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Tarot Readings: Health News from the Future

Today’s News from the Future (est. 2010) offers tarot readings about health. Imagine we’re psychic time travellers, being transported to the future on a time machine, with tarot cards as tour guides…

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Hypnotherapist & Psychic Kyra Oser

17 August 2021

Dear Reader,

This article expands on my most recent post of tarot readings by addressing an additional topic: healthcare in future news. I’ve also included a recollection of my personal experience with Covid, which is unusual as I contracted a Covid-like illness that couldn’t be tested for at the time…because it happened in October and November of 2019. I was told by hospital doctors to quarantine at home for two weeks due to this illness.

I developed moderate long-term symptoms which continued through 2021, but that were have been almost completely eradicated now that I have been given the Covid vaccine. I’ve healed even more so with the second dose. You can read more details below, which includes photos that document my 2019 illness experience. Can the vaccine help with long Covid symptoms? I have no idea. I can only share that the vaccine quickly took away most of mine and I can finally breathe normally again after more than 18 months.

This post won’t tell you what to do or not do, especially as I’m not a health expert.* I write this blog as a tarot card reader, interpreting images as one might a work of art history, and a hypnotherapist, with the aim of helping to improve people’s lives through techniques related to accessing the unconscious mind. Therefore, this is a post about tarot readings for the future but also a glimpse into the past when I experienced something uncannily similar to Covid earlier in the pandemic than what we’ve been told was possible.

If you have questions about these topics or any others, please post your queries in the comments below or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KyraOser.

Wishing you well,


I.  Future Health News: Tarot Reading


7 of Swords R: A figure stealthily pilfers the majority of swords from a military encampment, apparently pleased with being able to take what was not given.

Global News

The 7 of Swords R can indicate a secret or circumstance that’s been kept hidden but is more beneficial once the truth is divulged. Since there is a military reference, this can also signify that lies about wars are about to be overturned or turned upside-down, as if the opposite of what we’ve been told by mass media is shown to be the truth by independent or alternative journalists. There will be more public sympathy towards and understanding of whistleblowers like Assange, Snowden, and Winner. This card in its reversed position challenges the querent to face reality and be honest with oneself about a situation, past or present, or a debunked belief system.

This card can be about the truth coming to the surface, which in relation to health could manifest as a disease that shows on the skin, such as boils or pox. This could be a new and different outbreak or a mutation of what is already present. It almost looks like the bubonic plague. Please keep in mind that this is just a message from the cards, I am not a scientist or medical practitioner, and I am not saying this to scare anyone. If anything, the cards can serve as a caution and are meant to offer helpful points of view and possibilities. Also, it is not clear where or to what extent this “surface” manifestation might arise. If a new symptom or illness should emerge, it would be like an Emergency Broadcast Alert, creating an expedited urgency for dealing most efficiently with the current pandemic. All of this is practise for and a warning about the climate emergency.

In terms of global news, the 7 of Swords R can suggest that something is being hidden or stolen and that is damaging to those who need the help. Is this about vaccines being hidden, expiring, or being stolen and sold on the black market? There are many possible interpretations of this card, but one circumstance it reminds me of when we ask about health is the US for-profit healthcare system.

Healthcare in the US

The following part of this post is not my opinion, but a take on how future news reports will portray the climate of these times when it comes to understanding why there has been so much resistance to cooperating with mask mandates and vaccination recommendations. This Seven of Swords R indicates that some of the people who have been fooled into believing what is not true (i.e. pandemic or climate deniers) will regret as they discover they’ve been lied to and, in some cases, scammed. This card in its reversed position warns against trickery and deception, including self-deception perpetuated by confirmation bias.

