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News from the Future

With Psychic Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

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Join Kyra on a time travel trip to the 2070s as we explore space together and visit resurrected ancestors.

Hypnotherapist & Psychic Kyra Oser

Dear Reader,

I am working on new tarot predictions which I will be posting for you soon. Meanwhile, I have something different to share with you that relates to mediumship, time travel, the afterlife, and love. My dad’s first Yahrzeit is coming up on August 5th and in honour of his memory, I decided to publish some letters I sent to him the year before he made his journey to the Other Side.

I got the idea to write these when I realised that one of the most difficult things about losing a parent is not being able to talk to them in the future. So I travelled into the future through dreams and visions, just as he’d taught me, and this is what I found.

-Kyra, 18 July 2021

In Loving Memory of Lanny Harris Oser (December 29th, 1948-August 5th, 2020). Photo from 1971.

Telepathic Time Travel Trip

The letters and envelopes appearing in this post are photos of the actual ones my dad received in the mail and read in 2019.

Dear Dad: Letters from the Future

“The Time Travel Postal Office Opens!”

December 29th, 2073


Dear Dad,

Today is the day when time travel has finally become a reality. While we don’t yet have the capability to send people back in time, we’ll be able to mail our very first letters to the past beginning tomorrow. Maybe you even anticipated or imagined you’d get this letter someday. Like Mom-Mom, you’ve always been very good at predicting the future. I know where we learned it from.

I was just having lunch with Lindsey on a Disneyland space station between and Mercury and Earth (to think I was ever worried about finding a cold enough place, ha!) when this news was announced over the Intergalactic Broadcast Service (they really should have thought that acronym out before naming themselves “IBS”!)

We agreed that the first thing we’d like to do is send a letter to you in the past. Then Lindsey realised this announcement was being made on your birthday, and exclaimed, “It’s probably no coincidence!” I agree. What are the chances? We took it as a sign, or possibly even a message from you. After all, it was you who taught us to believe in fate.

Now we’re sitting at a table in a tearoom, still listening to this exciting news as we type out the rest of our letter to you. As long as the Time Travel Postal Office is as reliable as they’ve been promising, this first letter is projected to arrive at your doorstep sometime between May and June of 2019. In order to abide by current Privacy and Ethics laws, the letters will first be routed to my previous self in 2019 so that they can obtain my 44-year-old self’s signature on a consent form that will finally allow the letters to be mailed to you. Legal matters become even more complex when time travel is involved. Anyway, these letters will be routed to the home where I was living in Canada in 2019, and assuming my previous self signs for them (if you’re receiving this, I did), the letters should then be forwarded to you by a 2019 postal service from your own local time dimension.

By the time you are reading this fifty-four years ago, it would be shortly after we’d all just spent such a lovely Christmas together. Buddy and Sasha are probably right there with you. I can see sweet Buddy looking up at you with his loving eyes while Sasha takes a nap and cuddles close to you as you read this. Debra may be asking if you’d like another cup of coffee while the news plays quietly on the TV in the background. Or maybe the letter has arrived closer to evening when relaxing jazz music is playing on a CD and Debra is lighting scented candles in the kitchen. Maybe you’re just about to settle down to watch a movie. It’s comforting to think of you, always there in 2019, available to answer the door and receive more of the thoughts we want to share with you through these letters from the future.

There’s an element of math and music to time travel that nobody was working on even a few years ago. It turns out you were right; everything can eventually be quantified into an equation. The universe is as mathematically driven as you visualised. I won’t get into the technical details right now, as we have to keep the letter to two pages or less. Lighter objects travel more quickly across a warped time-space continuum. We’ll be sending more letters as soon as we can. There is a long line at the post office (nothing new, huh?) as nearly everyone wants to send letters to the past right away. For now, here are the updates we want to share with you so far:

-Many astronauts and some civilians have now travelled beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

-There is evidence of lifeforms on planets outside our galaxy. So far, it is mostly plant life, but some of those plants have been found to have unique medicinal qualities that have virtually eradicated all disease.

-Some people have already colonised other planets. The work we were doing to combat global warming and control atmospheric conditions in the teens and ‘20s had the unintended effect of expediting the further development of space travel.

-Our relationship to an adjacent galaxy has become increasingly closer, partly due to advances in astrophysics, and partly because of more than one tear in the “skin”, or fabric, of the Milky Way. The tears have resulted in an intergalactic exchange of material and, subsequently, increased opportunities for continued exploration.

-Lindsey is doing wonderfully well, and sends you all her love and hugs. You are always on our minds, and you are a big part of our lives every day.

We’re taking off for the post office with our jet packs to send you this letter as soon as we finish typing. There’s no more Uber or Lyft, as nearly everyone has their own self-propelling backpacks that are attached to one of our temples by a wire so that electricity can be generated by the velocity of mental energy. It is a lot cheaper than gasoline! This is such an exciting time in history, and we are beyond overjoyed to know that these letters will mean you will now be sharing so many future moments with us.

