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How can hypnotherapy improve my life?

Hypnotherapy can be used to lose weight, stop smoking, improve relationships, addiction reduction*, anesthesia, pain management, to reduce anxiety, help you to cope with a breakup, find new love or a new career, increase self-esteem, sports and exam enhancement, weight loss, smoking cessation, breaking old habits, stage fright, financial improvement, and much more.

If you’re interested in enhancing your psychic abilities, meeting your spirit guides, past life regressions, or even future life progressions, those are available, too, and I’m considered to be one of the best past life regression experts in the field.

Dream analysis and handwriting analysis are also available.

What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a general term which includes stage hypnosis and the therapeutic aspect of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a subheading of the broader term of hypnosis, and is only focused on the goal of vocational and avocational self-improvement for the client, in ways the client wants to change, not how the hypnotherapist thinks you should change. You know best what you need and want, and a trained hypnotherapist can guide you more quickly toward your goals.

How did you decide to become a hypnotherapist?

I first learned from books as a teenager because I thought I could hypnotize my parents into giving me more gifts. While that did not work (I found you have to have a willing subject who is open to taking in your suggestions!), I soon learned about past life regressions and was conducting them on a regular basis after school, at parties, and in groups during high school lunch breaks.

As an adult, I tried hypnotherapy myself and it worked for me. In fact, the first hypnotherapists I’ve gone to were all graduates of Hypnosis Motivation Institute, where I also studied.

How does hypnosis work?

You know on a conscious level that you want to make changes. Why isn’t that enough to make unconscious, long-term differences in our habits?

Our analytical mind, while being helpful in keeping us safe, is a barrier to changes we want to make in our life. It’s like a gatekeeper that protects our unconscious mind. In a hypnotherapy session, the gatekeeper is temporarily removed so that new suggestions can replace old ones in your unconscious mind. It’s like upgrading your software to a new model-one that more accurately represents how you want to live your life. You will only take in suggestions you really want to adopt.

How do I know if now is the time for me to sign up for a session?

You can always benefit from hypnotherapy, no matter what’s happening in your life. As an analogy, you join a gym to improve your life, but if you want to reach certain goals more quickly, you hire a personal trainer. A hypnotherapist is like a personal trainer for your unconscious mind.

How can I get started? 

If you’re interested in booking a hypnotherapy session, I provide hypnotherapy in person in Los Angeles and all over the world by Skype or phone. Please visit for more details on how to sign up for a session.

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