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In the spirit of Halloween being right around the corner, here is a basic guideline to find out if you’ve been visited by ghosts. In this particular article, the focus is only on spirits you’ve already known in life and who have traveled from this plane.

Sometimes you will be able to validate details from a dream about a loved one who has crossed over by recording the dream in your journal, perhaps making sketches of what you dreamt, and doing research to validate the details of what’s coming through. Focus on the information in your dream that you couldn’t possibly have known before. You might do some research about the person online, in books, on genealogical websites, or perhaps by asking friends or family who would have known this person when they were living. Were the details of your dream accurate, at least in some ways? Make a note of what was confirmed by others and by research, and keep that in your journal as validation that you received communication from the Other Side.

But what if you get stuck in your research? Some details about this person’s life just won’t be remembered by some, and other information won’t be readily available via research. What then?

That’s why this quiz has been developed. The following questions will help you to find out if the loved one you’ve dreamt about has genuinely visited you from the Afterlife. Place a check mark next to each number on the list if you can validate that the experience occurred during your dream.

If your dream had all the elements of a visit from the Other World, you would…

1) …feel through the senses as if you are awake (touch, smell, taste, sound, or sight, and sometimes more than one of these at once). __________

The more senses you feel, by the way, the more you have crossed into a visit to the Afterlife to see your dear one while they are present on Earth to visit you. You are visiting one another in two places simultaneously if you are feeling four to five of the senses in your dream. The reason for this is that the senses create our language on Earth, so the more senses you are able to experience, the greater the communication between you. Enhanced communication is possible only if you are able to exist in both their field and yours. The more you can relate to one another through a common, agreed upon language, the more likely it is that you are visiting each other on the deepest level possible, which would be in both of your lands at once.

Please know that it is safe to visit the Other Side in dreams from time to time, and a very natural process, because it is the land of our origin! We are welcome to stay connected to the Spirit World because it is available to us, and any ability we’ve been given by a Higher Consciousness is meant to be used, as long as we act with good intentions toward one another. So please don’t be concerned that you will get stuck in the Afterlife. It’s just a visit!

2) …notice a real emotional connection that you feel towards them and that you sense they feel for you. __________

3) …possibly hear a conversation. Some of what they say will make sense to you, either now or in the future (sometimes they make predictions to give us comfort or reassurance). There will be elements of logic and reality in what they impart to you. __________

4) …wake up strongly persuaded that what just happened is real. Additionally, you may wonder what separates the dream experience from what society collectively agrees upon as “reality”. __________


1 Check: You may be reaching out to connect with the one you love. You have sent a Spirit Letter to another realm, so imagine it’s flying off to the Other Side by a homing pigeon (a crossed over homing pigeon), and know that your message will be responded to in time.

2 Checks: You are being thought of by a spirit who at the same time is thinking of you. It is just a matter of what we call Time before you are able to have a visit that feels more physical than mental to you…and to them!

3 Checks: You’ve been visited by a spirit who is not completely adjusted to the process of visiting through dreams. Like anything, it takes practise, and attempting to travel to another plane of consciousness is somewhat like getting adjusted to concentration in meditation. It isn’t easy to maintain the focus of being present in another realm of existence for extended periods of time, either for us or for them. The spirit you connected with may have had one foot in the material world and one in the Afterlife while they were in your dream, but it doesn’t make the experience any less authentic or meaningful.

4 Checks: This is a confirmation of a real visitation, almost as certain as having met with a living entity for lunch at a restaurant this afternoon. It is akin to having that person here with you again in physical form.

Remember, new scientific discoveries are frequently being made and will continue to be presented throughout the future. Someday what we call “spiritual” may in fact be proven as existing simultaneously on the material plane. I have no doubt that many of us have been visited in dreams by those we’ve loved who are now existing part-time on another plane of consciousness. If you have, it’s probably not the last time you’ll see them. Love knows no bounds of time and space.

Happy Halloween! xo

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