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Climate Predictions: News from the Future Tarot

Today’s News from the Future (est. 2010) offers 2021 predictions. Imagine we’re psychic time travellers, being transported to the future on a time machine, with tarot cards as tour guides…

Hypnotherapist & Psychic Kyra Oser

08 August 2021

Dear Reader,

I’ve been getting questions about what, if anything, tarot cards can do to help with the climate crisis and some of my answers are below.

Cataclysmic climate events that were supposed to happen by mid-century are happening now. Climate catastrophes that we’ve been told won’t occur until the end of the century will be taking place sooner. We no longer have the luxury of pretending these events will occur exclusively in someone else’s lifetime. It’s happening now, in our own lifetime, and to all of us. Not one city or country is prepared for this. Not even close. We can end fossil fuels now and take the other necessary steps that will give us the best possible outcome or let billions suffer. We are among the billions. Living a life of privilege can make personal catastrophe seem impossible to those of us who have always been protected from the harshest of living conditions. I try to imagine the consequences of what we’re headed for if no action is taken by doing research and listening to what people are experiencing elsewhere who have been more affected and sooner.

Tarot and the Climate Crisis

Nothing else matters more than the climate crisis. There is no other issue right now because everything we have depends on a stable environment and climate. What is most important to you? I can guarantee that thing you’re thinking of will require a stable climate. Climate stability is our fundamental, unalterable, unavoidable prerequisite for existence. There is no compromising with this fact.

Tarot cards can offer a spiritual perspective on the past, present, or future by focusing on areas such as social, emotional, and creative ways to adapt to changes and crises.* Please note that I am not a scientist and in order to stay updated on scientific data and climate predictions you should refer to the best available science. Tarot cards have the potential to offer perspective, change consciousness, or aid in coping with changes. Heightened consciousness has the potential to raise awareness, which might result in making choices to take productive actions that benefit others.

Furthermore, no matter how unstable aspects of the outside world may seem, you always have the option of adopting a new point of view that supports your inner stability and reinforces a connection to a higher ideal, concept, or purpose beyond the material world. Even when a current condition seem insurmountable, it is always an option to maintain a positive attitude that will help you to navigate those experiences as comfortably as possible. Your gratitude for the simplest yet most profound experience of being alive can act as a transformative force those who presently accompany you on this journey.

Speaking of journeys, I’ll be sharing with you in a future post about my experiences of travelling to the Afterlife and back during the eight-day near-death experience I had at the hospital following my burst appendix in the summer of 2020. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me which might be surprising considering the circumstances. Similarly, our world is undergoing a deep metamorphosis but that, too, will bring about meaning, insights, and revelations for those who are ready to see it.


P.S. Sorry for the typos, my laptop broke this week so I’m writing this on an iPad. 🙂

Time Travel Tarot Trip: 2021 Climate Predictions

Today’s Tarot Tip

Q. “How long should I shuffle the cards for?”

A. Some readers have a personally chosen number that’s meaningful to them when deciding how many times to shuffle. You may notice that some tarot card spreads in book guides that accompany tarot decks might suggest a certain number of shuffles for the spreads they’ve created so maybe you will follow their guidance or modify their suggestions if something else works for you. My general suggestions are:

1) When in doubt, just shuffle until you feel like you don’t want to shuffle anymore.

2) If you find a number of shuffles that works for you, do whatever feels right for you. There is no tarot math God who will admonish you for not shuffling the “right” amount of times. There is no ultimate authority on how many times to shuffle. Tarot offers elements of art, the unconscious mind, literary interpretation, and personalised communication so you can approach readings like they are a spontaneous creative adventure, an improvised meditation, or an extension of the signs and symbols we encounter during dreams.

3) Know that your technique as a tarot card reader may change over time so stay flexible. Try something else if you feel inspired to and you may find something that works better for you in the future, or during different eras in your life.

I tend to use a combination of all of the above options, at times staying with a number that resonates with me and other times shuffling until I feel I’m done, all while remaining open to the possibility of experimenting with other techniques that I might learn about in the future. We each can have our own relationship to the cards and relationships can grow with time. That’s part of what makes tarot potentially infinitely interesting…there’s always more to discover in the cards, and more situations to ask them about.

