in need of hypnosis again I will definitely go back to her” (5 Stars)

If you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Los Angeles you are in luck, Kyra Oser is the real deal. I quit smoking 25 years ago with hypnotherapy and was so impressed that I have used it numerous times over the years for an assortment of reasons. Consequently I have been to quite a few hypnotherapists in LA and the San Fernando Valley. Kyra is someone I recommend highly and without reservation. Her voice is perfect. She knows what she is doing, and she really helped me. If I find myself in need of hypnosis again I will definitely go back to her.

Lisa M., 4/30/2015

“Helpful information for the future.”  (5 Stars)

Kyra is amazing!! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking insight and guidance with anything challenging you at the moment. She eased my concerns and provided me with helpful information for the future. I’m looking forward to the changes that are coming thanks to Kyra.

Amanda R., 4/16/2015

“Everything that she told me makes sense.”  (5 Stars)

I had a psychic reading with Kyra. This is the first time I am writing a review on Yelp. Because I need to be really impressed to do so. But I have to say that she is amazing. Everything that she told me makes sense. And she told me so many things without having any information about me. You just have to try her out. You won’t be disappointed. Thnak you for this great reading Kyra. I will come back for another reading ….for sure !!!!

S.H., 3/13/2015


“I wish I’d had her in my life decades ago.” (5 Stars)

A friend and his wife recommended Kyra to me. I have consulted with psychics in the past, with varying results, but I was faced with a cluster of either/or dilemmas, and I thought I would consult with her, and my REACTIONS to her suggestions would let me know what to do.

Well. She was so on target, I started to wonder if she was telling the future, or just reading my mind. So far (it’s been 6 months) everything has played out just as she said. I took copious notes, and reading them at this point is both humbling and inspiring. I’m beginning to believe in Destiny a bit. (This is why is is foolish to compare yourself to others. You are not living their life. You’re on a whole different path.)

I recommended Kyra to another friend, who was not so impressed. She thought Kyra was off on several of her suggestions. Now, months later, Kyra has proven correct on all counts. My friend isn’t as tuned in with herself as I am (she’s busy, with a real-world job, and at the beck and call of others; I am not). Kyra said her new job would last 2 years. My friend thought she’d found her “forever home” at work. Yeah. Now she knows she hasn’t. Two years sounds exactly right.

Contact Kyra. Very helpful. I wish I’d had her in my life decades ago. It might have saved me some precious lost time. But it’s my journey.

TL W., 01/19/15

“Skype sessions are just as effective” (5 Stars)

I don’t even know where to begin with my praise and admiration for Kyra and the wonderful work that she does.  She has helped me navigate through difficult emotional  times as well as helped me to appreciate when everything is wonderful in my life.  She has provided me with the tools that make me a better person, while recommending books, crystals, and healing exercises.  She has also done everything from help my Grandmother find a lost necklace, to helping a friend through a painful divorce.  If you are in LA, visiting with Kyra in person is great, but her Skype sessions are just as effective.  She is a good person who is very good at what she does and I would recommend to all!

-Ali R., 01/19/15

“THE REAL DEAL” (5 Stars)

I’ve been consulting with Kyra Oser for nearly 4 years. As the former head of Content Marketing at California Psychics, part of my role included reviewing psychics. I must have audited and analyzed 55 over the course of one year. Kyra blows them away and not solely as a medium. I’ve attended her workshops and developed my intuitive skills. Her psychic advice is spiritually-based and she provides tools to enhance your life. I’ve been recommended books which have helped me grow and her predictions about my work/career, love life and family life have all been realized and actualized.

As far as medium readings, she’s been spot on. I discovered deceased relatives I never knew existed and became reunited with cousins I didn’t know I had — all due to her. My entire family was wiped out in concentration camps with few survivors and my brother passed by his own hand. She knew childhood toys, specific names and descriptions of my brother. She’s described my grandmother accurately. She’s read for my husband, aunt and a few friends with successful results.

I highly recommend hypnotherapy – I stopped a nasty habit by learning the source of trauma and memories I had buried deep in my subconsciousness. Recently, Kyra helped me focus on self-confidence in a hynosis session. She’s a true gifted healer, teacher and visionary. I could not lead my life as well or strive to become my highest self without her guidance and patience.

