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2022 Predictions Part II

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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychic Kyra Oser

29 December 2021

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year! Thank you for taking the time to leave such thoughtful messages and responses to my posts this year. Now that I’ve completed my comp exams and grading I have time to publish Part II of my 2022 predictions. You can click the following hyperlink to read Part I. I compose my posts while under a state of self-hypnosis so you might notice that I do not always write in complete sentences.

Today would have been my Dad’s 73rd birthday and I’m writing these predictions in memory of him. He (Lanny Harris Oser) and his mom (Gladys Beatrice Libanoff Oser) gently and lovingly guided me to a lifelong path to visions, dreams, and predictions and I will be forever grateful to them for giving me the gift of a spiritual life and so much more.

I’m wishing you and your loved ones a healthy, peaceful, and meaningful year!


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Time Travel Tarot Trip: 2022 Predictions

Imagine we’re time travellers being transported to the future on a psychic time machine, with tarot cards as tour guides…

Global Political Predictions

4 of Pentacles R

The 4 of Pentacles Reversed features an upside-down depiction of a seated, crowned man with coins at his feet, on top of his head, and being closely embraced by him. In the background, we can see a city which means the figure in the foreground and the coins he holds have more power than the many people who collectively occupy those buildings. Some of the buildings can also represent businesses over which he has decision-making power due to his financial holdings.

The 4 of Pentacles Reversed in Global News

While the Four of Pentacles Reversed indicates hoarding and greedy behaviour, it also predicts an exposure of those who so far have escaped scrutiny for their exploitation of humanity, land, and other living beings. There will be more public demand for accountability related to climate damage in 2022, even though these forces cannot be overcome so quickly and harmful corporate behaviours will increase. Fossil fuel companies know their time is limited and they will only amplify their extraction of resources to garner as much profit as they can before they are shut down. Expect the terms “reckless”, “reckless indifference”, and “reckless endangerment” to be used more in social and alternative media beginning in 2022.

This card in its reversed position also signifies that money is only real if we collectively agree to continue the delusion. It takes a mass societal agreement for us to believe in an abstract ideal in order for it to be acknowledged as real. That pact can be broken, and it (very) slowly will be and appears to be partly replaced with a system of exchanges that look both virtual and actual. These new forms of currency look like vouchers and there is a blue symbol of Planet Earth involved in this global version of financial exchange.

The 4 of Pentacles Reversed in Your Own Life

Love takes precedence over materialism when this card shows up for you in a reading, although the extent of this interpretation depends on 1) the surrounding cards in the spread and 2) the question you asked before shuffling as every card carries multiple possible meanings. Also, interpretations can vary based on the time, place, and circumstances in which you are living. When you receive this card in a position that signifies global politics, it will be through global news about the political that you will likely be called to rethink life/work priorities.

In a global position, you are being assured that you are not alone in this journey. If you feel you’re making a more significant shift toward meaningful work and/or recreational activities this is part of a global trend in which you’re participating. This year is an optimal time to reevaluate how you want to spend your time on Earth, what you came here to do, and how you can take actions toward connecting or reconnecting with a higher calling that includes some form of both gratifying and truly beneficial service to other living beings.

Visions, Dreams, and Themes


Generosity of time and/or resources, opening one’s heart, caution against risky financial choices. Be wary of con artists and possessive personalities at this time.


In meditation today, I saw an image of a neon or lime green glowing light in the shape of Earth, followed by fires igniting quickly and with little cause or no warning other than warming.

I also sensed a saying in one of my meditations that I saw as being repeated at rallies tand hat sounds like the cry of a generation. The following future saying is like a public chant or mantra that permeates the collective consciousness of the next decade: “My time is not for sale!” The movement associated with this phrase will be similar to students dropping out of school in the 1960s, only this protest will be more about work. In terms of education, climate events will force educational changes as traditional grading systems will be called into question. The argument of academic activists will include a suggestion that there has to be a different way to motivate people to learn besides the fear of failure. This is not my opinion, just a prediction.