Social Climate Predictions

Ace of Swords R


According to this card, effective ideas are available that would for taking the first step towards an action (Ace of Swords) but they are too slowly and tentatively being discussed and implemented (Swords Reversed). It’s like talking about an oncoming tornado and then still discussing if the windows should be boarded up or if you should go into the basement after the tornado has already started to enter the house. When there is an impending catastrophe, actions mean more than words. The only sources defending this outdated, destructive system that is fueling the climate crisis  are those who still profit from it or those who believe they might someday profit from it.

While climate events are becoming more frequent and severe, it is necessary to take action no matter in order to produce the best possible outcome under the circumstances. That will always be dissenters and those who resist and protest change at all costs, yet what we will see more often is overwhelming acts of cooperation and periodic broadcasts about heartwarming heroism. There will be the heartwarming and the heartbreaking, happening side by side. As Mister Rogers (and his mother) said, “Look for the helpers”. Be a helper. It will always help you feel better, no matter where you’re starting from.

Speaking of warming, acceleration, entropy, and heat itself will be heating up the already-present heat. We’re going to have to slow down our speed. We’ll be forced to. In my dreams, some of the climate events that have been projected to happen by the end or even the middle of the century are happening while I am close to the age I am now. In others, I am older, living on a cruise ship as many others are. We’ve taken up a seafaring way of life. Perhaps there will be more sea travel as an alternative to planes, or maybe some of us will live on water. The feeling I get from these repetitive dreams of living on ships and docking in newly fashioned harbours is that I am living in a spiritual, communal, and exciting time.

These topics may sound scary but you can hand that fear to a guide or higher consciousness anytime it comes up. If you stay also make yourself available to be of help in the area of things that worry you may find you’ll find those fears reduce in time. The way you choose to be of service might be determined by a combination of what you feel passionate about, your natural abilities, and the skills you’ve developed throughout your lifetime. Generosity invokes a feeling beyond anything money can buy.

The Ace of Swords is also about ideas being turned upside-down, which can be interpreted as propaganda to suppress the truth. Since there is so much profit at stake, misinformation will be funneled form fossil fuel and other interests into various forms of media, even from some shows that are not currently supported by them. People are easily bribable, as we have seen by the high numbers of politicians who accept lobbying and campaign funds in exchange for votes. Media outlets will be bribed and in insidious ways, as fossil fuel interests will try to falsely rebrand themselves as “environmental groups”. If you have the time and haven’t already, you might want to do some research on which organisations and corporations are supporting your news sources.


The US corporate duopoly (which is really a one-party monopoly as both major parties work for the same corporate interests) made a grave mistake by protecting corporate interests over our climate and environment. Environmental neglect will have dire implications for billions of people today and billions of people in the future who don’t even exist yet. We are in the midst of the greatest crisis in human history and the current system will have to be overturned if we’re to survive as a species.

The more people who take climate actions seriously, the more that more people will take them seriously. Speaking up about your convictions is a necessary component in creating change.

Because I can become virtually paralysed to varying degrees by hot weather, summertime offers a heightened Dreamtime for me, which in summers past have transmogrified into an involuntary but necessary vision-seeking excursion to the beyond. I recently decided to apply the Serenity Prayer to my situation of having a heat and sun allergy in a time of global warming: I’ve changed what I can (moved to a colder country, installed an air conditioner) and I’m accepting what I cannot change (heatwaves, inevitable heat illnesses, and how intermittent, heat-induced paralysis has forced me to meditate more and thus made my life better).

I shared some dreams below and throughout this post that I’ve been recording since 2019 and which correspond with the cards from today’s tarot reading.

Dreams and Meditations Related to This Card

War Dreams

I’ve been having war dreams related to the US going to war since at least 2015. A major anti-war and especially anti-nuclear war movement is about to take place in response to the initiation of major conflict. The US is perpetually at war and involved in ongoing invasions but this is different as it seems like it’s taking on a bigger power that affects a larger number of people.

These will be some of the conclusions published by future anti-war protestors:

“War is futile. War has no purpose. Violence is pointless. How many souls have been cumulatively killed or destroyed because of this endless sickness? We must end war before it ends us. It’s time to end the bizarre system of constant warfare. Who wants this to continue other than the few who profit from it? War perpetuates genocide and is harmful to the environment. Let’s redirect military energy into fighting the climate emergency. Fight warming, not wars”.

