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Tarot Predictions 2022: News from the Future Update

Today’s News from the Future (est. 2010) offers a 2022 tarot predictions preview. Imagine we’re psychic time travellers, being transported to the future on a time machine, with tarot cards as tour guides…

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Hypnotherapist & Psychic Kyra Oser

15 August 2021

Dear Reader,

This post is an early preview of 2022 tarot predictions. If you have any questions about prognostications for 2022, please post your queries in the comments below or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KyraOser.

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Time Travel Tarot Trip: 2022 Tarot Predictions

Social Tarot Predictions


The 10 of Wands features a figure weighed down by what appear to be ten heavy rods, on the way to a manor, castle, or stately home. He is not exactly a part of the land and home as he is at a distance and divided by a line between the barren ground on which he stands and a lush forest and secure building he’s symbolically headed towards. This can be the card of a worker-peasant, but the number 10 brings an ending that promises a new beginning and hope for a possibility of improved conditions after a long burden or struggle.

In other words, this card is about oppression but also an unwillingness to continue being constrained. Since I asked about social predictions for 2022, this card suggests a rise in workers’ strikes, union organising, and large protests against the power of large corporations (especially on a global level, so this likely includes Amazon). This card in its upright position can also signify favourable legal battles so some of these protests will lead to advocating for workers’ rights through court systems. The 10 of Wands demonstrates what can happen when someone’s stress levels reach a breaking point that necessitates change, and the power of transformation when large groups demand the rights of an even larger group of undervalued individuals.

10 of Wands in Global News

The 10 of Wands brings about an awakening regarding duties and responsibilities. 2022 will be a year for recognising and acknowledging the rights of marginalised people in a more mainstream manner. Disability rights will gain more news coverage than ever before.

The nature of advertising will also take a sharp turn, in print ads as well as commercials. Presentational advertising (where the actor either directly acknowledges or gives an implied “nod” to the audience) will become less popular, to be gradually replaced with a more representational style of story-based narratives where performers don’t acknowledge the viewers.

10 of Wands in Your Own Life

This card indicates a 2022 reprisal of the 1960s counterculture trend to reject and in some cases drop out of society. As psychologist and author Timothy Leary said in the title of his 1966 book, “Turn on, tune in, drop out”.

Consequently, some will leave jobs or educational paths to live in what will be ever-growing, self-sustaining off-the-grid communities. Even the term “job” itself will become less commonplace, to be substituted with words that more gently and empoweringly describe the activities that we spend most of our time on. There will be more neo-transcendentalist “Waldens” like Thoreau with every passing year, only this time the resurrected philosophy will embrace the power of communal rather than individual non-traditional living. The works of Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman and Dickinson (who was influenced by transcendentalism) will become more popular next year.

This tendency to follow an unconventional path (which will eventually become a conventional lifestyle once more follow it!) is a precursor to upcoming worker’s strikes and will be belittled at first by mainstream media. Some prevailing neoliberal and conservative ideologies espouse a theory that if you don’t make enough it’s because you haven’t worked hard enough or that you must be”crazy”. Not wanting to work for very little just to survive is sometimes dismissed as insane which encourages more people to work for almost nothing just so they can get by or be societally accepted as “normal”. Of course, this narrative isn’t true, but the capitalist system can only continue with and is completely dependent upon low-cost labour.

Once you stop caring about whether the system interprets you as insane or not the dynamic changes. Of course, most must of us must keep our jobs for now until other options arise, but the 10 of Wands card is offering a glimpse into the future when people will be finding creative ways to become more independent, partly out of necessity. At the same time, there will increasingly be more automated AI workers which makes many question the nature of work and is also presented as a solution to worker protection following the Covid outbreak of 2020 which exposed so many essential workers to the virus. I had a dream last year of a childlike robot who was getting toilet paper for me from the back in a Walmart or Target. This AI child was small, presumably to appear less intimidating, and looked like a metal-panelled version of the Marshmallow Man from the 1984 movie Ghostbusters, sans “Stay-Puft” hat and sailor suit.


Political Tarot Predictions

A crowned figure sits on a throne between two pillars, holding the scales of justice, balance, and fairness in one hand and a sword that intends to carry out those principles in the other.

Justice in Global News

This card signals that increased efforts towards attaining social, racial, and climate justice will come to the forefront of more news reports in 2022. Firm, clear decisions will be made in multiple countries about these issues and new laws will be implemented. “Truth” will be a keyword that is repeated and called for in many news articles of 2022.

