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The Heart Line-This is the main, often deep, top horizontal line closest to the base of your fingers. A curved line denotes a warmer nature than if you have a straight line. Straight lines can mean less of a tendency to be focused on romance. If there are no stray lines deviating from the main heart line, this can indicate that you are a private person. 

If your heart line starts in or under index or Jupiter finger, you may be more forlorn, sentimental, and idealistic.

If your heart line starts at the middle or Saturn finger, you may be more guarded in your love life. Heads can control hearts in this case.

If your heart line starts at base of the fingers, you could be more empathic.

If your heart line divides or forks, you have more versatile ways of expressing feelings

If your heart line is lower down on the mounts, you may be more materialistic or business minded, and prefer less social contact. These people like their own space.

If you have lines running from head to heart line that can mean you experienced difficulties in childhood or earlier years, especially if there are many bubbles on the start of the head line.
If you have small bars or dots on heart line, this may show periods of obstacles in your love line, but this can change as the your life evolves in a different direction.
If there are breaks on your heart line, big changes in love direction may be indicated. Squares or lines overlapping each other means that things will be less intense. Many breaks mean that you may have trouble expressing feelings, which could lead to being misunderstood at times, but very good attachment lines and stiff fingers can improve chances of getting on an even love keel again.
If your heart line is chained or wiry, you can be very sensitive and sensual, but you also need a very secure environment. You have to be sure your reasons for choosing partner are for the correct reasons based on happiness, as you can often be more vulnerable to being controlled, especially if there are many sensitive gird venus lines above it.
The good news is that heart lines can get better over time with improvements.
Many fine lines over heart lines can indicate a flirty nature.
Union or attachment lines-
Attachment lines are the often shorter lines on the side of the hand between your heart line and pinky finger. You can see it more clearly if you make a fist. If you have one strong attachment line, this can mean that you tend to have long-term relationships. Multiple lines can indicate shorter relationships. If you don’t have any attachment lines and suddenly they appear, you may be ready for commitment!
If attachment match between two people when you put your hands next to each other, you may be a  good couple.
Girdle of Venus-This is a semi-circular line that extends from the pointer and middle finger to the pointer and ring finger. It’s been said to belong to nymphomaniacs, psychics, and artists. As for those in the care professions who are in possession of the Girdle of Venus, be careful not to take on issues of others while trying to help them, or to get exposed to diseases as a side effect of making sacrifices for your work. If the Girdle of Venus travels to your Mound of Mercury which is the fleshy part of your palm just beneath your pinky finger, good artistic communication is indicated. If you have an island across your Girdle of Venus, you cannot resist temptation. If your Girdle of Venus is crossed by a weak fate or sun line, you can be overly distracted by sensual temptations. This susceptibility to distractions may delay progress in your achievements, unless you make the effort to change this tendency. If you have a double or even triple Girdle of Venus, you may have addictive tendencies, so you might want to meditate more. If there are broken and more fragmented lines in the girdle, you tend to need more physical stimulation and are prone to escapism. If the girdle lines are fragmented and toward mound of Jupiter (below your pointer finger), you may suffer from confusion and the “full moon syndrome”. If your Girdle of Venus is coupled with a narrow hand with knottier fingers, you could be more receptive to mental or artistic stimulus, as well as the physical. Be careful not to get too analytical of your emotions. It is a good sign if your girdle travels to Mound of Mercury. This could mean you are blesses with the gift of the gab! If the girdle line goes further into the attachment line, this can cause disruption in some of your relationships.
If two lovers both have the girdle of Venus, you may be able to be more sensitive to each others’ needs a lot better, as long as you stay grounded and resist a temptation to become addicted to adrenalin.

Only 7 planets were known of at the time when mounds were being described by palmists.
Jupiter – The pointer finger and the mound below it (rules leadership, philosophy, and education)
Saturn – The middle finger and the mound below it (rules business and can indicate a tendency for solitude) A very tall Saturn finger could mean that you have a tendency to be dogmatic and structured. A short Saturn finger means you could be more careful, and can be a late bloomer. If your index finger is higher than your ring finger, you may have a strong masculine side. A prominent index finger means you may like to take charge and be more of a leader.
Apollo (Sun) – The ring finger and the mound below it (rules creativity, home, nature) If you find your middle and ring fingers are apart a lot, you may be carefree, and you probably don’t mind what comes tomorrow. If the ring finger is higher or longer, you have a strong connection with your subconscious mind, even in the waking state.
Mercury – The little finger and the mound below it (rules wit, communication and expression) If you hold your little finger away from rest, you like to speak out and be heard. If you hold your pinky finger closer to the ring finger, you may be more of a conformist. If your little finger is very long, you may be overconfident or overly talkative. If your little finger is very short, you may be more shy and inhibited.
Mars – The upper mound inside the life line (rules initiative and courage)
Venus – The lower mound inside the life line (rules love, balance, the arts)
Moon – The mound on the heel of the hand (rules nurturing and the emotions)


NOTE: finger lengths average 3/4-7/8 length of palm. 
Shorter Fingers-starters who like to get on with it. 
Longer Fingers-patient, idealistic. can lack motivation but can be methodical when spurred on.
Thick Fingers-practical
Thin Fingers-thoughtful but can be anxious
Long and Thin Fingers-slower, more methodical but can be a dreamer
Short and Thick Fingers- good problem solvers
Upper Knuckles Bigger; Knots on Top-people who like logical research. may have less imagination, but good thinkers
Lower Knuckles Bigger- tend to analyse more of their surroundings. more methodical
Exceedingly Short Index Finger-may be someone who self-effaces doesn’t give himself a chance.
Flexible Fingers When Bending Back- more adaptable. if tips bendy, someone who likes to keep learning throughout life as indicated by elasticity.
*Thumbs represent willpower and control… 
Strong Thumb-strong will.
Small Thumb- may give power to others
Round- (most common) like harmony, beauty, open-minded. 
Pointed-sharp minds. quick ideas. often good w/details. May not see bigger picture. Can be seductive.
Square- practical, can be conservative, like justice, tend to be dogmatic
Spatulate-good performers, good imagination, good w/hands. 
Conic-artistic, quick-thinking
Loops– easygoing, indecisive, chatty. loops on every finger and bendy          fingers might be a very changeable person.
Whorls– slightly self-centred, set their own standards. independent, may have their own reserves of energy. 
Tented Arches-may need acceptance before opening up, can be obsessive about projects, hard workers.
Lower Arches-hard-working, grounded, practical.
Composite-mixture of prints in same finger, battling supremacy. May have more than one ability, and sometimes could be caught between careers.
Big Nailed- tend to be healthy, prone to dwell on feelings
Small Nailed- look after your health, don’t get stressed out can be quick-tempered, defensive
Square Nails- may be organised, practical. less competitive, kindly natures
Round Nails- emotional, don’t like conflict likes nature
Short Nailed-can be critical, good researchers, problem finders
Zinc Spots-may be fighting off a cold
Longitudinal Ridges-look after joints
Good Half Moons-good exercise, circulation. Hopefully not too bluish
White-shock, could be cold
Red-overzealous (not a health issue, just annoying)
Yellow-check with your doctor
For more information on palmistry readings, please check out last night’s Zodiac Girls episode “Palm Breeding”, with special guest, Palmist Krista Schwimmer, now available on podcast at CBS Radio, iTunes, or

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