Speaking of war, I’ve had recent nightmares of Nazi rallies that are presented as major warnings of danger. In most of these dreams, they are not in the past but happening in the near future and so much bigger and more regular than what’s happening now. I had another, earlier and uncomfortable dream of sitting with Hitler at a Canter’s Deli on Fairfax and trying to reason with him and talk him out of coming back to life. The resurgence of Neo-Nazism in an even more obvious form of these marches and rallies felt highly alarming. I had another nightmare in 2019 about a little boy about to have a Bar Mitzvah in Europe and others are preparing various celebrations for their village but Nazis attack their region in the early morning and nothing is celebrated that night. The town is completely empty the next day. You might be wondering if I’m having these dreams because of my ancestry or due to studying history, but why so many and mostly recently? They are realistic and the message I hear in some of them over what seems to be a Dream Narrator is, “This is happening NOW”.

Climate Dreams and Meditations

In my dreams climate chaos isn’t gradual, it’s sudden and out of control. I see wrenches shutting off systems, mass emergency alerts, more regional, national and global rather than just local emergency alerts, and incidents akin to the Titanic, only multiplying the effect of that by many times due to widespread ocean rise occurrence. And, like the Titanic tragedy, this, too, will have been preventable. The rise of the sea does not feel gradual at all, at least in my dreams of the future. Future op-ed assessments of these times will surmise that is the height of arrogance for those who knew about these impending disasters either thought that what they built would be indestructible or that they, at the very least, would be immune to the consequences of their far-flung, ongoing, ever-accelerating crimes against nature.

I had a dream about a bridge and a news headline that reads, “Burning Bridges”, a repeated pattern of wildfires followed by floods, and future videos on social media of high-rise parking lots buckling as well as being pushed through a YMCA on rising water that rushed in, holding books over my head as my university campus floods, being flooded and rescued from the nearby ocean in Canada while wearing Wellies then ending up at a lovely pub surrounded by gardens in what looks like Switzerland or possibly Germany where I celebrate my newly acquired life. I see lakes where there used to be valleys. These events, despite being unusual, feel strangely normal in these dreams.

I also see images of gems, jade, statues, something about using natural materials, sometimes from melted-down statues, perhaps in an attempt to rebuild.

I saw image appears of Santa Claus (but also looking somewhat like a hybrid of Jesus) sitting on a throne in a recent meditation. There will be an overthrow of many old cultural myths, the creation of new ones, and a return of the Greatest Myth Hits Throughout History. Some will believe cataclysmic events reinforce their religious doctrine while others will react by dispensing their previous religious identifications altogether. Christianity will be more challenged than any other religion in the coming era.

Another image I saw during meditation was of a large group of men, seated and cross-legged, in white robes. Then I see an image of the Dalai Lama, although he doesn’t look real, more like a hologram. They don’t follow him, and I am not sure if this is a cult that claims to carry on his legacy after he passes onto the next world, but I’ve learned to not try and and interpret images but just present them as I see them. They make more sense later as events unfold or when people confirm what the sensory information acquired during meditation or self-hypnosis means to them.

Further images associated with this card: Things not working out as planned, which results in a need to formulate new goals. The necessity of action in a time when too many words and too much overthinking and debate delays what needs to be done immediately.


Spiritual Climate Predictions

10 of Cups R


In light of the topic, this card indicates the separation of some families, domestic upheaval, challenges to the notion of what constitutes a “home”, a rise in displacement, and the forming of alternative communities. We are moving into a time of collectivity and connectivity. Before that happens, though, there will be some dissolutions of partnerships and communities in order that other ones might be formed to match the demands of a new world.

This card in the context of the question about climate can also indicate a major real estate crash, and/or what we know of as a “real estate” system being turned upside-down.* Looking back on these times, it will be said in future news reports and assessments that the fossil fuel industry was going to collapse anyway and that climate catastrophe would cause the collapse of the economy, so why drag the future of the planet down with the dying fossil fuel industry? It will be said that it was bizarre to hold onto the current economic system when it will have to be revolutionised due to climate change anyway.

Imagine a world where we revolutionise our economic system by bartering services and resources online amongst millions or billions of people. Perhaps this would be a global trading marketplace of the people that bypasses currency. Of course a trading system like this would be a threat to moneyed interests and would meet with initial resistance but it will eventually be necessary, perhaps as soon as in a few years’ time. Money is an invention of the human mind and, as such, can be abandoned. Speaking of how we barter and shop, I’ve had more dreams of 24-hour thrift shops operating on a future voucher system recently than anything else. These dreams are fun, delightful, and the shopping experience is more about social connection and mutual generosity. We have all we need amongst ourselves. The more we share, the less money matters. 