A for-profit healthcare system means that those who can’t afford it don’t have much of a relationship to it, or have been put into debt because of it (i.e. me, medical bankruptcy, age 29. Not complaining, I eventually escaped to Canada where they saved my life with their public healthcare system. I would not be here and writing this otherwise!) Others have lost loved ones or their own health because of a lack of access to care. For example, not everyone has a trusted GP because it is not free to see one so they have no GP at all. I have lost loved ones to this system who were otherwise well but had a gap in insurance payments or employment and died due to lack of private coverage. The overall trust for this system is eroded by large groups of people either being neglected periodically or taken advantage of or both.

At the very least and for those who are wealthy enough to afford it, the unnecessary administrative and billing tasks are red tape that adds up to a waste of time. Who does it work for besides insurance and pharmaceutical companies and the politicians they pay to cooperate? The for-profit US healthcare system is more expensive, less efficient, and yields poorer overall outcomes, including a lower age expectancy, than other countries with less GDP.

Therefore, it’s not a shock that people would be hesitant to suddenly believe this system that has exploited them and their loved ones all their lives is suddenly going to be helpful. So when a free public health solution such as a new vaccine becomes available, is it surprising that people would question who is going to profit off of this? It doesn’t matter that this is one unusual instance where something that is normally unattainable is suddenly free and would be to their benefit. For those who have never known a healthcare initiative that hasn’t sought to exploit them, perhaps it’s understandable that some whose families have lived under this system for generations are going to be suspicious and hesitate to comply. Perhaps a response to this might be that these people need to get more informed. Yet the very same population that doesn’t have access to healthcare is also struggling in poverty and is working at best for low wages, possibly at multiple gig jobs, or at worst periodically searching for work which can take more time and energy than work itself. When would they have the time to conduct exhaustive research?

Profit is a Prophecy of Motive

Overall, the profit-driven structure of the US healthcare system prevents it from being caring or healthy for many. Of course, there are countless nurses, doctors, and other healthcare practitioners who genuinely care about their patients and have exceptional skills, but when most Americans can’t afford to see them the idea of being cared for remains a dream that only the most privileged can attain.

Those who are protesting new regulations might not trust a government where officials enrich themselves with the suffering of citizens. Some will conclude that they’re being selfish but if you think the healthcare system and government don’t care about you, based on decades of them demonstrating they don’t care with actions, you might be living at a base level of survival that precludes and distorts the need to care for others. And where would they learn to care for others in a system that doesn’t care about them?

All of this will be addressed in news broadcasts and prominent podcasts in the near future and next year, with a desire to comprehend this hesitancy to cooperate in order to increase vaccine participation rates. This will continue to be a polarising issue because the debate will be framed as personal autonomy as being at odds with others’ survival, especially that of children who have no choice but to attend school despite being unable to get vaccinated yet. The most vulnerable–youngest, oldest, and those with health issues–have become more vulnerable due to this pandemic and this will be an issue that repeats in conjunction with the unfolding of climate developments. This conflict will intensify in other forms with the climate crisis as we attempt to get people to change transportation and consumption habits. Even the unwillingness to accept resistance to mask mandates is providing us with practise for dealing with inevitable resistance to future climate and environmental regulations.

Future POV About Health Safety

In future history textbooks, the public health and safety tensions of this time will be summarised as something like the following: “Personal freedom does not exclude responsibility to others. Freedom and safety can coexist in reasonable ways”.

7 of Swords R in Your Own Life

When this card shows up in a reading (assuming it is a one-card reading and not influenced by other surrounding cards), it can signify the revelation of truth, regret, and opportunities that helps you make amends for the past, whether that manifests as treating yourself or others as well as possible.

Conversely, this could be a time when you could discover what someone is really like, or when you experience a realisation of what you really want to spend more of your time on (or who you want to spend more of your time with). Since I shuffled this card with health in mind, there is an indication of the truth coming to the surface which brings a possibility of taking a new approach to spending nurturing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. No matter where you’re at, it’s always an option to incorporate a different perspective and an amplification of gratitude into your consciousness which will transform how you feel about a situation. Sometimes I like to practise the ABCs of gratitude when I’m falling asleep: I think of at least one thing I’m grateful for that starts with every letter of the alphabet and it helps me fall asleep. I never get close to z before I zzz…

A Personal Covid Story: 2019-2021

Reminder: I am not a medical expert, scientist, or healthcare practitioner. *Please refer to your local health and safety guidelines regarding Covid restrictions, recommendations, and guidelines. The following story is just my personal experience.