Happy 125th Birthday!!

We love you so much,

Kyra & Lindsey


Dear Dad: Letters from the Future

“Time Travel with Captain Lanny and the Cruise of Dreams”

December 25th, 2074

Dear Dad,

Today is Christmas Day. A few weeks ago, I turned 100. 100 isn’t what it used to be. It’s probably not what you’re imagining either. It’s more like 50 was in the ‘80s. We are still waiting on news about the next phase of time travel, where gifts can be sent to the past, and possibly even future. Sorry it’s taken so long to send our second letter. As they say nowadays, the interplanetary post office may be better than the intergalactic, but nothing takes as long as Time Travel! Considering how many delays the Time Travel Post Office has had, I wouldn’t be surprised if you receive more than one of these letters at the same time. It has been known to happen! Meanwhile, we are taking a river cruise through Europe in honour of you, and in memory of all the wonderful Christmases we’ve had together. We each have a locket with your photo and a momento that reminds you of us. That way we knew you would be joining us on this journey down the river. A funny thing happened soon after we boarded the ship, Dad. The captain made an announcement about the first country we would be going past, which was Holland. When he said his name, we looked at each other, astonished. His name is…Lanny. Can you believe it? It’s not a common name, so what are the chances? We knew right then you were not only with us, but you were also guiding the ship.

The cruise has a miniature museum, theatre, and library on the bottom deck. After Holland, we docked in France, and we have been walking around Paris today. This morning, we had the opportunity to see the Notre Dame cathedral, which was rebuilt many decades ago. So much of history has been recreated through historical buildings and monuments over the last couple of decades. A lot of things that were archaeologically excavated in the 2040s-2060s have now been recreated in three-dimensional form. There’s a lot more art in the world and much more history than we know about. You’d think those things would be lost in time, but more has been discovered than has been lost. For instance, I’m sure you remember learning about the lost texts of the Library of Alexandria. Well, it turns out they’re not all lost, as some copies were made and hidden under a temple in Athens. We have a lot more in the way of plays and philosophy today than we’ve ever had before.

I had a dream last night that I would love to share with you. Our family was having a picnic in an open field by a forest. A cottage with a thatched roof could be seen in the distance, and smoke was billowing from its chimney. It looked like we were back in one of the places where our ancestors might have lived in the Middle Ages. I thought at first we were in Germany, or possibly Austria. We could hear the sound of chirping birds singing songs together, as well as a nearby rushing river. Just as one of our wise elder ancestors told us that sound of water was coming from the River Oos (where our name of Oser supposedly originates) a loud “plunk” sound hit the ground of the forest. We all ran to see what happened, and there you were, smiling happily as you stood up and stepped out of a time travel machine that looked like it had been to the 1980s and back (we assumed that because it was decorated in a fluorescent neon sign that read “Time Travel Machine”). You looked exactly as you had back then. It felt completely real, like those times where you know you are either having a shared dream or seeing a prediction of the future. I wonder now if you had that same dream back in the 1980s. If you did, perhaps you really did travel back in time to visit ancestors while simultaneously visiting me in a future dream.

On a similar note, holograms have developed significantly since the last letter we sent to you. That means you’ll be joining us for Christmas Dinner tonight, at least in two-dimensional form and with your voice and thought patterns. We will be able to have full conversations with you again. Advancements in hologram technology are bringing us one step closer to replicating consciousness. Here are some updates of what’s happened since we sent our last letter:

-This year, some new inventions and gadgets became available: sky trains, napping stations located on and above clouds where you can look down at the land while the rain below lulls you to sleep, and underground art restaurants where you can make group paintings in a cavern under the surface of a planet while musicians play music designed to heal the emotions. There are new kinds of food from other planets (delicious! and some have no calories!) that weren’t even available as recently as a few years ago. I think you would love the intergalactic cooking shows we have now.

-There’s been a lot of progress in the field of inter-dimensional exploration. Can you believe that people are hired just to explore other dimensions and take “field notes”? And that a person can make that kind of travel into a career? To think we were worried in 2019 about not having enough jobs anymore because of developments in robotics. There are job opportunities in every dimension, but there is also the option to not work at all. It’s a different world, where one can opt-in for almost anything or opt-out of participating in society altogether. There’s more freedom than ever before now that there’s more space to share. As The Beatles once said, “You were only waiting for this moment to be free”. I guess all of humanity was waiting for this moment! And yes, as you’ve probably guessed, The Beatles are still popular more than 100 years later. As they also said in the song “Good Morning Good Morning”, “Nothing has changed, it’s still the same”. As much as the world has changed on the outside, people are still basically the same on the inside. Tomorrow we depart for Luxembourg on the way to the Swiss Alps. We’ll have a lot to talk about when we meet up again. Sending all our love “across the universe”…

Merry Christmas, Dad!!! We love you always,

Kyra & Lindsey


Dear Dad: Letters from the Future

“The Time Dimension Extension Invention!”