And money will have to matter less if we’re to exist in the world of matter at all. Nature is more real than a temporary, invented financial system. Each of our lives is yet another expression of nature. We are not separate from the natural world. We are an extension of nature. When we harm nature, we harm ourselves. When we help nature, we help ourselves and all that we are connected to, which is everyone.

Paradoxically, there will be unity amongst humanity like never before (please see the next “related dream” below).


The Meditation and Visualisation Vacation!

Meditation is a free vacation. You can take a trip from any spot on Earth, at any time of any day, no matter how you feel, and under almost any circumstance. The potential destinations, levels of satisfaction, and personal transformation available through meditation are endless.

Meditation will be a necessary practise in these times. It has helped me to set a timer twice a day to remind myself to meditate, as well as participating in meditation groups where we rotate leaders so there is no authority figure but a shared experience of mutual guidance.

Related Dreams About Spirituality from 2020

I had a beautifully transcendent dream of camera crews taping a growing group of hand-holders in a circle which grows into many concentric circles and this circle of people within circles comes to encompass the entire world. Suddenly the season changes to winter, and by then more people have joined the group of those holding hands and dancing in a circle. There is a very positive feeling of reciprocal and unconditional love even for those at a great distance and this was one of those hyper-realistic, multisensorial dreams that I’ve had which tend to come true so I am sure this is a prediction.

Larry King Live in the Afterlife

Another night, I was travelling with an older man and we go back and forth between many time periods. Because these travels are discovered by others who are dreaming at the same time as us, we’re invited to be interviewed about it on Larry King Live in the Afterlife. Next, we go back in time to the Middle Ages and help people get released from torture and unjust imprisonments.

Moving forward in time again, I am suddenly dressed as a Catholic priest (did I bring this outfit with me from the Middle Ages?) yet I’m in a future mall that includes a live performance theatre. I see myself in the mirror but I’m unable to change out of the costume I’ve been given so I accept it. Once I accept that I am stuck, I am able to change. I leave the priest costume in the theatre and go shopping in a mall that functions in circles instead of lines, where there are circles within circles for shopping instead of two straight aisles. I am taken back to the 1980s in a nostalgic, twentieth-century themed circular flashback section of the mall, but this is a retro mall that has been created years beyond 2021, and the feeling of the dream is that it is perhaps 2025 or later.

I see on a newer, less biased, more activist-oriented version of future news which plays on screens at this community centre/ shopping mall. One of these new news programmes reflects on how mainstream media of the 2020’s and before has been revealed to have been one of the longest-running (and definitely most damaging) theatrical shows in history.

The mall outlet has various versions of theatres. I stop at a smorgasbord place called “The Chocolate Bar”, which is a bar completely comprised of self-serving chocolate items where we check ourselves out at the end. I discover on a floating hologram TV that sets itself in front of me at “The Chocolate Bar” that two celebrities have become co-presidents in the US. Because I typed this dream into my phone in the middle of the night it autocorrected and therefore lost the names of these future leaders. I remember it being a funny combination but as it got autocorrected to a couple named something like “Ulsworth and Ida”. The main point is that there was another celebrity president but also a greater division of power.

Further images associated with this card: Unwillingness to work together toward a common goal, nations that are more interested in how they appear to the world than in joining with the people who live there to bring about a more desirable, healthy outcome. The experience is akin to being in a neglectful or abusive family situation, only with one’s government. However, this card indicates that the truth is brought to the surface so better situations can replace what is no longer working, whether that is in a personal relationship or one’s relationship to a government. Innovative spaces and new relationships to the environment and community centres.

Creative Climate Predictions

Death/ Temperance R


Death: Significant transformation, losses that pave the way for a new world.

Temperance R: In the context of being next to a card that represents major transformation (Death), Temperance R can mean extreme change and accompanying illness of some kind that is brought about by excessive or gluttonous times. This card also indicates an opportunity to find balance, harmony, patience, and serenity, but the attainment of these states of mind will require a concerted effort.

Will we realise before it’s too late that love is the most important thing, and really the only thing? Capitalism will be looked back on in future philosophy courses as a failed theory partly because it doesn’t acknowledge love and a doomed practise because it doesn’t act on it. Love and empathy will be required to save humanity.

