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*Special rates available for a limited time only. Packages can be divided into 60, 90, 120, 150, or 180-minute sessions and can be used for psychic readings, hypnotherapy, or a combination of both. 24-Hour Package expires two years from date of purchase. 12-Hour package expires one year from date of purchase.

Booking Appointments

If you would like to book an appointment, please purchase your session by choosing from the drop-down menu and clicking the “Buy Now” button above.* Once your payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation and can email with a few of your preferred dates/ times. Please note that all payments must be made through Paypal in advance of completing your booking.

If you request a Paypal invoice instead of using the “Buy Now” button to make your purchase, I can hold your appointment for up to 48 hours. I cannot guarantee that your chosen time will still be available after 48 hours if you have not completed the payment.

Please note that all group events will be charged at a three-hour minimum rate. After you purchase a session, I will send you a Zoom link. Please note if you prefer Skype, Facetime, or WhatsApp. I recommend Zoom because of its connection capabilities.

NOTE: Online sessions only. I do not offer in-person sessions. Paypal payments only. Sorry, I am currently unable to take clients who reside in Canada.

Thank you for your business.

Con immensa gratitudine,
Kyra Oser, M.A., C.Ht
Ph.D. Student
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

NEW! Psychic Training & Mentorship with Kyra Oser

I am now offering a one-on-one course for current or developing professionals who are serious about developing their psychic abilities with my unique technique. This opportunity is not available anywhere else and I will only be offering this training to select students and for a limited time.

The foundation of this technique was passed down from my grandmother, Gladys Bryna Gittel Libanoff Oser (1912-1986), to my father, Lanny Harris Oser (1948-2020), who taught me how to use these abilities from the time that I was a child and until he crossed over. One of the last things he said to me before he passed onto the Other Side was, “You have to teach this to other people”. It is the only thing he asked me to do in his memory. He knew that these spiritual traditions that have been passed down in our family for hundreds, possibly thousands of years, would die out with us. Unless I would be willing to share them. These techniques can be traced back to Jewish shamanism and continued to be practised in Eastern Europe and, more recently, through my family after they emigrated to the east and west coasts of the United States.

Over the years, I learned and developed more specific techniques within the framework that my family gave me by working with thousands of clients from all over the world for over 20 years. Months after my father left this world, I began receiving more requests than ever to teach these skills to others, and I don’t think the timing of that trend was a coincidence. This is why I’m offering one-on-one training for the first time.

This is a six-hour course and we would meet for 4 to 10 one-hour sessions, depending on your skill level, commitment, and how quickly you advance through the coursework, over Zoom or Skype. One of the benefits of learning new techniques is that you will have something to rely on in your readings when you are not sure if something you are picking up on is valid or not. Of course, there are multiple techniques out there and as a lifelong student myself, I encourage you to research, explore, and learn as much as you can from multiple sources. What I am offering you is a system that I know has consistently worked for me and my family for generations and that I have not found to be available anywhere else.

Once you have graduated from the Advanced course you will 1) receive a certificate of completion and 2) gain access to continued mentorship at no additional cost.** I would be available to guide you with “refresher sessions” by meeting for 20-30 minutes up to twice a year, for as long as this programme continues to be offered. You would be able to say that you have been trained, not by a book or recording, but in an exclusive, personalised one-on-one course and lifetime of guidance that you have undergone as one of my chosen students.

Please note that I am not able to take everyone as a student because it depends on where you are in your development, what kind of values you have, and whether or not you are ready to do the work. Most of the recent enquiries I received were not accepted. However, if you are compassionate, kind, humble, and sincere about your interest in helping people (which I believe is the main point of this work), then you would be an excellent candidate for learning this technique, whether you have developed psychic abilities yet or not. If you already have psychic skills, you are welcome to sign up for the advanced version of my course. Additional qualities I look for in potential students/protégés include:

1) Honesty: this is required for being able to access information that can be of service to others.
2) Service: A willingness to be of service as a reader, as this work is intended only for helping people (and, sometimes, other living beings). The techniques I teach will only work if there is no ego involved.
3) Perseverance: Students/protégés need to be committed to practising this work. Psychic abilities don’t develop overnight. I work with students who are willing to continue learning and practising their skills.
4) Acceptance: Be aware that results may vary from student to student. As you mentioned, you have certain skills that you have already noticed. Some students will be stronger in one area than another and that is okay. Through doing this work, you will get to see what works best for you in receiving and sharing messages.

