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Today’s News from the Future is a review of 2020 pandemic predictions that were published prior to the outbreak. Imagine we’re psychic time travellers, being transported to the future of 2020 on a psychic time machine, with tarot cards as our tour guides…

Hypnotherapist & Psychic Kyra Oser

Pandemic Predictions Review: 2000-Present

I’ve received multiple requests from readers for pandemic predictions, but I’m being careful about how I communicate those due to public health and safety concerns. However, I’ve been publishing predictions about an upcoming pandemic/ epidemic/ plague for at least the last five years, and I’ve been making predictions about it in individual sessions since 2000. Perhaps it will be helpful to read predictions published about the pandemic before it occurred, as those entries will be less biased. I’m also going to look at the work critically by investigating what I missed with each prediction so I can continue to specify and improve these techniques.


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1) “Plague” Prediction: Published in 2015

What I Got Right: In this prediction that I channeled in December 2014 and posted in 2015, an upcoming plague was described as possibly originating in some part of Asia that “…Initially presents itself with symptoms of the flu, later including an itching at the bottom of the feet and eventually palms of the hands, accompanied by coughing and phlegm. If not treated, it can shut down the immune system”:
The Psychic Process: Channeling while under hypnosis
What I Missed: This prediction mentioned earlier versions of the disease already being present in 2015-2016 so the timing is off. I think “palms of the hands” might have to do with how we’re not supposed to touch faces or shake hands right now. I’m not sure if “itching at the bottom of the feet” was an anticipation of connected to COVID Toe or if it has something to do with spreading the virus with one’s feet or shoes.

2) The “Great Plague”: Published in 2015

What I Got Right: About a year later, in 2015, I predicted “The Great Plague of 2018”, which means the date moved to something years after what I predicted the year before.

pandemic predictions 2020

The Psychic Process: Channeling while under hypnosis

What I Missed: By 2015, I was projecting that the plague would be in 2018, not 2019. Was there an earlier version or awareness about a possible novel virus in 2018? I don’t know. Perhaps more will be revealed later.


3) “Plague” and “Quarantine”: Published in 2017

What I Got Right: In 2017, I predicted a “plague” and “quarantine”, suggesting that readers stock up on books to prepare for the time indoors: “Get ready to catch up on some reading until the quarantines subside”. I also mentioned that the plague would occur along with issues of social and racial justice, particularly citing that Kaepernick’s kneeling protests would be back in the news at that time. Tody’s riots occurring at the same time as a “plague” and “quarantine” match the predicted simultaneity of these events.

pandemic predictions 2020

The Psychic Process: Channeling while under hypnosis

What I Missed: I thought this would happen sooner so the timing was off. I don’t think I published the timing of this pandemic until I added tarot cards back into pandemic predictions in 2019-2020.


4) “Epidemic” to Intersect with US Health “Insurance Coverage” by “2019”: Published in 2017

What I Got Right: In 2017, I saw an epidemic that would complicate and challenge the US for-profit health insurance system by 2018-2019:

pandemic predictions 2020

The Psychic Process: Channeling while under hypnosis

5) “Post-Plague” Fight for “Equity”: Published in 2018

What I Got Right: This is more of an indirect pandemic prediction: in 2018, I discussed how egalitarianism flourished in post-plague Europe, then predicted those kinds of equities would return in our own future.

The Psychic Process: Channeling while under hypnosis
What I Missed: I was not specific about time or place so this was more of a general prediction.

6) “Global Health Challenges”, “Airborne and Waterborne Diseases” 2020: Published in 2019

What I Got Right: The main card I pulled for 2020 global health predictions was Strength reversed, a sign of international health issues:

pandemic predictions 2020

The Psychic Process: Channeling while under hypnosis, Tarot

7) “Pandemic” Predicted as “One of the Biggest News Stories of 2020”: Published 6 January 2020 (Twitter)

What I Got Right:

pandemic predictions 2020

The Psychic Process: Channeling while under hypnosis, Tarot
What I Missed: I think this pandemic prediction was clear and specific to the year, and I attribute the cards for this validating the visions I had prior to shuffling my deck.


8) “…near-future economic crash, revolution, and ensuing Depression”: Published in 2018

stock market crash depression predictions 2020

The Psychic Process: Channeling words, images, and paintings while under hypnosis
What I Missed: Just to be historically accurate, there have been four industrial revolutions, not just the one I mentioned in this post.


9) US Democratic Socialism 2020 and “Revolution”: Published in 2017

This next excerpt from 2017 isn’t about the pandemic, but we can see now how the rise of symbiotic neo-fascist and neo-liberal ideologies is resulting in a rise of democratic socialism in 2020. These political trends are overlapping with the timing of the pandemic:

Democratic Socialism predictions
The Psychic Process: Channeling while under hypnosis
What I Missed: While I didn’t predict the revolution for 2020 in this post, I did predict a 2020 revolution in the US in a post published in 2018:

10) Flashback Corner: Plague Predictions in 2000

While I didn’t publish this in the year 2000 when I was discussing it with friends and clients, I became intensely interested in epidemiology at that time and often carried history books in my purse about the Black Death of the Middle Ages. I remember telling friends and clients that another plague like the one that wiped out most of Europe was on the way and that in some decades the most fashionable items on the catwalk would be medical supplies, bandages, and prosthetics. Incidentally, I recommend bringing epidemiology books on dates because if you feel more tempted to read a book about the plague than to talk to the person you’re with you’re probably not that interested. So if you happened to be dating me in 2000 you will probably remember my plague-themed travelling book collection.