October 8th, 2075

Dear Dad,

I’ll start with the updates first this time, as this is big news for all of us—and yes, for you, too:

-Scientists have found a way to replicate consciousness in three-dimensional form. All we needed was one of the videos of your family history interviews to get this going. You’ll be here with us again soon, not just as a hologram, but as materially real as any of us are here today. I have to admit it was you who taught us to keep the faith and stay optimistic, and everything you said has now come true. You also used to say that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Perhaps today is one of those days when mystery meets with reality. We’re so happy to know that you’ll soon be travelling through the fourth dimension to join us back in the third.

People are talking about how much this world has become like Dr. Who. And yes, that show is actually still on TV. Turns out having a regenerating character was a good concept for long-term television programming! And not to worry, just like you read in The Autobiography of a Yogi, it is possible for a spirit to be in two places or more at once. You don’t have to give up Heaven or even your life in 2019 to travel amongst us in these future times. Inter-dimensional explorers from parallel universes have taught us that.

Today we are celebrating Lindsey’s 73rd birthday. When she found out we would be able to replicate your consciousness so you could be here with us in three-dimensional form again, she was elated, and said, “This is the best birthday gift I will ever get!” I think you will be surprised because Justin is here with us, too, and says he is looking forward to seeing you soon. He joined us to celebrate Lindsey’s birthday today.

Here are the latest technology updates (there have been more significant advances this year, but fewer of them. A lot of resources were diverted into the Consciousness Replication Project):

-The other big update in technology news is that most animals have been given voice boxes, and now have the ability to speak to us and one another. Some of them have more of a sense of humour than I would have anticipated. You haven’t really fully explored the future until you’ve seen a Martian kangaroo duo performing stand-up comedy. We should go see them sometime. They call themselves the “Witty Wallabies”, and they perform on Mars, which they call their true Mars(upial) home.

When we see you tomorrow, the world will be very different from what you remembered. In some ways, it will be the same. The next time when we go on a river cruise, you’ll be able to participate in all the activities. Maybe we’ll even get Captain Lanny again!

As for upcoming plans before the cruise, we’ve arranged to meet you in Jerusalem when you arrive in the time travel replication machine tomorrow since you mentioned there are so many ancient sites you’ve been wanting to visit here. We’re all there now to welcome you home. They’ve built a new museum I think you’d love, which has ancestral archives from around the world. There’s a section on every family, which means we can visit the Oser wing together (yes, there really is one)! Remember the dream I told you about in the early 2000s where I visited an Ancestral Memory Museum, and when the museum tour guide appeared, it was Pop-Pop? Looks like that’s about to come true. And Pop-Pop will be here before you know it, too.

It also looks like the dream I had last year about you arriving in a time machine really was a prediction. Remember when you said you used to have dreams about Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop knocking on the door, and when you answered it, it felt completely real, and you knew that they were truly there? And how I told you I had uncannily realistic dreams about them, too, only instead of them knocking on our door, I would knock on theirs and visit them in their apartment for Sunday dinner? It looks like all the greatest dreams of our family are about to come true. Our cousins are flying Ronny and Janet in from the fourth dimension this week, and once you’re all here, we’re planning to have a reunion and celebration. Not only can we fly in Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, we’ll also have a chance to replicate the grandfathers and other ancestors you never had a chance to know. I think it might be fun and nostalgic for all of you to explore some of the 1950s replica towns that were built in the 2050s. We also think you’ll be pleased to know that all the great bands of the’60s and ‘70s are coming back, including one of your favourites, Van Morrison. Now instead of you telling us about those concerts, we’ll be able to go to them with you!

We want you to know how much you have meant to us every day of our lives. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t do or say something that reminds us of you. We see you in each other, and we see you in ourselves. We know we’re fortunate to have you as a part of our lives, and there’s no other dad we would want in this universe, or any parallel dimension, for that matter. We’re sending you infinite hugs across multiple galaxies and beyond time and space, until we meet again…which, thankfully, should be as soon as tomorrow. 🙂

We Love You 1,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000 and Much, Much More,

Kyra & Lindsey xoxoxoxoxoxo

Dad’s birthday, 12/29/2017. (l-r: Lanny, me, and Lindsey).

Dad’s birthday breakfast, 12/29/2018. (l-r: Lanny, Lindsey, and me).

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  1. Mari on July 23, 2021 at 1:17 am said:

    Sounds nice. Hope some of these predictions will come true, not just the time travel but also living in a better future and hopefully in decentralised future.

  2. Jesse J. Tripp on July 18, 2021 at 10:06 pm said:

    So, will global warming be reversed in the future?

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