When one window closes another one opens and that is definitely the case when Death and Temperance R appear together.

Because of the severe and unprecedented stakes of the current crisis, this could be the most consequential lifetime of any lifetime so far…and that’s a lot of lifetimes. You and we have a golden opportunity to do something immeasurably and possibly unendingly beneficial for future generations. Some are squandering that opportunity. They are missing out on one of the greatest feelings available in life–helping out in big ways. No material item is a substitute for the experience of serving living beings. The current system will be protested en masse and eventually, there will be a movement for people to be removed from power if they are involved in making decisions about the climate that could be a conflict of interest. This change will require new leaders, many of them young, who cannot and will not be paid to vote with the oligarchical interests.

Future op-ed news articles will wonder, what is the purpose of a politician anymore when they refused to prevent catastrophic disasters they’ve been warned about for decades? We could do a better job both equally and collectively. The era of a single, king-like leader is over.
News broadcasts in times to come will state that the politicians of today and over the course of at least a half century have cast themselves into irrelevancy by irrevocably harming us with their fossil-fuel-bribe-induced inaction. A government at its bare minimum is supposed to protect safety and property yet they’ve left us unsafe and many lost their property as a result of these preventable floods and wildfires. This archaic system of corrupt, bribery-induced “leadership” has to be revolutionised so that we can, at a bare minimum, survive.


Leaders have continued to invest in destructive fossil fuels and pipelines instead of taking necessary, constructive, contrary actions, the latter of which is our only ethical choice. This is an either-or situation. There is no compromising with nature. We cannot renegotiate the laws of physics. The natural world will not “do business” with us. Business negotiations are borne of the human imagination. Business got us into this mess and will not get us out of it.

Problems are more competently managed in anticipation of a crisis, not during one. The sooner we take necessary actions, the easier it will be to manage catastrophic events.

It doesn’t look like future news articles and broadcasts will be presenting these solutions as a way to admonish anyone. It will be concluded that there is no person to blame in this situation, and most people, yes, billions of people, are not to blame at all. This is a system problem that is bigger than any one of us. That system has to be revolutionised if we’re going to survive.

The roles that have been revered under capitalism such as political leader, CEO of a large corporation, or billionaire, will not continue to be admired in future times. I know that’s hard to imagine, but the world is about to radically change. Mass gaslighting will come to be known as “masslighting”, which could also be interpreted as mass hysteria caused by mass media gaslighting. However, expensive corporate PR campaigns can deceive the public for a limited time only. People are realising that our current system does not work. Money means nothing without an environment to spend it in.

The serenity prayer might be helpful in defining what can be done: changing what we can and only accepting what cannot be changed. Part of spiritual life is about taking constructive actions that are of service to those who both need and want help. Acceptance of endings and beginnings is the key to a peaceful heart.

Dreams Related to These Cards 

I had a dream about travelling into the future and seeing roller coaster chairs suspended in the air like long ski lifts that don’t appear to be attached to anything. The coaster chairs just float in the air and people seem to be having fun. I try to warn people to be safe and they laugh at how I’m scared they’ll fall off the seats. I realise they’re from the future so I tell them I’m from the past and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

I’ve also been having dreams over the past five years or so of refuges in Europe, particularly Switzerland. I feel like I am a refugee in these dreams but I am very welcome and happy to be wherever I’ve been sent or ended up. We travel light in these times yet everything feels magical in the most adventurous way I’ve ever known outside of dreams.

I’ve had other recurring dreams of long journeys include the ones I mentioned about cruise ships docking in makeshift ports around the world as some of us become more seafaring, some people living in the sky, and others, in regions most amenable to it, taking shelter in underground apartments.

Further images associated with these cards: 

Death: The ending of a world that brings about an expedited and unprecedented beginning.

Temperance R: A problematically passive worldview that results in instability. Also, an invitation to find balance on all levels as a way of adapting to one ending and another beginning.


Climate Predictions Conclusion

Strength R/ Hanged Man

Strength R: Health issues, setbacks that act as a catalyst for necessary inner reflection and change.

Symptoms provide the signs we need to get help for an illness. When symptoms are ignored, they worsen. Sometimes secondary conditions develop. If the disorder isn’t treated, it can become serious or even deadly. The symptoms of the climate crisis are acute and require immediate remedy.

Hanged Man: Sacrifice in the interest of a better life, spiritual connection to a higher source, letting go of the material in favour of the spiritual. Being reminded that it’s not about getting what we want, but wanting what we get.