Note on Psychic Prediction Techniques

This part of the post is about my dear dad, Lanny Harris Oser. He’s one of the gentlest, most tender-hearted, sincere, unique, and spiritual people I’ve ever known. A brilliant mathematician who preferred to compute calculations in his head, he also had unusual intuitive abilities. He taught me how to make predictions, a tradition passed down from his mother’s family. It may sound strange, but anyone in our family can testify to his frequent demonstrations of remote viewing and seeing through objects. We couldn’t get him a gift that would surprise him. On one of his birthdays, someone put a small object into a refrigerator box to test his abilities. He looked at the wrapped-up box and said, “Why would you put a brown belt in such a big box?” The gift was a brown belt.

I miss these moments, especially as he’s been terminally ill with brain cancer for many years. Over the last year, he has become blind, mute, paralysed, and partially deaf from the tumour, yet is still conscious and responsive enough to know what’s happening to him. He used to talk about how much he admired Helen Keller and people who carry on in the absence of essential senses.


 A Vision About Vision

When I was a child, Lanny brought up several times that if he was to lose one of his senses the one he’d least want to lose was his eyesight, and if he could choose he’d rather lose his hearing. Vision is the first sense he lost to the tumour when he became completely blind in his left eye in 2018. No one in his family was blind, yet he worried about his vision being taken from him. It’s almost as if he was bargaining with God decades before it happened, yet how could he have known? His tumour was caused by a spontaneous, non-hereditary (luckily for me and my siblings) chromosomal loss that wasn’t identified by geneticists until the fall of 2018. Knowing how gifted he was with predictions, I think he may have sensed what was coming.


Sharing Psychic Skills with You

Last year when Lanny woke up from one of his comas in the hospital, he encouraged me to teach our psychic skill to other people because there are so few of us left. Most of his family died in the Holocaust. My sister and I are the only ones in his family who know these visionary techniques which have been passed down through his tribe for hundreds if not thousands of years. It mainly takes practise to exercise and develop that part of the brain, so predictions and precognitive dreams might not be as esoteric as they sound. I think the part he and his family didn’t practise was astrology and tarot.

After years of experimenting with pure channeling to document the outcome, I can see how valuable these additional tools like astrology and tarot can be when it comes to timing. Today’s post has confirmed for me that timing based on channeling alone is hit and miss, whereas astrology and tarot provide a more specific system for validating or even challenging the timing of predictions. Now that I’ve engaged in a long-term channeling only predictive experiment and compared it with tarot and astrology-based results, I expect I will more frequently integrate astrology and tarot back into my predictive process.


Conclusion…For Now

The journey continues! I feel I have my dad and his mom with me again every time I do this work. I especially feel my dad with me today as I write this. He used to say, “You think about the future a lot like I do, the same as my mother did. I’m thinking about the future most of the time!” His words are comforting to me now…since he lived in the future so much, I feel he will be there with me as I move forward in time. Thank you for reading about this precious man who was one of my best friends as well as both mother and father to me. So far he has coped with every loss gracefully, beautifully, and unendingly optimistically, choosing to live his life in the spirit of this Cat Stevens song, “Moonshadow”:

Dad demonstrating his psychic techniques for me and my sister while opening a birthday gift (yes, he predicted it would be a travel mug before he opened the box!). Approx. 2016.


Lanny and his brother Ronny. Both sweet and kind souls who I’m too fortunate to have known, let alone be related to. These two have probably been the most significant and longest-lasting influences in my life. I love them dearly. 1978


Dad. 1961


psychic abilities, dreams, visions, predictions

My insightful, thoughtful, gentle, generous mom-mom, Gladys Libanoff Oser, who experienced predictive dreams and visions that would frequently come to pass. 1930 (1912-1986)



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  1. Jesse J. Tripp on August 5, 2020 at 9:50 pm said:

    I offer my condolences on the loss of your father, Kyra.

  2. Jesse J. Tripp on July 16, 2020 at 10:44 am said:

    Why did you block me from Twitter?

    …wait. I think it’s because of my endless questions driving you nuts. I hope you’re not mad.

  3. Jesse J. Tripp on July 5, 2020 at 9:15 pm said:

    Will movie theaters be allowed to reopen for business pretty soon?
    I am so sick of watching films only on VOD.
    To many, many people, they want to see it again. If not millions, then billions.
    I want to see the new Nolan film, TENET.
    Do you see the theaters reopening with that?
    Like so many people, I miss going to the movies.
    And digital viewing on VOD doesn’t count at all.

  4. Jesse J. Tripp on June 6, 2020 at 7:47 am said:

    Since Trump is about to be forced to leave the White House soon, will Biden be forced to drop out of the race?

    Thanks for collecting the many years of pandemci predictions.

  5. Honey on June 1, 2020 at 8:48 am said:

    Beautiful posts about your dad and your family, Kyra. Thank you for sharing them. We all need to keep our memories of love in our hearts during these times.

  6. deb Zahn on June 1, 2020 at 8:39 am said:

    Read an article two days ago that said one of the C-19 symptoms can be a rash on the toes and feet. Not a main symptom, but still seen in some people.

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