Los Angeles Psychics

Los Angeles is a wonderful place to be if you’re interested in spiritual phenomena, whether personally or professionally. Our psychic community is wide and varied. Here are some of the best Los Angeles psychics, listed by specialty.

Channels in Los Angeles

Not everyone can do a psychic reading without tarot cards. I’ve had several positive experiences with psychics in Los Angeles who can pick up on information without the use of external tools. Keen.com‘s Vikramadithya Ikshvivek is a capable, instinctive spirit-oracle and gifted clairaudient based in Los Angeles. Venus at Mystic Journey Bookstore demonstrated a natural intuitive ability to pick up on information about people in my life as soon as I met her, without using the cards.


Channel Beatriz

If you’re looking for a bilingual channel in Los Angeles who also speaks fluent Spanish, the nurturing, ever-positive spirit guide and beacon of light Beatriz has blessed me with more than one emotionally healing channeling session at Liberate Emporium in Los Feliz.

Tarot Card Readers in Los Angeles


Psychic Tarot Card Reader Britton

If you’re looking for experienced tarot card readers, the best ones are also psychic. Tarot cards can be a conduit to another realm, but you need to know how to translate the language once you get to a foreign land. In other words, psychics can interpret the messages that come through in tarot cards by using extra senses. These extra senses are like a language that both the intuitive and incorporeal (nonphysical) beings use to communicate. You can ask your tarot card reader if they have an additional specialty, such as understanding your numerological Life Path Number to display your future. You could also asked if they offer clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, mediumship, channeling, astrology, numerology, angel readings, or even life coaching. If your reader just memorized a booklet that came the tarot deck, you might as well be getting a reading at facade.com.

One of the best tarot card readers in Los Angeles is Britton at Liberate Emporium, whose readings I found to be both honest and genuine.

kelly teresa website

Astrologers Kelly and Teresa

Astrologers in Los Angeles

Some of the best astrologers in Los Angeles include Mystic Journey Bookstore’s Brad Kronen (author of and Love in the Stars: Find Your Perfect Match With Astrology).

I’ve consulted on many occasions with fun and accurate mother/daughter astrology duo Kelly Chambers , horoscope writer for Backstage.com & Astrology.com and her “Mother Teresa” Clark.


Medium Adela

Mediums in Los Angeles

For medium readings, Adela at The Green Man Store in North Hollywood has channeled specific information about the dearly departed in my own life with a sensitive and intelligent delivery.

Angel Readers and Empaths in Los Angeles

Wendy Allamby

Angel Reader Wendy Allamby

Heightened empathy brings us closer to one another, so why wouldn’t it also connect us to beings in other dimensions? Many authentic angel readers are also empaths. If you’re looking for someone who will literally feel what you’re going through as soon as you walk into the room, I’ve had that experience countless times with Guinevere, who uses angelic guidance along with tarot, energy work, and crystals. Wendy Allamby is also an angel reader and a compassionate, empathic intuitive who offers readings at Mystic Journey Bookstore near Venice Beach.


Angel Reader Guinevere

Numerology in Los Angeles

Looking for a numerologist in Los Angeles? I’ve had several accurate and insightful readings from one of the foremost Numerologists in the nation, Josh Siegel.

Hypnosis in Los Angeles

cristina website

Hypnotherapist and Healer Cristina Dam

If I want hypnotherapy, my favourite go-to certified hypnotherapist is the talented Cristina Dam, Owner of Liberate Emporium in Los Feliz.

There are several instructors from Tarzana’s Hypnosis Motivation Institute (est. 1968) who also maintain local hypnotherapy practices. George Kappas specialises in career success and relationship enhancement , Lisa Machenberg is experienced in hypnosis for pain management, and Michele Guzy offers past life regressions.

Spiritual Healers in Los Angeles

angelo website

Healer Angelo

Cristina Dam and Angelo are two of the best spiritual healers I’ve known in Los Angeles, not to mention worldwide. In my experience, a true healer is genuine, empathic, and feels called to be of service to others…and Cristina and Angelo have all these qualities in a great deal of quantity.

Psychic bookstores in Los Angeles

Los Angeles boasts a number of great bookstores that feature psychic readers, and some can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Psychic Readers Outside Los Angeles

If you live outside Los Angeles or are travelling and prefer to have an in-person office visit, please take a look at my list of Recommended Psychic Readers Outside Los Angeles.

Please check back on this page for updates on Los Angeles psychics.






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