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If you have a spiritual commitment to personal evolution, I offer weekly life coaching in Los Angeles and also by Skype or phone. This system is for those seeking a deeper journey into spirituality. These are the same psychic readings that I normally offer, but with a focus on inner growth, finding your calling, and changing your life. Life coaching is a popular and well-accepted method of seeking growth and reaching goals in Los Angeles. As such, you will find that there are many life coaches in Los Angeles to choose from. The difference with my sessions is that you will also get the benefit of spiritual guidance, as I integrate tarot cards and channeling into every life coaching session.

There will still be channeling along with life coaching, but you will also become a part of the conversation. Please bring questions and goals about what you are seeking in life so that I can use my psychic work and life coaching experience to help you find meaning and fulfillment on your spiritual path.

Psychic life coaching will be scheduled at the same day and time each week and can be purchased as discounted packages on a monthly basis. You will have your own time on the schedule, although it is flexible. You can choose to stop monthly services at any time. If you’re ready to book, simply choose “package” or “psychic reading” when you book your first session and let me know when you call or arrive that you want life coaching added into your reading.


What is the Purpose of Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a technique of producing quick results in someone’s life by connecting them to their ultimate purpose(s) in life, helping them follow their calling, and ultimately creating a more meaningful life enhanced by heightened spiritual awareness. The way we create change on an unconscious level is explained more in my blog article, “The Secret Behind the Secret, Part I“. The following is an excerpt:

Secret Relationships: When Energy Fields Interact

“Our energy fields, comprised of subconscious thoughts, communicate with those of others, almost like separate entities. Do you want them speaking on your behalf? Others sense them intuitively and may react to us accordingly. We often find ourselves attracted to people whose energy field of mixed fears and desires seem to provide a solution for our hopes to gain approval of those with whom we have unresolved conflicts from the past. This is often an attempt to recreate and fix a parental relationship, but the process can extend to issues carried over from previous lifetimes. Sometimes dreams provide a clue about what we are suppressing in waking life and also serve as a reminder of the things we aspire to achieve.

The Real Secret Behind “The Secret”

The Secret offers a helpful solution for creating more of the life you want, but a missing component in the equation is that blocks need to be removed in order to fully believe that you can receive something different than what you have become accustomed to. The most important aspect of The Secret is practising happiness and contentment in order to attract more of the things that make you happy and content through a system of belief, much like Shakti Gawain’s earlier book, Creative Visualisation, which encourages readers to “desire, ask, believe, and receive”. It’s easy enough to manufacture a temporary state of serenity by acting as if your life is in its ideal state, which in itself is a useful and effective exercise, but maintaining that peacefulness is a challenge for all of us. Realisation of blocks can support an increase in emotional stability, which in turn allows room for more consistent manifestation.

Keep in mind that the goal is not to be happy all the time. A healthy perspective includes acknowledging a wide range of emotions. The purpose of this exercise is to get you closer to the life you want. Sometimes what you want will change, and other times it will be eclipsed by a divine consciousness that knows what we need more than we do ourselves. It often happens that we are able to appreciate the unexpected direction our lives took only with years of hindsight. Other times we have a calling that is closely aligned with our spiritual destiny, which makes manifestation easier because our desires are not in conflict with what we came here to do (dharma).”

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