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The following post includes Ukraine predictions and predictions about Putin invading Eastern Europe that can be traced back to at least 2015 and were published on this blog. I’m reposting these in case they might help shed some light on recent and ongoing tragic events. At the bottom of this article, I posted an additional tarot reading to offer further predictions regarding Ukraine, Russia, and Putin.

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Psychic & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

February 2022

Dear Readers,

I will continue posting here and I have also begun to write on Substack. For more of my articles, please visit and subscribe at: https://psychichypnotictarot.substack.com/

The intention of today’s post is to offer some psychic insight into the future of this emerging, unfortunate, and brutal war, based on News from the Future’s predictions from 2015 to the present, all of which have been posted on this blog and my Twitter feed.

I am not posting these to make a note of where I was right. There is nothing I would like more than to have been wrong about this, or anything involving the suffering of living beings. The reason I compiled these predictions is that they offer additional details beyond what has already happened, and therefore might provide further warnings about upcoming events.

As you can see, the timing was not always accurate. This might be because I was not using cards or astrology for most of these, with the exception of more recent tweets. Most of the predictions on this blog, especially from further in the past, were derived from dreams and visions I was shown under self-hypnosis. As you can see from the first tweet I posted on 23 July 2021 where I predicted a “…near-future major war…involving most world powers including China & Russia”, using tarot cards can help with clarifying the timing of upcoming events. Overall, these predictions originated through the practises of self-hypnosis, dreaming, and tarot.

I will post more tarot card readings as soon as possible.

Слава Україні!

Kyra Lin Oser, M.A., C.Ht
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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Tarot Ukraine Predictions: Visions, Dreams & Cards

This Russian invasion of Ukraine is an attempt to dominate through outmoded means of warfare. This week’s invasion brings to light the outdated notion of invasions, territory, and colonisation. Putin is using early twentieth-century and previous tactics which don’t translate into a twenty-first-century context and it won’t go well for him. This is the beginning of the end for his regime. Unfortunately, there will be many more lives lost before that happens. This will result in an uprising in Russia and something of another, albeit different, Russian Revolution, much like the dream I had which I wrote about on this blog in 2015 and 2016 and which is posted towards the end of this post.

Previous Russia and Ukraine Predictions: 2015-Present

Most of the following archived predictions are listed in chronological order. The ones that were posted on Twitter can be searched for there and I have provided screenshots. I also posted screenshots from blog predictions along with the dates when they were published. You will find a hyperlink attached to the date of each blog prediction that will take you back to the original post.

In some of these, you will see a description of what I got right and what I missed. In other screenshots, such as ones in which have the predictions have a clear connection to current events, I did not address the accuracy or lack thereof in the interest of brevity. Please post comments and questions below or on Twitter or Substack. I will do my best to stay in touch if and when I think further readings might be of help under the ongoing circumstances.

Tweets with Tarot About War with Russia: 2018-2021

23 July 2021:

9 June 2018:

26 July 2019: Poetry Tarot Reading in Response to Reader Question

2 January 2020:

14 March 2020:

13 July 2020: Anti-War Posts

Trial in the Hague for Putin: 2017-2022

6 June 2017:

27 February 2022: Confirmation of Prediction

What I Got Wrong: In 2017, I predicted a trial for Putin in the Hague by 2021, but it is just being announced in 2022.

Dreams, Visions and War Predictions: 2015-2021

7 January 2015:

16 January 2016:

What I Got Wrong: Timing of Conflict (and Clinton Did Not Choose Castro as Running Mate)

All of the rest of this headline (world war, stocks plummeting, and biggest oil crisis since the ’70s) seems to be happening all at once, yet five years later than predicted.

Note: It’s productive to look at where things don’t match up in predictions and recall what methodology was used so that mistakes can be learned from and the craft of psychic abilities can benefit from further development.

31 December 2016:

30 June 2018:

23 July 2018:

August 8, 2021:

29 December 2021:

This last reading from 2021 included tarot card predictions and indicates an economic revolution and focus on major economic changes for 2022.** Speaking of predictions for 2022, here is the next tarot card reading in which I asked about the Russian invasion…

Today’s Tarot Card Reading


9 of Wands, Queen of Wands, Knight of Pentacles

The 9 of Wands is a card that points to courage, resilience, and persistence in the presence of adversity. There is exhaustion but hope that remains despite difficulties. There are still struggles and battles to come, and the bandage on the head of the figure in this card indicates embattlement and wounds, but perseverance will win out in the end when this card shows up in a reading. The 9 of Wands is also a card that indicates financial trouble, but it is temporary.