The number(s) 41 and/or 14 were floating around in a meditation today and not sure what that indicates other than that it seems to be related to 2022 climate crisis events.

I see a change in or possibly a temporary ban of baseball and/or a similar sport for some months in 2022. Football rules are changed to protect players from unnecessary concussive and long-term post-concussive traumatic injuries.


I’ve had a dream this year about produce and other purchases being redeemed with vouchers instead of money in a similar manner to World War II rationing.

U.S. Political Predictions


In the Judgment card, the archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet, and people of many ages rise up and raise their arms to greet the angel and his music. Perhaps these souls have entered the afterlife and await a judgment of their deeds on Earth, or maybe they are being visited by an angel in the realm of their own dreams to be shown ways that they can improve who and how they are toward others. One of the stories this card conveys is similar to the scenes from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (ital.) when Ebenezer Scrooge is called to become more generous and caring as a result of visitations from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.  This is a card of second chances to live life in a better way than before. The message of this major arcana card is basically that it’s never too late to become an even better person than who we were before.

Judgment in U.S. News

Major lessons can potentially be learned and growth is possible when this card shows up in a reading. There will be instances of the public, especially environmental groups, taking large corporations that own media outlets to court for misrepresentation and essentially lying to and therefore jeopardising public and climate health. At the same time, there will be a decrease in morality for some leaders that is borne of fear and endangers the rights of others.

In the U.S., a miscarriage of justice continues as more women, nearly if not all of whom lack the material means to legally fight it, will be imprisoned in more states for suffering miscarriages. This inequity sets a precedent for imprisoning both men and women (but mostly women) due to supposedly neglecting their health and the health of their children, despite the continued absence of a universal healthcare system.

In terms of midterm elections, those currently in power will be judged on the basis of their actions. Some will continue to unquestioningly worship certain personalities who are deified as demi-Gods by mainstream media but others are slowly awakening to the reality that only actions matter, not theatrics. This does not bode well for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections and we can expect a shift in power as well as a rise in third-party interests.

Unfortunately, in 2022 it does not look like there will be enough unity amongst progressives yet in terms of agreeing on which party to support, and third-party support will be bifurcated between two parties as well as spread through other new parties. This lack of solidarity threatens to weaken the US movement that is most likely to support climate funding and causes. A disappointment results in focusing back on increased acts of activism and, significantly for 2022, possibly a larger labour movement than in over 100 years. Mass workers’ strikes will be inevitable and some will be highly effective. Once one succeeds, more will follow. Workers’ strikes have a chance to make a change and that is where progressive politics will make much progress this year.

2022 Art News

You can also expect an artists’ movement in 2022, based on a well-coordinated, international collective. It is clear that the world needs more compassion and humanitarianism than ever as our survival depends on empathy for others. If we didn’t have enough people who care about others, we never would have made it this far as a species. That caring needs to be significantly increased at a time like this when large corporate interests that don’t care about our well-being threaten our entire existence. You can see how cruel and inhumane corporate interests can be. We have to be as kind as they are cruel, and then some, to fight and overcome those interests.

Art and theatre can be conduits for empathy. The need for great art has never been greater, yet for nearly everyone who has abilities, it’s almost impossible to make a living as an artist and therefore to have the time to create. That needs to change because the arts are necessary for human survival. The arts teach and remind us how to treat each other and art, music, and theatre make life all the more worth living, no matter how challenging the circumstances of our lives might be. This year will bring about op-eds with artist confessionals revealing a theory that everyone who needs or wants to should have the time to bring more art into the world. Since this card came up under future U.S. News, you can expect this movement to visibly start in the US even if it likely simultaneously arises in other countries.

Judgment in Your Own Life

This is a card of self-acceptance and, by extension, acceptance of others, as well as an opportunity to forgive yourself and others–whether those people are still in your life or not.