Before I published pandemic predictions on Twitter on 6 January 2020, I contracted an unidentifiable contagious illness in the fall of 2019. I developed a severe cough by October 2019 that could not be helped with medicine and which lasted for months. I was a teaching assistant but couldn’t stop myself from coughing in class and no amount of tea, cough drops, or over-the-counter options helped.

I have had other illnesses and I do get sick at times but I’ve never had a repetitive cough; it’s just not a symptom I’m normally vulnerable to. So this was different. The cough worsened and continued throughout the nights, then escalated into a sore throat which felt exactly like the strep throat I had as a child. This was the first symptom that brought me to the ER. I asked the doctors to test me for strep, but it came back negative.

Second Trip to the ER: 13 November 2019

I went back to the ER on 13 November with pink eye, which I have also never had before. *TRIGGER WARNING*

My eyes filled up to the point of constantly weeping pus which blurred my vision and eventually crusted my lids shut by the time I got to the ER. Fortunately, they pried my eyes apart and gave me medicinal eye drops which gradually took away the pink eye symptoms.

I know the date because I sent an email and note from the hospital to my university explaining that I would need to be quarantined. While the note you see to the right mentions one week, that initial assessment was extended to a two-week quarantine because my eyes hadn’t healed yet.

The doctors didn’t know what I had but suspected it was some type of adenovirus that spread from my throat to my eyes. One of them suggested that perhaps I picked it up from touching a surface on the bus and said I should make sure to wash my hands after being on the bus and carry a hand sanitiser in the future. I took a photo of my eyes that night at 5:30 pm PST, which is posted below.

13 November 2019: At home while being quarantined for two weeks at the request of ER doctors. This was towards the beginning of symptoms that progressed into a more severe case of pink eye in addition to a bad cough which I’d never had before and sore throat, both of which started in October.








The word which kept coming to mind as my eyes wept pus was “medieval”. It looked like I had a disease from the Middle Ages. The appearance of my eyes at their worst (not pictured) reminded me of a plague. I’m not sure why but that was just my instinct about it at the time, especially as no doctor could give me a name for this combination of symptoms.

During this time, I also noticed a growth between two toes on my left foot. I figured it was something separate but that’s never happened to me before so I had no point of reference. I didn’t make a connection between all these symptoms until I started reading about Covid in 2020. I don’t remember taking a photo of my toe in the fall but I did take one in January 2020 and you can still see remnants of that symptom which began in the fall.

21 January 2020: My Left Foot

The contagious illness and my need to quarantine was also something I mentioned on Instagram on 15 November 2019:

15 November 2019: I posted on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media about my illness while striking in quarantine: “An illness has caused a contagious infection in both my eyes, which means I couldn’t strike in front of Parliament today”.

Long Covid and Recovery: A Testimony

The reason I didn’t post about this before is that by the time Covid tests were available in my province, my GP told me the antibodies would not be detectable. I wanted to be more certain that this was Covid before publishing about this experience. I’m still not entirely sure, but one more event convinced me that I did have Covid at some point. Once I received a Covid-19 vaccine, the results provided an unexpected clue. I’ll explain what I mean by that soon as you’ll need to know one more detail to understand what happened.

Another symptom that developed in October of 2019 was wheezing which was worst at night. While I’ve had asthma attacks before, I don’t get them often as long as I avoid running, high-impact exercise (the best excuse not to run and exercise! Don’t follow my example!), and allergy triggers. This wheezing felt different and did not go away after I stopped coughing and the pink eye resolved.