Some of the interactive, step-by-step lessons in the courses include:

Beginning-Intermediate Course (4-6 Sessions)

*Psychic Trance & How to Invoke Your Personal Guides: Hypnotic Rituals for the Effective Psychic

*How to Read Tarot Cards

*Awakening Multiple Senses Simultaneously: How to Access Past & Present Cognitive Information through Inner Visual, Auditory, Tactile, & Olfactory Work

*Remote Viewing: Exploring Distant Lands, Times, & Objects

*Emergency Self-Hypnosis for the Intuitive: Quick Techniques for Overcoming Psychic Blocks in a Reading

*The Karmic Psychic: How to Use Intuitive Work to Create Positive, Harmonious, & Lasting Change in the World for You & Your Clients

Advanced Course (8-10 Sessions)

All of the above, plus lessons on:

*How (& When) to Predict Timing

*How to Make Predictions About Future News & World Events

*Mediumship & Dreams: Bridging the Gap Between Worlds with Dreamwork

*How to Start or Grow Your Own Psychic Business

*How to Become a Psychic Mentor Yourself

& More

I am confident that my technique is something that will benefit you and I’m excited to connect with you and share what I have been privileged enough to learn and experience. Spaces are limited but I am currently taking new students so if you are interested in getting started today, please email or sign up below through Paypal.*

One-on-One Psychic Training with Kyra Oser

*Please note that there are no refunds on the course, no exceptions.

**Lifetime Mentorship is only available to Advanced Course graduates. If you initially sign up for the Advanced Course it is available at the posted discounted rate. If you purchase a Beginning/Intermediate course and later decide to continue with the Advanced Course/Continued Mentorship, you do not have to start over but the cost will be twice the posted price for the Beginning/Intermediate course rather than the discounted rate. For instance, if you paid $3000 USD for Beginning/Intermediate you would pay another $3000 USD to continue into the Advanced course for a total of $6000 USD. However, if you initially purchase the Advanced course/Mentorship, the total cost would be $5000 USD. Sorry, courses are not currently offered in Canada.

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LOCAL TIME: Appointment confirmations will appear in Pacific Standard Time (PST or PDT), so please arrange your schedule accordingly. You will be responsible for converting to your own time zone.

ZOOM/ SKYPE/ FACETIME: If you do not specify a preference otherwise you will be sent a Zoom link closer to the date of your appointment. I will be calling you as close as possible to your appointment time. Please leave at least a 15-minute window for receiving your call.

While I can call you by phone, the sound quality will likely not be as optimal as if we connect through a video platform. Zoom or Skype is highly recommended for ideal connectivity, especially if you are outside of North America. Please note that you can choose to turn your camera off if you only want to connect via audio on any video platform.

RECORDINGS: Audio recordings are permitted. If you do not want to make the recording yourself, you have the option of ordering an audio recording (MP3 only) for an additional fee through the “Buy Now” button below. Please order a recording only when you are also purchasing a session. I do not offer CDs or video recordings. If you choose a longer session, your recording might need to be sent in more than one file.


GIFT CERTIFICATES: If ordering as a gift, simply type “Gift Certificate” in your email when you order. You can forward the confirmation of purchase to a recipient of your choice.

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How Long of a Session Do You Need?

You have the option of choosing up to three hours. Here are some additional benefits to having a longer session:

*Often people bring questions to a session. But the answers don’t always solve the underlying, sometimes long-term, problem. Longer sessions allow me to get to the root of your concern and to offer solutions that you can continue to use in other situations and relationships.

*Booking a longer session and going more deeply into solutions could save you some time and money in the long run, as you might not be as likely to come back for this issue again.

Reschedule Policy

Reschedule Policy: When an appointment is rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance, the payment can be applied to a future session but will not be refunded. If an appointment is rescheduled less than 24 hours in advance, there will be a charge for both sessions. Please book your rescheduled session for a date that falls within one year from the initial date of purchase.
Payment Policy: *No refunds, no exceptions. All purchases are final. Rescheduled sessions expire one year from the date of purchase. Packages expire one year from the date of purchase.



*Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only, in no way constitute legal, financial, medical, mental health, or other advice, and are not performed by a licensed medical practitioner. Please consult with a medical doctor regarding all health concerns. The consultation you receive is subject to your own interpretation and you agree to take full responsibility for your interpretation. We will not be held responsible for any decisions or actions taken by you. We make no representations or warranties, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, relevancy, or quality of the information provided. No guarantees are stated or implied.

Please CLICK HERE to read the full disclaimer before purchasing a session. By purchase of this session, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the full disclaimer.



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