We’re collectively on the brink of realizing the beauty of humanity, just as human life is in danger of being significantly diminished. Like appreciating the beauty of a single person we love in our life or of a flower or cloud in nature after receiving a terminal diagnosis, the privilege of being alive will become amplified.

Visions, Dreams, and Themes


New beginnings, awakening to one’s purpose or higher calling, and a heightened awareness of values and morals. Seeking out relationships that align with one’s values or adjusting present relationships by reevaluating how the people in your life either share or depart from your current and emerging values.


Changing standards of beauty, the emergence of anti-advertisements as a simultaneous form of politically critical entertainment, and large, coordinated protests against mass media propaganda.

Spiritual Tarot Predictions

The Moon

This tarot card features creatures of both sea and land: a wolf, dog, and crab who are drawn to the energy of the moon that sports a human face with closed eyes that is perhaps dreaming or having a vision. One path reflecting the colour of the moon leads from sea to land to mountains, signaling the connection between the water, the Earth, the moon, and all living beings. This card represents the unconscious connectivity that permeates all of nature, including ourselves and our own relationship to each other through intuitions, emotion, common experiences, and the realm of dreams.

The Moon in Global News

The Moon in future global news denotes an uncovering of long-suppressed secrets. Poor financial decisions on the part of large corporations in some of the tallest of buildings (as signified by the structures in the background of The Moon’s image) will be brought to the surface of the sea in this card and in it we will see a reflection of waves of lies. Some of this duplicity will be related to oil companies that purchased real estate and land in sites both domestic and foreign to avoid regulations and evade taxations. Decades of deception will be uncovered in a matter of minutes and disseminated online and through social media.

The Moon in Global Climate News

In climate news, this category can be interpreted as oil executives and corporate corruption that extends far beyond what most of us have been led to believe through media outlets of the past 40+ years. A massive leak–both literal in 2022 spills and figuratively in terms of a leak of information about previous leaks–will soon be revealed. At the same time, the moon and its water and sea significations in conjunction with this card being in the sub-position of Global Climate News is an indication of sudden and significant rising sea levels. Since this reading is about 2022, the cards are predicting for this to begin happening in a noticeable way and through something else sea-related (e.g. accelerated global warming that hastens glacial melting) by next year. Please keep in mind that these images are inspired by interpretations of cards, I am not a scientist, and that any and all information about the climate and environment should be gathered from the best available science.

The Moon in U.S. Political News

Additionally, it will become increasingly apparent with a real estate spending spree on land that barely taxing billionaires in the U.S. has been a big mistake. Nearly all of those capable of doing so will purchase more and more land and eventually, beyond 2022, as much as possible of single states which will escalate the blurring between large corporate and governmental power. This appropriation will create serious legal problems and in some areas will lead to an even more feudal way of life. The wealthy are buying up our space and soon they will be coming for our time in the form of underpaid labour under increasingly intolerable conditions. Those who can afford to will be able to move to regions that are not for sale or owned by collectives or federal governments but many will not be able to escape this billionial-colonial system. Therefore, this year’s increase in billionaire colonialism will bring new calls for land-purchase regulations.

In U.S. leadership news, political officials who have sold out our futures to fossil fuel interests will increasingly act like they’re immortal and about to die all at once when in reality they’re immoral and already dead inside. This nothing-left-to-lose-not-even-my-next-election phenomenon is a form of denial. Some of this denial is derived from a fear of running out or missing out, whereby those who see their time or positions as limited by the shifting priorities of a rapidly changing world will grab all they can before the run is done.

The current neoliberal and neoconservative systems have parentified an entire generation through a combined perpetuation of neocapitalism, and possibly all future generations before they even have a chance to exist. Those in power would do anything, sacrifice anything, and destroy everything to not have to change. Do not believe for a second that they would voluntarily do anything differently. The overly comfortable can be unrecoverable.