From the fall of 2019 until I received my first vaccine shot in May of 2021, I was having four to five moderate to severe asthma attacks per week and always at night, after laying down. These attacks came on suddenly, without warning, and felt like a simultaneous pressing on my heart and lungs and a tightness in my chest all the way up to my throat. Besides being way more frequent, these asthma attacks weren’t like any other I’d experienced before, as I felt like I was being suffocated. I considered calling for an ambulance more than once as I wasn’t sure if I would stop breathing. The only reason I didn’t was that I had an inhaler that would solve the problem within fifteen to twenty minutes. However, I was still gasping for air and feeling this pressing on my chest and lungs while waiting for the medicine to work. Additionally, I had to take two puffs and I’ve only ever needed one before to stop an episode of asthma.

The reason I am telling you this is because these possible long Covid symptoms drastically reduced and have now been almost completely eradicated by the Covid vaccine. I had my first shot in May 2021, and about a week or two later I noticed that most of the asthma attacks were gone. I had a couple more attacks before my next shot in late June of 2021 but they were mild and not as long-lasting. Since my second dose in June, I have only had one asthma attack and it was quick, mild, and shortly after the injection. I did start to feel a tightness in my lungs a few days ago and was concerned that maybe the symptom had returned but it went away in seconds. Otherwise, I haven’t had one of these breathing attacks since June and haven’t gasped for air since before I received my first shot of Pfizer in May.

Covid Conclusion-Or Is It?

One realisation that complicates whether or not this vaccine is evidence of having had Covid in October and November of 2019 is that I could have had Covid without symptoms since then. To make matters more puzzling, I had another illness in March and April of 2019 that caused symptoms like brain fog and exhaustion but it is possible that this was fatigue from trying to finish the school term after our university shut down due to the pandemic or even just from reading news about the pandemic!

However, one detail persuades me to believe that what I had in 2019 was most likely an early case of Covid: the long-lasting, frequent, suffocating asthma attacks that were unlike anything I’d experienced before did begin in the fall of 2019, and it was only after I received the Covid vaccine that the attacks stopped–and even more with the second shot than the first. If what I had in 2019 wasn’t Covid, how could a Covid vaccine possibly cure it? A shout-out of gratitude to the international community of medical scientists who developed this vaccine in record time. The distribution is by no means equal or fair and everyone deserves a shot who wants one, I am just expressing my appreciation for how this vaccine has helped me to breathe normally again, in addition to providing protection. While the US healthcare system has its flaws, vaccine availability is one thing that happened expediently once a system was set in motion. Some countries are already planning booster shots while other populations await their first or second shot. This needs to change and I don’t have the answers as to how. Perhaps that is another question for the cards, another time: when and how will a more equal world become possible? I’m reading about how inequality affects the climate crisis in a captivating book that I highly recommend, Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World by economic anthropologist Jason Hickel.

So, was Covid out there before we were told it began? 7 of Swords Reversed says that more will be revealed, so the likely answer is “yes”.

Okay, that’s enough of my Covid saga for now…back to the tarot readings! Here’s a card of the day for you…

II. Tarot Card of the Day

tarot readings

The Hermit: In this Major Arcana card, a hooded figure who appears to be a monk or spiritual seeker holds a lamp to light his/her/their way, apparently standing on a mountaintop amidst snowy hills, alone but with the support of a staff and guiding light through the darkness of winter.

Global News

In world news, this card can indicate an increase in lockdowns throughout various cities this fall, but since the Hermit can be a metaphysical card and the theme of today’s reading is health, there can be more than one higher purpose to the lockdown: not only for safety (first and foremost) but also as a call to inner transformation. Additionally, this is a time when we are being given an opportunity to change our lives in ways that can helpfully alter the future of the climate crisis.

In tarot readings of future science news, expect unusual findings in archaeological digs and the unearthing of intact remains of various beings, some extinct and others human. Undoubtedly, this could be a warning for us all as these discoveries will offer us perspective on the limitations of our own fragile yet deeply beautiful and thoroughly worthwhile existence. As with the Hermit, what has been held in isolation for so long will eventually be acknowledged but in this case, the new information is literally coming up from beneath the Earth’s surface. Questions about long-sought mysteries will be solved.