Further images associated with these cards: 

Strength R: Paralysed by fear and anxiety due to a disconnection from spirituality, nature, or other forms of connection. A solution is to reconnect with one or all of these to reawaken the inner strength that is in you and that is already a part of you but just needs to be invoked through prayer, action, or both.

Hanged Man: Acceptance of uncertainty, readiness to take direction from a higher or divine source, the adoption of a new perspective based on willingness to incorporate a spiritual worldview into one’s consciousness. Hypnotherapy, for instance, is an example of a practise that offers an expedited restructuring of the unconscious belief system, or maybe you will find your own way in your own time to create the changes you want in your life as we embark on a new era like never before.


Now I’m off to continue my exam preparations, which will be starting in the fall and continuing through next summer. I’ll also be participating in a global hunger strike for the climate along with Extinction Rebellion on August 28th (although I will begin on August 27th, which is a Friday). If you’re interested in finding out more about the Extinction Rebellion Earth Fast, you can visit or

Since I’ll be busy with school and it takes less time to post on Twitter, you will be able to see some of my thoughts, predictions, and updates on our climate activism by visiting Please let me know you’re a reader of this blog so I can be sure to follow you back. I always enjoy reading your comments and questions.

Despite my ongoing studies, I will still be available for sessions this year if you book soon enough to secure an appointment. If you’d like to order a hypnotherapy or psychic reading session you can scroll up to the “Rates & Scheduling” button on this page.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer as well as this upcoming fall. I’m hoping to check in with you by winter for my 2022 annual predictions post. Until then, please take good care of yourself so you can maintain your health on all levels and also so you can be in a position to care for others who need you, learn from you, and look up to you. <3


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    With best wishes, Yogendra

  2. Virginia D. Birdsall on September 12, 2021 at 10:27 am said:

    Thank you Kyra for your response. Your interpretation of the cards for world events is quite interesting.

  3. Thank you for sharing your insights, Virginia. These recent events have been very concerning. I posted a recurring dream I’ve been having for the past five years about the Handmaid’s Tale and abortion rights in the U.S. If you’re interested in reading more about this prediction, I published it on 31 October 2020:

    Wishing you all the best.

  4. Your dream of Nazis here now. . . When I viewed the Texas Bill on Abortion, my concern was not first and foremost the “Right to Choice” but the fact that the Texas government is paying people “bounties” to spy on and report on their neighbors, friends, family members and turn them into the government officials. This is definitely a repeat of the beginning of the Nazi establishment in Germany (Diary of Anne Frank), as well as the exact same version in the East German communist Stasi police who turned children against their parents, friend against friend, employees against their employers, neighbor against neighbor, relative against relative. In this case, one of the most critical issues facing the United States is fascism being born among the “Right to Life” & certain Mega Churches, largely concentrated in the South & economically deprived areas (Rust Belt.) For those reading this, I am just about entirely (according to Stanford University genome project) Celtic. Whether you are pro or against the issue, the issue of Fascism in Texas is very, very real.

  5. Gods Messenger on August 12, 2021 at 3:22 pm said:

    I just feel led to get this off my chest but I am here to tell you that judgment is coming very soon upon this world. Please Take heed, The world as we know it will very soon be changed forever and nothing will go back to the way it once was. A Mass Blackout, Massive earthquakes, Massive Tsunamis, Empty shelves in grocery stores, Famine and War across the nations will very soon come upon the Earth.
    [Link deleted]<<<<>>>> [Link deleted]

    Nothing of this world is worth holding onto. No one can save us from what’s to come but God. This is a warning of what is to come, take heed.
    God loves you so much and wants none to perish. If you are feeling lost, depressed or suicidal, God is calling you to him, all it takes is a leap of faith. Please watch these 5 videos after you have watched the video link above.

    [Link deleted]vid 1
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    [Link deleted] Vid 1 [Link deleted]
    and Vid 2 [Link deleted]

    And lastly, [Link deleted]and [Link deleted]Please see for the truth. Sherry Shriner and Tori Smith were both murdered for exposing the truth of what’s to come and what really goes on.
    Her main channel [Link deleted]was taken down.

    C:\Users\User\Pictures\Camera Roll\Saved Pictures\Screenshots – Copy\Screenshots\Screenshot (203).png here is a salvation prayer

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    Will the climate crisis be reversed?

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