Changes have to be demanded by mass movements, the only way things have changed before. As I heard Senator Bernie Sanders say at one of his 2016 rallies near Los Angeles that I attended, “Change happens not from the top down but from the bottom up”, and based on the history of movements that demand human rights to which he referred, he isn’t wrong. Therefore, all of us have a chance to make a change. Certainly, every one of us is needed in the climate movement and it is a good thing to not only have a higher purpose but one that connects us in a positive way to all our human and other relations.

The Moon in Your Own Life

Dreams and the unconscious take on a new level of collective connectivity when The Moon card shows up in a position that represents spirituality. A greater, more amplified version of happiness is achievable when shared.

A renewed appreciation of what we do have takes place for those who are willing to be aware enough to feel it. For instance, the fact that we have bodies moving in space and animating at will with the assistance of a miraculously acquired accompanying consciousness will never not be wild to me. It’s astonishing to realise that we’ve somehow come to life at all, under any circumstances and at any time in history.

Visions, Dreams, and Themes


The unconscious mind, intuition, dreams, indecision. Since this card can sometimes indicate uncertainty, remember that sometimes hesitation can be a gift that prevents us from taking an action before the time is right. Perhaps a better option will present itself or more information will be revealed while you are busy weighing the pros and cons.

Tarot 2022 Predictions Conclusion: An Unexpected Element

Queen of Pentacles R

A Queen sits on a throne, embracing a coin that represents her land, investments, and holdings. She is surrounded by nature and, as in other court cards that include pentacles, represents Earth signs. A rabbit warns of acting too quickly or impulsively when it comes to material decisions.

A had a dream that takes place in June or July of 2022 where there is a shift in financial outcomes beginning in or around the U.S. and resulting in the start of a stock market/ real estate misfortune. This was just a dream, but the indication was more that climate events related to sea levels that rise faster and sooner than mass media has led us to believe as well as an increased frequency of flooding will inevitably affect and call into question the stability of financial systems (I do not have any expertise in finance or investments so please consult with your financial advisor concerning any and all financial decisions).**

On the positive side, Jupiter in Pisces brings not only lessons learned from these encounters with the sea but also a window of opportunity to initiate significant, lasting changes based on the upcoming events of this year. There will be a particularly hot summer that begins to deem certain cities in or around the Middle East and some cities in Sub-Saharan Africa as officially “uninhabitable” under a new numerical metric system that is like a habitability meter or habitability index. This alarming system will be a wake-up call that instigates a concurrently amplified call for and resistance to mass migration.

10 of Pentacles

Ten coins float in the foreground of a family estate. Behind the coins three generations and their dogs are happily gathered, indicating familial bonds that transcend both age and species. The older figure has a robe of crescent moons and grapes and the abundance he embodies comes from “old money” which is further indicated by the heraldry ensconced on the estate’s arched gate in front of which they congregate. A castle next to a grove of trees is framed by an archway or entrance to the estate.

This is a card about stability, sharing acquired resources with friends, and providing security not only for the family but also for a community. Communal living and widespread resource-sharing networks will start to become more commonplace and less judged in 2022, especially by summer and thereafter.

This card is a reminder of the abundance that exists in the natural world–at least when not too much is taken and if that which is borrowed is returned in another form. This card is a warning to respect and, in some form or another, reciprocate for gifts that are freely given if one should hope to continue receiving more gifts. There is a potential for good news with this card, but only if enough of humanity collectively works to make it possible. It will take an expedited and collaborative community effort on a worldwide basis to ensure positive results as we embark on a new kind of climate and economic system.

The Fool R

The Fool in the image of this card is nearly running off a cliff while pursuing a dream, seemingly unaware of the dangers of his risky behaviour or the bark of a dog who tries to warn him to slow down.