This card also signals an emergence from hermitude to protest the rise of a trillionaire’s dictatorship, as I also briefly drew the King of Swords from the deck. But more on that card another time, as this prediction takes place further into the future. There will be a legion of King of Swords to overcome when fighting for the fundamental health of this noble globe from which we sprang…

The Hermit in Your Own Life

In terms of healthy love, this card can symbolise the act of soul-searching in preparation for a deepening of your relationships, whether future or present. A career interpretation for this card is that there will be a trend towards self-employment or at least more autonomy and decision-making powers in one’s work, as well as a movement for healthier ways to work, including less commuting. Financially, The Hermit is a reminder that happiness comes from a connection to nature and inner life. There’s no amount of money that can buy back an ancient forest once it’s been chopped down and you don’t need a penny to meditate, treat others with kindness and compassion, or be of help in whatever way you can realistically offer. There is no cost to being a loving person. The spirit of love is equally accessible to everyone. Unlike money which diminishes when it is spent, love only grows the more it is used.

Tarot Readings Conclusion

Today’s tarot readings reflect two of the following themes: honesty and introspection. Both of these cards encourage self-reflection, perhaps by practising integrity, being truthful with yourself and others, or getting in touch with your feelings through meditation or some other spiritual practise that works for you.

When external conditions generate uncommon conflicts, it is always possible to focus on the things we can control, which can be diluted down to the ABC’s (Attitudes, Behaviour, and Choices). The Hermit is a call to continued exploration of the boundless possibilities that can arise from inner work combined with spiritual connection. It is possible to transcend some of the harshest material circumstances by being willing to engage in otherworldly journeys. If you spend enough time travelling the cosmos with your mind, and take the trip with good intentions, you will awaken to conscious awareness with a strengthened ability to navigate life in a way that is as meaningful and beneficial as possible to those with whom we share the planet.


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  1. Thank you for your comments on this post, Gary. I appreciate your insights. I’m sorry to hear about what your friend went through, that sounds terribly unpleasant. I hope he was not in too much pain. I’m grateful for your thoughts about these topics and glad you will be able to get a booster shot. Wishing you all the best. –Kyra

  2. Gary A Kizzen on August 18, 2021 at 11:37 am said:

    Kyra, Good afternoon to you on this Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at 2:25 P.M> EDT. You are most correct. My feeling is that you did have the Covid-19 Coronavirus. My feeling is that it started in the United States in November of 2019. Many people who have had this have had some very unusual symptoms. A friend of mine who is eighty years old had a slight case of Lymphoma over these past many years. It was not serious enough to treat. He did get infected by this Covid-19 virus. After he recovered somewhat, this Virus caused a condition in him called, “AutoImmune Hemolytic Anemia.” His urine was completely tarry black. He had over twenty (20) blood transfusions among also twelve (12) different medications. The symptoms you displayed are unusual for most people affected by this Coronavirus (Covid-19) but they happen as you well know. Thank God, a “Booster” will now be given to all people starting September 20th and it will be given to those after eight (8) months from the second Vaccine injection. As you probably know, a “Booster” for this Virus, now the “Delta Variant” will be given which will be specific for the “Delta Variant.” I am expecting that for the rest of our lives, we will be getting a “Booster” for this Covid-19 Virus and its Mutants at least once a year, just like we do for our annual Flu vaccine injections. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this email you sent today. It will be definitely helpful for all those who read it. Also, I am a big believer in wearing facial masks. For the first time in one year and a half, neither my wife or I had a cold. I understand that certain people do not believe in masks and “Yes” they are entitled to their opinion. I do not get angry at these people who do not wear facial masks or get their Covid-19 vaccinations. It is their choice. So, I look forward to you next email. Sincerely, Gary from Westlake, Ohio.

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