Suzanne B., 01/16/2015

“Spot on” (5 Stars)

I first met Kyra when she was doing psychic tarot readings at Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice almost two years ago and I continue to see her whenever I feel I need guidance, to me it feels like catching up with a good friend . Not only has she been spot on, comforting and gentle with her delivery she has predicted things that happened within hours to months of my readings. Kyra has given me hope when I have felt lost and has restored my faith that my spirit guides have my best interest. She is compassionate and positive as well as listens to what I need in order to help heal me. I always walk away feeling better after each visit and I am excited to continue to work with her.

Denise S., 01/14/15


“Totally deserves all the good reputation she has earned” (5 Stars)

Kyra is just amazing at what she does and also a very caring person. You feel that she is your friend, while at the same time you know you are dealing with a wonderful professional.
I did channeling with her in Los Angeles and all three times made me think that she totally deserves all the good reputation she has earned through her work. She is charismatic!

L.F., 01/14/15


“Nailed dates, places, events” (5 Stars)

I have had the great fortune of finding Kyra and have had several psychic/tarot readings with her over the past years. Her accuracy is truly remarkable and I am always blown away. She has nailed dates, places, events, and is extremely accurate at tuning into people and then able to guide in a very loving and spiritual way to help them perhaps overcome obstacles we sometimes get stuck on. I always recommend her and look forward to my sessions with her. I am always left completely uplifted!

MJ, 01/09/15


“I would definitely go see her again”(5 Stars)

Kyra is awesome, she’s so nice and caring and just wants to help you
she’s the real deal, she doesn’t do any scams or says theres any spells on you
I would definitely go see her again ! She’s licensed in hypnotherapy as well
I couldn’t of asked for a better experience and she’s not too bad on pricing either.
If your going through a difficult time or just need some answers I highly recommend her.
What an awesome human being

Phil P., 2/9/14


“Amazed at her accuracy”(5 Stars)

I’ve had several readings with Kyra over the last couple of years & have always walked away amazed at her accuracy. She’s precise, to the point, compassionate & positive at all times. And she throws some humor into the mix also.
Her style is refreshing…….she doesn’t use cards but gets her insight from her guides. She relays the information in everyday language so it’s easy to understand.
She immediately puts you at ease in the readings with her positive & compassionate outlook. It’s like sitting down with a good friend–someone who cares.

Creative I., 2/9/14


“Her predictions have been accurate”(5 Stars)

The best hypnotherapist and psychic healer I have met in Los Angeles. Living in LA for nearly a decade, I’ve worked at psychic hotlines and produced new age content but had a difficult time finding a light worker/healer. Thanks to Jamie Allen, I became connected with a truly gifted and HONEST psychic who has provided guidance, empowerment and healed many anxious habits and tortured thinking resonating from childhood. Kyra takes the time to help others and her predictions have been accurate. I recommend Kyra to anyone seeking the truth in their fears, anxiety and uncovering the source of repressed emotions.You have to be ready to do the work

Suzanne B, 3/13/12


“very accurate in her insight”(5 Stars)

Kyra is the real deal, very accurate in her insight and knows what she’s talking about. I know she is guided by Spiritual Beings and always speaks in a loving way with clarity and can answer your questions easily. I have had a few readings with her and have recommended her to friends.

Jennifer H, 3/13/12


“I am very impressed by her accuracy”(5 Stars)

Kyra is such a joy to work with! I have had two sessions with her thus far and I am very impressed by her accuracy and advice. She is funny and personable and after each session I walk away feeling confident and empowered in regard to my life. I can’t wait for my next session with her!

Kimberly T, 7/18/12


“So many things she told me have come to pass”(5 Stars)

All I can say is Kyra is AWESOME! As someone who has very little experience with psychics in the past, I didn’t know exactly what to expect from my 1st reading. Most of my” knowledge” of psychics came from the movies or from standing in line at the grocery store perusing the tabloids in the checkout line. Much to my surprise, Kyra was kind, warm, sincere and engaging. She put me at ease immediately. So many things she told me have come to pass. She was very specific with her reading. I came away with a newfound sense of well-being. Every reading since has mirrored the first. I have sent several friends to her, and their experience was much the same. I highly recommend you treat yourself to some “Kyra Time :)!