This card can indicate foolish purchases.** Since so much of this reading has been about ultra-wealthy corporations and governments, this The Fool Reversed likely echoes and intensifies the meaning of the greedy behaviour indicated by Four of Pentacles Reversed in the position of Global News. Some of the revelations about ways in which government funds have been misused and misappropriated at the behest of large corporations representing fossil fuel interests will be shocking but not surprising. The good part of these revelations about corruption is that they inevitably inspire more climate action.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles wears a crown that accentuates his grape-decorated garment, which reveals armour underneath. He holds a coin, representing savings, as he sits on a throne with four carved bulls. The bulls signify wealth that sustains him through every season. We can see the King of Pentacles’ sumptuous castle situated in the background. He is a vision of security, authority, comfort, and safety. Pentacles represent Earth signs and the King of Pentacles represents the Sun in Capricorn in particular. In this card spread, the King and Queen of Pentacles are also related to the Moon so expect an increase in economic news at times when the Sun or Moon is in Capricorn this year. While Taurus can also bring financial news, particularly related to the climate, it is in Capricorn where we will see more revelations about corporations that can be used to increase economic regulations.

The cast of characters emerging in the last four cards of our tarot reading indicates personalities driving economic issues whose actions will become even more problematic and prevalent next year, but also increasingly obvious to the point where open scrutiny and a beginning of the overturning of current, outdated systems of wealth accumulation and distribution will become unavoidable. I didn’t even list financial news of the future as a separate category as I often do in these annual prediction posts because the cards already indicate that economics will be permeating virtually every category of future news in 2022 as we undergo a revolution on more than one front.

Visions, Dreams, and Themes

This is a year about wealth, rethinking what “money” is, and questioning if cash needs to be as much of something as we’ve made it out to be so far. There will be a gradual awakening to the realization that monetary exchange and the financial systems we’ve had in place can be replaced with something else in much the same way that bills and coins were invented as a concept in the first place. In future years, the prevailing belief will be that it is incredible how something so conceptual could be allowed to dominate nearly all of material existence for thousands of years.

This awakening is a positive development and will weaken the notion of hierarchy, arbitrary power, inherited wealth, and privileges granted merely on the luck of nationality by birth. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve the same respect regardless of their circumstances of birth? No one earns their place of birth, family of origin, or childhood conditions, yet we largely praise or dismiss someone based on the stability or instability of family relationships and opportunities, or lack thereof, that were mostly afforded to them by the land onto which they were randomly born.

Royalty, as I have predicted before, will become more of a historical novelty than a system to be honoured. The death of royal significance and meaning will show more clearly in 2022 than in any previous year. A change of leadership in the British Royal Family will herald the downfall of a system we’ve revered for thousands of years, causing other countries to subsequently question the need for granting a continued status of privilege to their own monarchies. While there will always be a curiosity around royalty and I have to admit a personal fascination with it as a historian myself, inherited titles simply won’t mean much in future times.

Overall, these conclusive cards combined with the previous ones from this spread that represent US and global news as well as spiritual trends of 2022 indicate that earthly resources will be thrown into upheaval and the result will be a reevaluation of what is and should be most important to humanity. This year offers an opportunity to radically transform your life into a more creative, independent, and meaningful version than what you, or any of us, have ever experienced before.

See you in 2022!

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  1. There is one more 2022-related vision I had in meditation while preparing this post that I forgot to mention. I saw people experiencing a future, sudden breathing problem while outdoors and some of them collapsing on the street. It wasn’t happening to everyone outside and I wasn’t sure of the cause but the word “atmosphere” came to mind so it is possible that this phenomenon is climate and, subsequently, health-related. When I continued to explore the vision for clues about an outcome, I perceived that this event would likely become a catalyst for expedited change that allows more life to be saved than sacrificed. However, there will be a need to be a vocal majority to access their bravery and speak up against whatever financially-motivated force is causing this symptom/reaction. In terms of timing, I looked at a calendar during this meditation in which I travelled to the future and was mainly shown the months of August-October.

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