1991 Climate Change Vision: A Time Travel Flashback

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1991: Climate Change Vision: A Time Travel Flashback

“Symphony of Neptune’s Seas”

Today’s News from the Future (est. 2010) offers a time travel flashback to predictions I made about climate change for a high school speech class I attended at Agoura High School in 1991. My gifted speech and debate teacher, Pete Peterson, was a survivor of Auschwitz who taught us extensively about speaking up against the rise of authoritarianism. He presciently reminded us of the possibility that fascism would rise again soon, and specifically in the United States. He shared his skills of rhetoric with us for fighting future fascism, the same abilities he used to survive the Holocaust.

When I started fasting on Fridays for the climate, one of my goals was for the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. Now that our administration is in transition, that will happily be happening, but it’s not nearly enough. This agreement is not so much a tangible action as it is a promise to which we will have to hold our leaders accountable for many future years. The dangers of climate change multiply with every passing day so the need to fight for a healthy future is ever-increasing, never diminishing. I will continue to fast on Fridays until our movement reaches its goals.

Hypnotherapist & Tarot Reader Kyra Oser

20 January 2021

I presented the following piece to my class by candlelight. It’s written as a mythical poem that spans the start of creation to a future where I foresaw oceans burdened by an unsustainable garbage collection, a “short time” to fix the problem, the ocean drying up, and the importance of speaking up in the interest of human survival. I presented accompanying illustrations at the reading but the only picture I still have is of the character Mars, which is posted below. The reason I’m sharing this with you thirty years later is that it’s one of my earlier visions, I think it’s even more relevant today, and part of the goal of this blog is to share my visions, dreams, and predictions with you.


“Rather than advancing, the majority of her offspring were regressing…Neptune’s sea measured the extent of the population’s corruption. The waters were used as a dumping ground for the excessive desires of the majority”.


Kyra Oser, 1991. Pen on Paper.

“Knowing that their time was short, they listened to their mother’s cries”.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your stories and visions about climate change in the comments below.

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