The Queen of Wands is about confidence, focus, and independence. Notice the sunflower in her hair, which is the national flower of Ukraine. This flower indicates a triumph in leadership. She is capable, determined, instinctual, and positive. The sign Leo is indicated by the sun in her flower and the lions on her throne, so leaders with prominent Leo or Aquarius in their charts, which is the case with President Zelenskyy, will be capable of staying focused and maintaining independence. This card, like the 9 of Wands and other Wand cards, can indicate multiple leaders with fire signs who have a significant role to play in fighting this war.

Knight of Pentacles

Finally, the Knight of Pentacles indicates further economic funding from world leaders which will act as a source of not only physical strength but also emotional support. Since this is a Knight and not a King, there is help but not as much as there should be considering the scale of the threat.

Some of the help will be too little, too late, and in future years the assessment by historians will be that Ukraine should have been assisted sooner and before this problem spread to other countries. In the dreams and visions I have had before and which you can see in the above predictions, Putin intends to dominate Eastern Europe and go further if allowed. The sooner he is stopped, the fewer countries he will have a chance to invade. He is already getting desperate because things are not going according to his plans.

Overall, these three cards, especially in close proximity, represent positive leadership and resistance. That opposition and defiance will be echoed by people in other countries, including many who are in Russia and don’t believe in or want this war. They, too, will suffer.


The Fool, 3 of Cups

Putin will make many tactical mistakes and act too rashly and impulsively, according to The Fool card. He will resort to attempted kidnapping, ransom, extortion of politicians, public figures, and civilians. 3 of Cups indicates a worldwide alliance against him and he becomes increasingly isolated, even from many in Russia and even within his own cabinet.

The 3 of Cups signifies that he has relied on friends to get him this far, but with an economic downturn and the inevitable problems this will cause even by tomorrow morning, Putin will find himself alone in his ambition. He may struggle with an issue involving drugs which have made him susceptible to neo-Nazi beliefs hidden under the guise of supposed “religion” and a pseudo-conservative “return to traditions” which will sound reminiscent of other dictators.

Judgment R

He will fall, but not before causing a lot more damage and harm. Trials by international courts which rule against Putin are indicated by Judgment Reversed. He will cause significant destruction before he is stopped, and it will take many countries to halt his ill-conceived advances and delusional attempts to gain power. However, a new kind of unifying anti-war force is growing across the world because of the emergence of what is perceived as a common “enemy”. This solidarity can be used as a force for good.

Conclusion: The Climate of War

Irreversible global warming wasn’t enough to get leaders to do anything about the climate crisis. A global pandemic wasn’t enough. Now we have war with most countries involved, even if only economically and by providing weaponry at this point. Will the threat of a major war involving the second-largest nuclear power finally be enough? The longer so-called leaders wait the worse the climate catastrophe will get until action is finally taken. All of humanity and other species are at stake. The entire future of existence is at stake. So the signs will be big and they will grow.

There is no explanation or justification for these events, and there is no reason for violence, war, or even one avoidable casualty. The cards predict that current problems will continue to escalate until positive action is taken towards solving the climate catastrophe.

The Next Russian Revolution: 2017 Dream

10 May 2017:

This dream from 2017, in conjunction with this week’s events, indicates that you can expect an uprising in Russia that brews this week and explodes into the coming weeks and months. These protests will continue to escalate and grow in numbers, even as they are increasingly and brutally suppressed by the Russian government. I see the smashing of bank windows and widespread anarchy. Judging from the feeling in my dream from 2017, this will be the biggest uprising in that region since the Russian Revolution of 1917.

For recent and archived astrology predictions about Putin, Russia, Ukraine, and more, please visit https://www.jessicaadams.com/

More Russia, EU, World, & Ukraine Predictions Coming Soon

Coming Soon: “Court Cards in Tarot Reads: Royalty in the Palm of Your Hand”

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  1. Nolunkcwe Bomela on June 30, 2022 at 10:39 am said:

    Very encouraging predictions about Putin’s ebd.

  2. Richard on June 11, 2022 at 12:46 pm said:

    When do you see this war will end?

  3. Well Kyra will I win lottery jackpot in 2022 ?

  4. Nathan Fleischman on February 27, 2022 at 9:37 pm said:

    This is awful. The possibility of a war like this never really occurred to anyone.

  5. Jesse J. Tripp on February 27, 2022 at 7:49 pm said:

    Any time frame for Putin’s final downfall?

    Sorry about this, but thank you for this tarot. You predicted the Ukraine thing well.

  6. Jesse J. Tripp on February 27, 2022 at 7:47 pm said:

    Kyra, how long will it be before Putin is finally ruined irreparably?

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