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Kyra Oser using divining rods on the Hill of Tara in Ireland

I provide psychic readings worldwide online via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or phone. My goal is to help you improve your life and I enjoy working with clients who are open to the benefits of self-improvement. I’m wishing you the very best in your journey to finding all you want in life.




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Psychic and Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles Yelp Reviews

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Astrology: Western. Chart comparisons, transits, secondary progressions, solar arc progressions, current horoscopes, and astrocartography are available.

Automatic Drawing: As a psychic medium and professional artist, I can help the dearly departed communicate with the living by creating automatic drawings and paintings to channel portraits and images from the Other Side.

Automatic Writing: I channel from the collective unconscious and spirits from the Other Side while in a state of self-hypnosis to bring you written messages from beyond.

Channeling: I will channel at the beginning of every psychic reading. This is how I do my best work, so it’s important that you hold your questions until I’m finished. Please let me know when something makes sense to you so I can look into it further. The most common reason why something doesn’t make sense is that Once I let you know it’s time to ask ques
Read Jose S.‘s review of Psychic Readings and Hypnotherapy By Kyra Oser on Yelp
Clairvoyance: Uncannily accurate past, present and future visions about your life. Available over the phone or in person.

Dream Interpretation: Dream translations can help you with problem solving for some of the issues you are currently working through. I use a dream therapy method developed at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute if your dream therapy is part of a hypnotherapy session. If you request dream analysis as part of a psychic reading, I will rely on my intuition for an interpretation.

Handwriting Analysis: Certified Advanced Handwriting Analyst: Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Discover a deeper insight into the nature of yourself and others with a detailed interpretation of the written word.

Hypnotherapy: Certified Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Overcome past patterns and open your life up to new opportunities. Specialising in relationship improvement, career success, weight loss, and pain management. Each session is tailored to your particular needs. Advanced Smoking Cessation Certification: Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

Karmic Astrology: Find out how to balance your karma with a past life astrology reading about relationships and events from previous lifetimes.

Life Coaching: Focus on finding your true calling and following your dreams. Life Coaching can be particularly helpful for those with self-motivating careers such as actors, authors, musicians, visual artists, athletes, or entrepreneurs.

Mediumship: Connections to loved ones, including animals, on the other side. Specific messages may come through. I’ve led multiple séances at Mystic Journey Bookstore and The Green Man Store and Los Angeles, CA.

Oracle Card Reading: Positive guidance for today and the future using decks such as Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angels and Life Purpose Cards.

Palmistry: A reading of your nature and destiny, particularly in relationships, based primarily on the lines and mounds of your palm. Some astrology is included in this reading, as various areas of your palm and fingers are ruled by different planets. Palmistry and/or tea leaf readings can be added to your psychic sessions at no extra charge, and are also available by phone or Skype. Please request tea leaf readings in advance so that I can put the kettle on before you call.

Past Life Regression: Expert past life regressionist with over 15 years of working with clients. Future Life Progressions and Explorations of the Afterlife are also available.

Pet Psychic: Reading of pets and animals, both living and those on the Other Side.

Psychic Intuitive Reading: Using extra sensory perception.

Tarot Card Reading: Master level with over 15 years of experience. Specialising in love relationships. Predictions are included.

Reiki Master/Teacher: Certified Reiki Master: International School of Reiki

Runes: Kyra has used the Ralph Blum set for over 15 years and is currently work with his Relationship Runes set.

Tea Leaf Readings: A symbolic interpretation of present and future influences in your life, particularly in love relationships. Current emotional states of those in your life are also interpreted.

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