Kenneth G, 3/13/12




“Correct about every current event or situation” (5 Stars)

The moment I met Kyra I knew she was truly gifted and genuine. She identified my spiritual side immediately. The blessing is she is very caring & divinely compassionate. Every session we have ever had has been filled with truth & enlightenment. She has been correct about every current event or situation and has helped as a great spiritual counselor in the best way possible. I highly recommend her and assure you will be completely satisfied with her beautiful ways of communicating what needs to be heard. She is supportive & loving & always there whenever you need her services.

Tiphany Adams, Star of Hit Series ‘Push Girls’, 01/14/15


“Was right about me at every hit”  (5 Stars)

All psychics I’ve seen were like 50+ and so there was always sort of like an age difference barrier in thinking for me. Caught by Kyra’s charm on youtube – no way someone that young and hot could be so talented – curiosity drew me in. After hearing her talk, got the sense this was someone who was really intelligent with a defining & logical mind, like a new-breed of young psychics w/ a lot of knowledge in many fields. Turned out to be pretty right. Kyra’s considerate of her client’s needs. Felt she was honest, humble, non-judgmental which made me felt comfortable and relaxed. If she wasn’t clear or doesn’t know something she will let you know without hesitation – cool personality with no ego. She starts out by telling you about yourself and was right about me at every hit. We than went to questions where she utilizes a broad set of talents she selects from to hone in for further details. This time I got tarot which was cool as usual. She finally told me things I didn’t know which was the funnest part. Didn’t get a chance to experience hypno but that stuff is real. Totally refreshing experience! Highly recommended! Don’t be fooled. She’s a rare.

Tyson Fox, 03/26/15




CALIFORNIA – Kyra Oser, open-channeler, hypnotherapist and healer.  The information she conveyed to me during my session with her was highly personal and could not be found anywhere online.

The Psychic Blogger, 06/16/11





Kyra was wonderful and professional with all my guests. Everyone left happy!

Stephany W, 11/15/13




“Remarkable insights”

Kyra is a healer, coach, hypnotherapist and exemplary human being. She has always fostered positive growth and provided genuine recommendations and remarkable insights which have guided me personally and professionally. She is unmatched in this regard!

Suzanne, 5/29/13




“Recharging, enriching, and enlightening as I remembered!”

J.C., 12/17/14




“Yes, some Mediums are accurate”

…She mentioned Moishe…word for word Moishe and Kyra doesn’t know Yiddish or Yiddish names…Mention of the handkerchief I have signifies that (she) was at my wedding in April. The name Leo was popped up as an uncle on my father side – Leopold…A businessman excited about business. I never met him. He perished with most of my father’s family in Auschwitz.”

Suzanne, 1/18/14


REVIEWS 2011 – 2012


I have had several readings with Kyra in the past year and have found her to be extremely accurate, insightful, warm, caring, and the ability to give guidance which I acted upon. Thank you, Kyra, for being a beam of light in our lives.

Jennifer H., CA – 2012


One of the best psychics ever. She hones right in without very much input from the reader. Very accurate.

Diane, CA – 2012


Kyra is amazing! I’ve seen her several times and she is always accurate. She is honest with good and bad but always kind. I highly recommend her

C.C., CA – 2012


Kyra was extremely accurate in her reading for me, even before she laid out the cards. She gave additional information and insight which was very helpful and put my mind at ease. I would definitely see her again. Thank you, Kyra.

Jennifer Anne, CA – 2012


My significant other and I were broken up, and I was extremely distraught. I was shocked when she told me that there was still marriage for us in my future. I didn’t see how this was possible…Well, long story short, I got married two weeks ago…just as she had said.

Sandra, OR – 2012


I think about you often. If you only knew the way you changed my life. You put me back on the right track. Everything I used to feel about myself you reminded me I am still that person…you impressed me so much. When I left your first reading. I felt chills up from the top of my head down lower back. I felt them go down, up, twice. I felt like I had been to church (spiritual experience) for the first time.

JoAnn, CA – 2012


I never expected to learn so much from her in such a little amount of time. Some of the things she told me didn’t make sense until months down the road and they were without a doubt astonishing! She told me about a sequence of events that would occur that I didn’t foresee possible; she was right on! My advice to anyone, make an appointment… AMAZING!

Katia, CA – 2012



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