Justice in Your Own Life

This card offers a balance between intuition (the scales) and logic (the sword). Qualities like honesty, integrity, and acting with karma or consequences in mind will be more highly valued in the near future, which is part of the good news in this reading. It also means that we will be watching our behaviour more and it will be more noticed by others. Expect self-monitoring and also societal monitoring that reveals higher expectations we have for ourselves and others.

If you have suffered for long, this card brings some kind of truth to the surface that provides an awaited-for relief. How you choose to treat others and the decisions you make next year will have vast long-term implications so this is an ideal time to stay close to your present values and discover which other kinds of conduct you might want to embrace and enhance. This will be a year of compromise, accountability, and outright demands for fairness.

A new trend next year will be to look at other’s points of view before making decisions. If you find yourself only able to see from your own perspective at times (which happens to all of us!) maybe you can ask yourself, “Do I want to be right, or do I want to be happy?”

Spiritual Tarot Predictions

Page of Cups

This tarot card features a page surrounded by a body of water whilst holding a goblet containing a fish that matches the colour of the water and part of his/her/their raiments.

The Page of Cups is a sensitive soul who is capable of generosity, benevolence, kindness, compassion, and leading with the heart. If the language of astrology resonates with you and you are a water sign such as Cancer, or Scorpio, or (especially) Pisces, or if these signs or their corresponding houses feature prominently in your chart, this card might speak to that part of you.

Page of Cups in Global News

There is a deeper acknowledgement of how we are all connected when this card arises to the top of the deck in a global reading, and even more so when we consider that it showed up in a position that asks about the future of spirituality in 2022.

According to this card, we will be collectively embarking on a spiritual revolution that reveals a deeper understanding of who we are, how our actions impact others, and how much our international connection means. Creative adaptation and communal centres of life will be developing at the same time as the corporate and colonialist-driven perpetuation of division and destruction. Most of the latter two are borne of continued efforts to exact ebbing profit from a rapidly dying system. Capitalist practise seeks eternal growth on a limited planet, therefore capitalism itself must be limited. The capitalist way of life is failing in its late stages and like a tumour it will have to be cut off if the rest of us are to live. Otherwise, there is a chance that further irreversibility of the disease will get locked in until the illness is terminal. Since this card is a nod to Neptune in Pisces, it is likely that this system will be overturned as a result of more frequent and severe flooding in 2022. These weather events are warnings that offer an opportunity to change.

Page of Cups in Global Climate News

Amidst all of this climate conflict, the Page of Cups represents a compassionate intervention in addition to an offer of empathy. Empathic understanding does lead to more choices that are supportive of sustaining life itself. Accordingly, empathy is more productive than traditional notions of “success”, even if empathic solutions continue to be dismissed or ignored in mainstream media. In the future, schools will need to incorporate more of the arts in all forms (theatre, visual, music, literary, and more) to support this need for early childhood development of empathy. Genuinely caring for one another and acting on those feelings of universal kinship will be essential in ensuring the survival of humans and other species, as we can see with the climate crisis events so far in 2021. Consequently, there will eventually be a consensus that there is as much of a need for education in the arts as there is for other subjects.

Overall, this card heralds the emergence of a future neo-humanist enlightenment, borne of a need to carry out urgent acts of humanitarianism.

Page of Cups in Your Own Life

The Page of Cups encourages you to dream of an ideal future based on the best of what is presently possible. This card invites you to connect with the part of you that is visionary, whether that’s through literal dreams, ideas or reading books about the visions that others have for what is possible in our future, including books by climate experts and scientists.
This card can also represent a connection to your intuition that helps you find or rediscover a calling. The Page of Cups is very creative but not as savvy in finances (unless surrounded by certain Pentacles cards, which is not the case in this reading), so there is a caution to follow what is realistically achievable for you by focusing on one small goal at a time. Particularly in light of being next to a Justice card, which is about balance, this card provides a message about acting on dreams in a realistic way.
Additionally, the Cups Page is a reminder about being presently in the moment with the people in your life so that you can be available to truly engage with their energy. A tri-fold theme of 2022 is the union of gratitude, visions, and creativity. In other words, appreciating 1) who you are, 2) what you dream of doing in the world, and 3) who you want to be with as you encounter the creative, innovative, and unique ways of living that this year will have to offer.

2022 Tarot Predictions Conclusion

In conclusion, this tarot reading paints a picture of a new world in 2022, where tyranny is exposed and a new system attempts to be initiated through courts of law, strikes, protests, and other formal and informal means. Dreams of a more fair future society will have a critical role in shaping what this next chapter of humankind and the fate of all other species will look like.


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